If politcians are not disobeying the law in their private lives, then their privacy should be respected. Rick Perry is probably going to run for president. He has a scandalous private life, but not an illegal one. He has a right to his privacy and so does Anthony Weiner and so does Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich and all of them. As a country, we need to reacapture our maturity.

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  1. Whitley: I agree with you to
    Whitley: I agree with you to the extent that this release covers personal emails issued from a personal home computer. However, at one point she was Governor of Alaska. Her emails from the state-owned computer pertaining to her handling the state’s business are legitamate areas of public scrutiny. I happen to think, for example that an inquiry into what is kmown as “troopergate” (an investigation into whether an Alaskan state trooper was harassed by the Governor’s office due to his difficult divorce from Palin’s sister) is a relevant area of inquiry into Palin’s office emails. At the same time, I think bloggers like Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic cross a line in demanding to see birth records proving whether Sarah Palin or her daughter conceived the baby known as “Tryg” (I may be wrong about the name) born with Down’s Syndrome. Yes, I wish our country would become more mature in this and in areas of education, scientific literacy (ie, the reality of global warming). Nevertheless there is a puritanical tradition in our political and cultural history that drives a fascination with personal sin and hypocrisy that I is not leaving us soon.

  2. Folks, no offense, but open
    Folks, no offense, but open your eyes and tell me if Palin doesn’t appear like a not so cleverly disguised decoy. A doll-like “candidate” to add more realism to the fake fixed political scene. We know who’s going to be president well ahead of any election- the politicals are just doing us the favor of “hiding” whoever it’s going to be. It’s been proven very decisively that elections are bogus and we americans play along like fine citizens who shouldn’t disturb the status quo. Frankly, no offense, but she really bothers me. Not because of her personality or pretense toward naivete and innocence, but there is something unnerving about someone with no knowledge of the known world and even less of the political standing next to McCain and going on a campaign trail. There’s something odd about this that plays toward superficiality in a big way. Only people who are playing the big banksters game (or at least appear willing) make it anywhere near out capitol anymore (rather sadly). Again I ask you to open your eyes – this one is obvious, I was hoping that there were still intelligent, rational people in our country, I must say there’s at least a lot less.

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