As raw materials resources of all kinds become more scarce, the amount of work necessary to obtain goods increases. This is the root cause of the turmoil we see now all over the world. Eventually, no amount of work will suffice to get needed goods such as food and fuel. This will happen first in the third world, but will spread quickly to the first world, to us. In fact, it is already here, but is being recast in the west in terms of governmental debt. Governments have gone into debt to maintain services that are actually no longer viable.

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  1. It is already spreading to
    It is already spreading to the first world in terms of people my age (mid to late twenties) being out of work or not even looking for work because they know the system is pointless. Why try and find or get a job that doesn’t allow you time to live your life and does not earn you enough to keep up with the cost of living, when you could get assistance from the government because there are no jobs available anyway? Likewise why earn a college degree and become an indentured servant to the credit and loan people when your diploma is not worth the paper its printed on because it gets you no job? The whole system is broken because as Dr Farrell and fine minds such as yourself state, it is deisgned to fail. It is a system based on death and rape not on life and creation. It is financial death to have ‘money’ created privately for a ‘sovereign’ nation, based on nothing but debt. It is mental death to have a society baesd on working , that gets you nothing but stress and no free time. It is physical death to have an infrastructure based on chemically tainted food air and water. And it is spiritual death to have a society based on a religion of us versus them, and enslavement to a higher power instead of an enrichment of our evolution and our divine right as free spirits.

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