It is an ominous development that Egypt, which has been flying to Israel for years, has suddenly taken it off its route map. Could this be because the supposedly democratic Egyptian revolution actually answers to Tehran? Just how deeply involved is Iran in the conflagrations in the Middle East? The answer: we are probably looking at a massive Iranian coup. What will be next? In all likelihood, the fall of Bahrain, then of Saudi Arabia. And we are vulnerable. Our country, and all of our allies, will collapse without mideastern oil. So look at who has been scorning the need to improve fuel efficiency in this country. Those people are traitors. They have sold America down the river. Who are they, really? You know their names, but where do their loyalties actually lie? 

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  1. “Our country, and all of our
    “Our country, and all of our allies, will collapse without mideastern oil. So look at who has been scorning the need to improve fuel efficiency in this country. Those people are traitors. They have sold America down the river. Who are they, really? You know their names, but where do their loyalties actually lie?”


  2. They are not just traitors to
    They are not just traitors to America- but the entirety of the Human Race as well. I strongly believe they have free energy technology at their fingertips, technology that would liberate the whole species to achieve it true spiritual destiny. However, they have hidden it away for selfish reasons, fearful of how it which mean an end to their illusionary power. ” ‘Tis better to rule in Hell then serve in Heaven” is their motto. Well I say the first place is where they should go and leave the rest of us alone here to make a Heaven of this world once again.

  3. Our dependency on Mideast oil
    Our dependency on Mideast oil is a hoax. We have enough oil under our own country for another 200 years. The traitors are the ones who have made this oil into “Unobtainium” by political fiat. U.S. oil could be used to bridge the time it takes for new energy sources to come on line. Actually, new energy sources are already available to the chosen few, creations of black ops science over the past 60 years.

  4. That is a lot of
    That is a lot of extrapolation from one change in airline routes, and with much evidence to the contrary out there, I believe. And I’m really not sure who you’re pointing the finger at as traitors. Is it certain politicians or political party? Or perhaps certain corporations? I supposedly know their names? By keeping it ambiguous, you allow anyone to draw the conclusion they want, like you’re winking in their direction. Maybe you don’t want to put a real stake in the ground because it could cost you money, offending people who might withdraw subscriptions or not buy books. If so, that’s not exactly real conviction.

    As far as resistance to increasing fuel economy standards, your beloved Toyota was part of the lobby against more stringent U.S. CAFE standards in recent years, so I really hope your implication isn’t being directed at domestic automakers. I drive a Chevy Volt, which I can plug in and do all my local driving on electricity and burn no gas at all, made in Michigan by a US corporation, and also one that has recently committed to meeting any U.S. fuel economy standard that gets set. But again, this is just a guess because you’re not naming the names, just letting people make their own assumptions that please them.

    You have a knack for predicting the worst possible outcome from every global development. Frankly, I don’t see how trading in apocalyptic predictions will better the future of the U.S. or the world. Especially since I believe that our conscious expectations, whether positive or based in fear, have a strong ability to shape our collective future. I enjoy much of your writing and respect your insights into the visitor experience, but there are times when I just have to express a different point of view.

    1. @BobInNJ If you want to find
      @BobInNJ If you want to find out who’s against higher fuel efficiency standards, just read the news. Whitley doesn’t need to name each one.

      I just checked the current news and see a couple items, not about fuel efficiency, but related to global warming anyway:

      – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s amendment to a spending bill would permanently block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources like power plants and refineries.

      – The U.S. EPA has agreed to grant a petition filed by several NGOs to withdraw the agency’s approval of the super greenhouse gas HFC-134a for air conditioning installed in new automobiles… HFCs are the fastest growing greenhouse gas in the U.S. and many other countries. HFC-134a has a global warming potential 1,400 times greater than carbon emissions.

  5. I’ve posted this before, but
    I’ve posted this before, but it’s still relevant:
    According to those figures, Canada is the U.S.’s largest source of oil imports (24.4%), providing nearly twice as much as all of the Persian Gulf countries combined (14.1%), with Mexico making up a very close third (12.2%). Saudi Arabia provides 9.6% of all imports, Iraq 2.9%, Kuwait 1.1%, Libya 0.6%. Egypt peaked at 0.24%. As per William Hickey’s earlier post, the U.S. domestically produces about 58% of it’s oil products, with only 42% being made up of imports. (source:, 2007 numbers). I haven’t run into any figures regarding how much the U.S. itself exports, but you can get an idea regarding the potential here.
    Basically, if the entire Persian Gulf were to shut down production for some catastrophic reason, the overall oil production drop for the U.S. would be 8.1%, of which would produce quite a strain internally, but hardly constitutes the outright dependency that U.S. policy makers like to make it out to be.

  6. Wait until this middle
    Wait until this middle eastern re-structuring finally takes shape and their first move will be to take crude off the American federal reserve dollar. Then you’ll see either the collapse of the United States completely or endless war forever.

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