Whether or not Jesus rose from the dead is arguably the most important question in the history of western civilization. It is also irrelevant and based on a misunderstanding of the process of resurrection, and should not be important at all. He both died and remained dead, and was resurrected. After the resurrection, his body remained in the tomb and was undoubtedly taken away to be buried somewhere.

Perhaps the burial place has been found and perhaps not. Certainly, an interesting tomb has been found, as was shown in the recent TV film, the Lost Tomb of Jesus.

However, the fact that Jesus left a corpse behind does not mean that there was no resurrection. That this is even an issue only points to the fact that we do not understand the nature of resurrection.

This is because we have been lied to about it for millennia by men who have sought to use the wonderful good news that Christ brought to us, to their own greedy ends.

If you read the gospels with any care, you will see that the resurrected Jesus no longer functions like a physical body. He functions like something that appears to be physical, but has new powers to appear and disappear at will, and to move about without reference to the constraints of nature. This is because the man who was seen–and he certainly was seen, I think–was no longer a physical body.

The fact that we do not understand this, and that so many of us believe that his conquest of death had something to do with his physical remains is tragic.

Something terrible happened to the Christian religion, and to western society, in the second and third centuries after the resurrection. Specifically, the pagan gods were replaced with Jesus, who was made into an instrument of political power.

This is utterly at odds with his true message, which was that the kingdom of heaven is not the domain of gods and kings at all, but the rightful inheritance of everybody and anybody. It is also within us, it is part of us, it is integral to being human, and he is no different from any of us. So of course he died. We all die. But he also demonstrated, by continuing to appear after death, that the soul does retain consciousness, and a sufficiently powerful and attentive soul can affect the living and actually be seen by them and communicate with them even after the death of the physical body. Anybody can do it. It’s not a miracle, it is an ability natural to conscious beings, or should be.

To get power, evil men set Jesus on a god’s pedestal, and imbued him with special physical qualities quite unlike those of ordinary people. He was supposedly formed out of some sort of divine substance, different from ordinary people, higher, special and unattainable. He wasn’t even conceived via sexual union between man and woman. Not only that, this most sacred of all sacraments, sexual union between a loving couple, was called ugly and profane by these profoundly sinful men. For a human being to reject sex is to reject nature and thus also God. Certainly, it is to reject Christ.

The resurrection was a special and unique event, they told us, its purpose being to draw attention to the importance of the way of worship that Jesus supposedly proclaimed–and coincidentally, to confer power onto a priesthood that managed the salvation that he promised as a sort of process involving subservience to various secular and religious political institutions.

But it’s all a lie–one cunningly fashioned out of truth, but still a lie, and probably the most profoundly evil of all lies. This is because the whole message of Jesus–the Good News–is that each person is whole and complete and has only to look within himself to find the kingdom of God.

The lie is designed to disempower the very person–the ordinary human being–whose true power Jesus sought to unleash, on behalf of this whole species reaching a new and better level of being, of becoming more compassionate, more loving and more joyous by becoming more aware of ourselves and thus also understanding of one another.

Jesus was an ordinary man, conceived in the ordinary way. There was nothing special about him at all, except that he knew himself, and, by extension, everyone. He was not soul blind, and he knew how to live in such a way to gain the help and knowledge he needed to truly understand himself and others.

Resurrection is not mysterious and separate from ordinary life. It’s as much a part of nature as breathing. Because we are soul-blind, though, we do not see it. But it is–or ought to be–a natural outcome of lives lived by creatures like us. That it is so rare here, and the path to it concealed, is testament to the fact that this is a fallen world.

But what does that mean, then? What is a fallen world?

A fallen world is one in which the purpose of conscious life either was known and has been lost or rejected or, as in our case, both. In fact, the purpose of conscious life is to grow a coherent and defined soul, that carries consciousness into energy after the physical body dies.

How do we make our eyes to see, then, if we are blind? Jesus said it: give yourself to your nature: ‘consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin.’ People think that this means that we should abandon our shelter and go out and live in the forest, but it does not mean to give up our humanity. Our fur was taken from us so that we would use our brains and make them grow into what they have become: a machinery for the creation of souls.

