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  1. We need nonpartisan
    We need nonpartisan redistricting commissions nationwide, open primaries, laws against gerrymandering and real campaign finance reform. Hyperpartisanship, left and right both, is destroying America.

  2. The Tea Party sounded kinda
    The Tea Party sounded kinda good in the very beginning too. I’m cautiously optimistic about the No Labels movement though.

  3. It is naive to think that an
    It is naive to think that an organization founded by a bunch of Washington insiders and powerbrokers could be good for America. I don’t buy it.

  4. “…a bunch of Washington
    “…a bunch of Washington insiders and powerbrokers” … aren’t these just more labels? I’ve also had enough of hyper-partisanship and labels. Just signed the declaration at nolabels.org. If you agree with the stated ideals, why not get involved (here or in some other way) to take part in generating and holding that vibration. To do nothing leaves such efforts vulnerable to being co-opted and re-branded just as the Tea Party was.

    The human mind has a tendency to believe it understands something the moment judgement is passed and a label is placed on it. This tendency (among several others) is constantly manipulated by forces that have successfully lowered the vibration here and weakened humanity for so long by dividing us into factions. Gradually, through meditation, prayer, exposure to enlightened thought-forms, etc., individual souls who’ve had enough of this ego trip are freeing themselves by way of a quiet revolution within. Will this evolution in consciousness reach critical-mass before it’s too late?

  5. BTW, I just read that Rush
    BTW, I just read that Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann are both railing against the No Labels movement which may be a positive sign. An essential goal is to move the debate back to the center and away from professionals who make their living at the extremes.

    Here’s a response to Limbaugh from one of the co-founders: http://www.frumforum.com/avlon-why-rush-is-threatened-by-no-labels

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