The past six months have been the most astonishing period of change in the whole history of the UFO phenomenon. Not since the early fifties have there been so many and such extensive sightings, and never with such a level of official support for the reality of the phenomenon.

To just touch on a few highlights, there have been extensive sightings in many parts of the world, with large numbers of reports out of the UK and, especially, Iran. The United States has had the extraordinary O’Hare Airport sighting, among others.

But it is not just the sightings that are changing things, it is the disintegration of the UFO coverup.

Governor Fife Symington of Arizona, who orchestrated one of the most harmful debunking press conferences in the history of the phenomenon when he turned the Phoenix Lights into an international laughingstock, now says that he actually SAW the greatest mystery of that night: the huge black triangle that passed over the region.

Prior to that, former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer said frankly that “UFOs are as real as the planes that fly over your head.”

In February, the British Ministry of Defense issued almost 500 pages of previously secret UFO documents that both showed that the ministry found many sightings credible and unexplained, and included a remarkable comment by an unnamed author: “The national security implications are considerable. We have many reports of strange objects in the skies and we have never investigated them. I also believe that it is important to appreciate that what is scientific ‘fact’ today may not be true tomorrow?If reports are taken at face value then devices exist that do not use conventional reaction propulsion systems, they have a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy. I suggest that we could use this technology, if it exists?If the sightings are of devices not of the Earth then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority?possibilities are: 1. Military reconnaissance. 2. Scientific. 3. Tourism.”

I will get back to those three points in a moment. To continue with the disclosures, the French government has now opened its entire UFO file, revealing thousands of meticulously investigated cases, a stunning 25% of which remain unexplained.

There is no evidence that the obsessively secretive US will ever release any real information, at least not as it is now constituted. It has, after all, led the world in fifty years of denial about the most important event in human history, which is the fact that an unknown intelligence has been involved with us for at least sixty years, and possibly longer, maybe even a lot longer.

We do not know what this intelligence is. Of course, it could be aliens from another planet or planets, but it could also be something very different. This is a big, immeasurably old and complex universe, consisting largely of what we call ‘dark matter’ which we have never even detected. In this universe, it may be possible to travel across time. It may be possible to move among very physical realities that coexist in the same space.

In short, what we are seeing could be almost anything. It could be something completely inconceivable to us now. Or it could be that we are the target of attention from another world right here in this universe, and it’s all fairly straightforward–if anything about it could be considered straightforward.

The reason I say that is that our governments are not the only parties to this affair who are operating secretively. The visitors themselves are secretive, also, but in a very careful and considered way. Indeed, the way in which they are secretive, if you think about it carefully, probably emerges from a carefully evolved policy of contact.

If I am correct about how this policy works, the recent bout of disclosure, and especially things like the intensity of interest that is greeting the opening of the French files (their official site has been overwhelmed with hits) will result in some very extraordinary sightings. We shall see.

Whether that happens or not, we shall see. But I think it’s time to stop dancing around and face the fact that there is an elephant in this particular living room. If we address its presence, we are going to be able to unlock many, if not all, of the secrets our stealthy visitors are keeping from us.

The sad thing about all the debunking of the past sixty years is that there has been a tremendous waste of knowledge. If the general public had known that UFOs were real, and our scientists had been able to address that reality, gathering evidence in an organized way, we would have benefited immeasurably from the treasury of new knowledge their observations would have inevitably brought us.

Led by the United States government and the American press, the world’s educated classes have universally rejected the idea that UFOs are real, and have methodically ignored this knowledge. What a waste, and all for such a stupid reason.

The US instituted its policy of secrecy in 1947 because the Air Force told President Truman that it could do nothing to control the incursion. According to what General Arthur Exon told me personally about the Roswell UFO, “everybody from Truman on down knew it was not of this world within 24 hours of our finding it.” But that knowledge was hidden from the public, which was a foolish policy then and is not only foolish now, but also venial and a great waste of the human mind and all of the exquisite scientific institutions we have evolved to acquire and interpret information.

When I was working on UFO materials at the Southwest Research Institute with Dr. William Mallow, the director told him that their CIA client took a “dim view” of me and of UFO research in general. He was forced to do all of his work for me in handwritten notes. He could not report on Southwest Research stationary.

He was one of the world’s greatest materials scientists, and he knew that much of what I was bringing him was totally inexplicable. And when I think of a big and, frankly, stupid bully of an institution like some idiotic government agency suppressing not only his work, but all the work that could otherwise have been done, my blood just boils. God knows what we might have accomplished if we had done proper research into the UFO phenomenon. Perhaps Paull Hellyer is right when he says that we could probably have solved such things as our global warming problems by using the technology we would have devised.

And it boils even more when I think of the elephant in the living room: the close encounter witnesses.

If we accept that there are unknown intelligences here controlling flying craft, then the next question begs to be asked: what are they doing?

To best answer it, let’s ask what we would be doing if we found another planet with an intelligent life form on it that was bright but more primitive than us.

First, our interest in that planet would be focused on that life form. Second, if we were either exploitative or concerned about preserving the culture in its natural state, or both, we would be very secretive. In fact, our anthropologists would demand secrecy so that we could study this culture as it was before it knew about us. Our biologists would certainly want DNA samples, and we would have to get them secretly, especially if the species was aggressively territorial. In that case, we might undertake a process of slow revelation, something like taming a wild animal by slow approach and gradual acclimatization.

In other words, we would act toward less advanced intelligent creatures on another planet exactly as the visitors are acting toward us.

Over time, you would interact more intimately with certain members of the species. You might even create versions of the creatures yourselves, if you could raise them, and infiltrate them into the culture in order to carry out your policies among them.

I am a person with an implant. It’s in my left ear right now, where it has been since the day it was put in. As I write this, I reach up and feel it. I remember perfectly well when it was put in, and who did it. Two people, a man and a woman. They did it on a night in May. Before they did it, a disturbance outside woke me up, whereupon I heard a voice outside say “condition red.” The two people then came rushing into the bedroom from the hall and did their work. I was rendered helpless, but I felt them working.

The next day, the ear was sore, and later I tried to get a doctor to remove the thing. When his scalpel touched it, it moved on its own to another part of my ear. Not understanding what was happening, he withdrew. The next day, the object returned to where it has remained ever since.

I am not alone. There are plenty of people around who have implants. But why? What do they do? And who are those people–at least in my case–who put them in? (I might add that most people remember getting theirs in a much more alien context.)

And what of the memories of the close encounter witnesses? What do they mean? The notion that all of these memories are recovered through hypnosis is a lie. After I published Communion, we got half a million letters from people who had encountered the visitors. We still have a few thousand of these, to this day. Of these people, almost none had ever been hypnotized. None. And yet, when you read the Communion Letters, you see the incredible and engaging detail of their memories.

They are the elephant in the living room. It is out of their minds and their bodies that we will gain knowledge of the secret of why the visitors are here.

Close encounter witnesses are routinely lampooned. Indeed, sociologists within the US government long ago hit on the fact that laughter is the best way to keep the whole UFO phenomenon secret. And it works. After the O’Hare sighting, United Airlines cautioned its personnel not to talk about it for fear that the airline would be embarrassed.

The US government aside, the human species is signaling, through the medium of all these disclosures, that we are ready to face more of the truth.

In order to take the next step, all we need to do is recognize the elephant in the living room: it is not the fact that UFOs are real. That’s just the mouse. It’s the fact that millions of human beings have been in them and come face to face with their mysterious occupants, for better or for worse. That’s the elephant.

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