I say creation, because that’s what it is. The creation isn’t over, it’s ongoing. Every death is, potentially, an ultimately creative act. When most of us die, we have very little left of ourselves. We are not in any kind of balance and wander a bit, often not even knowing–and often not ever knowing that we died, then ending up in another physical body again all willy-nilly, drawn by the magnetism of the physical, and just continuing on the wheel of life.

When recently the Tomb of Jesus was broadcast, I saw at once that the mausoleum pictured was that of a family with real knowledge. The reason is that the door to the tomb bears a symbolic inscription of a T-square over a circle that means ‘the measure of the world.’ This was a common but secret medallion of royal families in Judea, that is to say, families who had brought the craft with them from Egypt. Jewish royalty was descended from Egyptian royalty. Moses was an Egyptian royal prince, and all who came of him were of the same blood, too.

Why is this significant? Because there is a way to be born other than willy-nilly. Some are born, like Jesus, as all of us were meant to be born, with intention, to parents who know in advance the task the child has come into the physical world to perform.

If you die in a state of real consciousness, what happens to you then will be your decision. If you come back, it will be with intention and, as soon as your brain is able to process the information, real knowledge of who you are, where you came from, and why you are here.

Going on and not re-entering the physical means joining one’s personal aim to what has been the aim of life from the beginning: to enter a greater consciousness, one that is founded in the life of the earth and is our contribution to the ecstasy of eternal being.

And yet we live in a world that is so turned in on itself that most of us either don’t believe that our souls exist, or, even if we say that we believe this, act as if we don’t. I have had the blessing to be fully conscious outside of my body, and I can bear at least my own small personal witness to the reality of the soul. It is not a dream and it cannot be explained away by the various forms of high-sounding poppycock that are generally used to dismiss it. Life is not mechanical. The soul is not fiction.

Our aim should be to bring intention into our lives, which is to say, to surrender ourselves just as do the flowers of the field.

But how can intention have anything to do with being given over to the whims of nature? Another man who, like Jesus, knew God was Meister Eckhart, and he expressed what it was to be as the lily in a slightly different way: ‘be as a clear glass through which God can shine.’

You don’t need to make a shelter for your soul, God will make it out of the winds that blow you through life. ‘Be as the lilies of the field’ means to live life, to lie down and be crushed in the fury of the storm, but also to have joy in the sun of the day.

But, how, precisely, do we go about living like this? Does it mean to let life walk over us? When injustice comes, what is really meant by turning the other cheek? It means to accept the energy of the situation objectively as energy, without regard to the way it manifests. ‘Negative?’ ‘Positive?’ Not our business. Our business: accept the energy, trust grace and give our lives to God.

Life has been growing here on earth for hundreds of millions of years, and has many times evolved three-brained beings like us. We are the only ones, however, who have ended up with hands and resonating vocal chords capable of complex speech and thus communication. This means that we can respond to the challenges of nature rather than just accept them. Thus, our minds have grown. When a creature with hands is cold, he can pull down leaves to make a shelter, or cut open an animal and use the body for warmth. He can think about how to take that warmth with him, and make himself a coat. He can make a house, tools, all the rest of it, right up to the internet and beyond. And, if he can speak, above all, he can tell others.

And with the intelligence that has grown in the service of his needs, he can also begin to do what three-brained beings were meant to do, which is to live in inner harmony, to the point that we have the chance to see ourselves objectively, and therefore to affect what happens to our souls.

By three-brained, I mean that we have a reptilian or primitive brain that controls our nervous system and basic impulses, a mammalian, or mid-brain that mediates our emotional life, and a human or higher brain that reasons.

These three levels of the brain form the most energetic and evolutionary structure in the universe: a triad. The negative pole is the lowest level, because it can act only from impulse. The positive pole is the mid level, because it can mediate desires with compassion and love. The harmonizing level is the highest level, the human level, which can balance the needs of the other two and so create a greater, harmonious whole, a fourth level of being that is beyond death and immortal.

