The object was just under the cloud cover, at an altitude of about 1200 feet. It was a black, cigar-shaped craft, huge, moving in absolute silence. There were markings on it but I did not get to make them out. I leaped out of bed and rushed to the window. As I reached the window, it was moving up into the cloud cover. I did not see it again.

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  1. I hope you can sleep after
    I hope you can sleep after this, Whitley.

  2. Hi, Whitley,
    It looks like

    Hi, Whitley,
    It looks like ‘they’ still know where to find you. I’m curious to know how you felt at the time if that’s not too personal a question. The reason is that I’ve noticed a difference in how I react to UFO reports and photos of various shaped craft. Three in particular arouse feelings of fear and distrust: Cube or diamond shaped ‘boxes’, Cigar or pipe shaped, and Boomerang shaped craft. It may just be an atavistic response on my part based on the sheer mass of the objects. I don’t want to judge it (because I may be merely ‘projecting’) but I wonder whether differenty shaped UFOs elicit different emotional responses in witnesses. I don’t know that anyone has ever studied UFOs from this perspective but it might be worth exploring.

    BTW: Triangles leave me feeling expectant and a little uneasy but not threatened. The smaller child’s ‘top’-shaped craft look too ‘pretty’ to inspire fear – at least in photographs – but the image of one shooting a blue beam of light at Ed Walters was a bit intimidating. If I had my ‘druthers’ though, I think I’d take the ‘top’. I love to see what the inside looks like!

  3. Whitley, I can feel my over

    Whitley, I can feel my over anxious heart pounding in my chest…..

  4. Interesting: At no point did
    Interesting: At no point did Whitley make mention of being at all frightened by his sighting, yet three posters comment on fear regarding such a sighting…
    Whit, you might want to append the time posted: May 10, 12:35 PM hasn’t happened in Santa Monica yet. 😉

  5. PM is in the afternoon;AM is
    PM is in the afternoon;AM is from midnight on…this is military time

  6. I am just up the “hill” in
    I am just up the “hill” in the Palisades, I was already in deep sleep. There are too many trees up here on my section of the street (Marquez Knolls) obscuring a lot of the sky from the bedroom window. I will keep it in mind though…I just noticed that the time stamp on this comments area is off it is 2:44PM or 14:44 by my watch and the time stamp is 10 May 2012 at 21:44 or 9:44PM, off a bit…

  7. Taking refuge in clouds seems
    Taking refuge in clouds seems to be a theme – as in the recent video of the object in the clouds appearing and disappearing. About 10 years ago I woke to a short clip (that’s what I call it when just prior to opening my eyes I see stuff) of being in a field and looking into the sky at 5 clouds. I knew behind each cloud was a ship using the clouds for cover.

    Whitley – in your audio you make a minor reference to the elongated “Y” symbol as hieroglyphics looking. I’ve had several altered state events with hieroglyphics type symbols on my ceiling and on walls in dreams. It is now a recurring theme in my artwork.

    Again, in your audio, I admire your resolve to reduce the amount of time that goes by before you share. You referenced this in Master of the Key when you said you knew to call Anne so she could remind you later of your state at that moment.

    Thanks for being so open.


  8. I wish I could see one. I
    I wish I could see one. I have very poor vision due to a stroke (suffered at the same time as Anne’s) and don’t go outside much, but I do monitor NUFORC and MUFON which told me there was a huge one in my neighborhood. All I’d have to do is step outside to get the paper and it would be all over the sky; it was a swarm of white orbs. My family just makes fun of me because I have visual seizures from my stroke.

  9. Does anyone know if there
    Does anyone know if there exists an archive or cataloging of the various symbols , shapes sizes and colors of UFO’s that are described by people who have had sightings both from the outside and from the inisde? Thanks, Joylight

  10. @joylight
    I’m eager to know

    I’m eager to know the same thing. I’ve been browsing various UFO sites but thus far have not found one that has categorised the types of UFOs as to shape, size, brightness, etc. I can’t believe that no one has done that – must just keep looking, I guess.

  11. I saw something similar, odd
    I saw something similar, odd shaped triangle, over a soccer field that appeared to hover from a distance then sank and disappeared too quickly for me to get a photo.

  12. Mr Strieber,
    This is neither

    Mr Strieber,

    This is neither here nor there, but quite often you speak of reading as you’re in bed and I’m always terribly curious what it is you’re reading. I don’t want to invade your privacy, of course, and what you’re reading may not even be germane to the experience, but as synchronicity works it just might be of interest. Would you mind including in your audio reports what is the book at your bedside when these things happen? I generally assume you’re reading something by an author who will show up on Dreamland in the next week or so.

    Also, the meditation that followed – I find the idea of the body as a ‘symbol’ very interesting, and powerful; as though our physical expression is a kind of ‘glyph’ in the world. Seen in this light, ‘transcending’ the body relies upon being anchored within it – or at least the sensation of it. Rather an ‘as above, so below’ sort of inversion.

    Finally, I recognize, acknowledge, and respect the emotional tenor of your audio report. Thank you.

    Another Chris.

  13. A while ago I wrote a post
    A while ago I wrote a post about a book I read where aliens were thinking of using a weapon of “stupidity” against the human race to prevent us from having another war. You asked the name of the book but I couldn’t remember .Turns out I was thinking about the wrong book anyway. I was re reading a book and came across this weapon, or “method” as they call it. Page 119-120.The book is called The Way Station by Clifford D. Simak. It is about a way station that the Galactic Central sets up on earth.

  14. Seems like the visitors, who
    Seems like the visitors, who ever they are, have lots of business here on Earth. Sometimes I wonder just what that business is. It’s probably much, much, more than Cattle Mutilations, Abductions, or Implanting Humans.

    I have had sightings of my own, but I don’t really want to have anymore. Instead I would like to know about them, their civilization, if it can be called that, and also I have several thousand science questions I would like to ask them. Hopefully I would be able to understand the answers.

    At this point, disclosure, is a moot point to me. They are here, and here in large numbers. The government can and will hold onto their secrets, but their fooling themselves if they think they have any control on the outcome at this point.

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