This is the energy of resurrection, the Osiris energy, the Jesus energy.

Osiris suffered fourteen cuts from his brother Set, as also Jesus traversed the fourteen stations of the cross during his passion. Normally, a life is expressed as a full octave of seven parts. The reason their lives are expressed as fourteen parts is that they were living two lives at once: the subjective life of their suffering and the objective life of their seeing. Thus the number of a life is seven, but the number of a resurrected life is fourteen.

Near the baptismal place now called the Osirion in Egypt there is an ancient philosophical machine we refer to as the Sphinx. This statue expresses the process of resurrection. It has the strength of a bull, the courage of a lion and the intelligence of a man and can therefore soar aloft like an eagle.

To rise above life is to rise into the second level of being as Osiris and Jesus did. This means that we not only live our lives, but see ourselves living them, and see all around us from above–that is to say, from outside of time.

The need to do this is where the admonitions to turn the other cheek and love the enemy come from. Unless we include our enemy in our love, we cannot be objective about him, and if we do not see his truth, we also do not see our own truth, and in this way hatred clips our wings. The energy uses us instead of us using the energy.

All meditation is, in essence, about finding a way of processing energy in such a way that it feeds objective understanding and leads us down the path to inner truth.

As a species, we have been moving for thousands of years in the direction of this state. The reason that blood is considered important in human affairs is that this state is so potent that something of it literally enters the blood of those who experience it, and is even passed down to future generations. The ability to be objective and taste of resurrection is profoundly of the body at every level, including the physical. Who reaches this state gives the ability to reach it to their children. This is the origin of the symbolic eating of the body and drinking of the blood of Christ, to partake of this state. However, actual eating and drinking mean nothing. What Jesus was saying was that his bloodline was important, that his body was to be spread throughout the world after his death.

How, though? Well, he must have had children or he wouldn’t have bothered to say it. Of course, it’s all stuff and nonsense that one man, believed to be directly descended from Jesus, would have better blood than the next. In point of fact, the blood of everybody who lived at the time of Jesus, him included, through his children, now runs, effectively, in the veins of everybody in Europe and the Middle East and probably everybody in the world, and those who do not bear the blood of Christ within them bear the blood of another such person. So not only was Christ resurrected in his own life, his resurrection is in us, too.


It’s why we are fed the lie that Christ died ‘for our sins’ when, in truth, he lived for our souls.

Christ did not die at all, and he showed his living presence to prove it, even though his body expired and rotted away. And because we are the body and blood of Christ, he is alive in all of us right now.

This objective material I am speaking of does not die, it passes into a woman’s eggs and a man’s semen, and gives the next generation a greater ability to experience more objective being and be more harmonious.

This is why the wives were so important to these special men, inundated as they were with this richly energetic material, and also why their children were so very hidden. No objective person wants his bloodline recognized, because this will mean that his children will be exalted in this life, which is a curse. The palace is too far for comfort from the lilies of the field. It is difficult to remember who you truly are when you are surrounded by the glitter of the material world.

We apes have a love of glitter. The chimpanzee is fascinated by the twinkling bauble in your hand, and we’re no different. You couldn’t sell many new cars if they didn’t shine. The reason for this goes way back: this adaptation made it easier for our forebears to see the skin of fruit hidden among the leaves when we lived in the forest. All of these things we place around our bodies and say of them, ‘this is mine,’ are just so much shine. The whole world of possessions is nothing more important than an old, now useless adaptation from when we had different needs. Unfortunately, because of it, we are eating the planet. But ‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.’

This is why, when you put aside your material self and re-enter this world as a naked soul, everything turns upside down. The rich countries appear poverty stricken–vast, dark plains marked only here and there by an occasional spark. But go to the poor countries, and there you find fountains of light spewing up into the heavens. ‘But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.’ This is what it means. ‘And the meek shall inherit the earth.’ This is what it means.

But to live in the peace and comfort of the first world also means that there is an extraordinary chance to turn toward Christ, because we have the education needed to contemplate wisely, and the leisure to do so. So in those few little sparks in the prosperous lands, when you go close to them, you find the treasures of the ages.

The Romans killed Jesus of Nazareth because he was the heir to the throne of David, bearer of the blood of Moses and Osiris. In Judea at the time of Jesus there were only about three thousand Romans, and not all of them were soldiers. It was an unstable situation, and they were aware of the fact that a determined uprising could easily overpower them. They relied on their ally Herod and his family and their Greek and Jewish soldiers to keep the peace. But Herod and his family were not Jews, and certainly very far from the exalted house of David. When Jesus began to make a name for himself as a preacher, the Romans eventually captured and crucified him in order to demonstrate their power and effect his utter humiliation. The fact that he was not preaching about an earthly kingdom was entirely lost on those primitive men. Here was the heir to the throne of David talking about some sort of kingdom. That was quite enough to get him killed.

However, the fact that he was a victim of political murder was coincidental to his ministry.

No doubt Jews loyal to Herod supported the murder, and thus are also to some extent responsible. However, in the gospels the real situation was reversed so that the Romans to whom they were meant to appeal would not take offense at them. The mild and tolerant Roman governor washes his hands of the affair in the gospels. In reality, the Romans would have sent their agents to find this dangerous man, and would have themselves caused the ironic title to be nailed on his cross: king of the Jews.

The murder of Jesus broke the House of David, and also made the eventual Jewish rebellion inevitable. James and Jesus? other brothers followed a much more traditional Jewish ministry, saying nothing of any kingdoms. His wife clarified his message as a moral and philosophical one, not a political one, and was the person who led the apostles in spreading it to the world…and, more importantly, hiding the children and giving them the chance to grow up and have children of their own. She took the blood with her, and nurtured it, and gave it to us. We drink of it because of her. We are Christ because of her.

The time when her role was erased and the equal place of women usurped in the church was the same time that the lies that the body of Jesus was special and the resurrection unique to him were spread. The effect of this was to derange the Christian household by making one of its pillars shorter than the other. The household where objective seeing is to be gained–where the measure of the world is to be taken–must be founded on two equal pillars. Otherwise, it is a crooked house and will come down.

‘Two are better than one, and a cord of three strands is not quickly snapped.’ What this means is that harmony between the two is reconciled in the third. The third strand is love, itself a triad with three levels, physical, emotional and rational. This love eventually results in children, and in this sense it is the building block of the species. So any society in which either sex is considered in any way unequal is itself an unbalanced triad and doomed to failure. Throughout human history, one sex or the other has always dominated, in virtually every culture. The ones where this was least true have lasted the longest, and brought the most happiness to their members.

Christ has nothing to do with religion or belief. You do not need to believe in anything to be a Christian, and it was never intended that the way be imposed on anybody, or that the Good News be turned into bad news for nonbelievers. Nor, as I said before, is the idea that Jesus died for our sins true in any way at all. He died because he was the true heir to the Jewish throne. It had nothing to do with any sins anybody subsequently may or may not have committed, and nobody is born with sin already on their souls.

The whole point of recurrence is that the slate is wiped clean so that another effort may be made. If a soul’s situation becomes impossible, its memory of itself fades entirely and it is lost to consciousness. That’s the real wage of sin, and the only one. It is always a choice made in life, and for that to happen is extremely rare. The truth is that human beings are mostly innocent and mostly good. We lash out because we are frightened or we are desperate, or have been harmed in some way by a bad childhood.

That which seeks our ruin causes us to concentrate on darkness and evil, and tells us that we are powerless and that our souls are ugly. The human mind has been alive in the earth for just a few thousand years. Osiris, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Mahomet–all of these bearers have just left their blood and wisdom in us in the past few millions of a second, in the great time of the earth.

And yet, so important is that second that everything that has come before, all the billions of years that earth has been here, are one day. We are the next day.

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