As I discussed in my Night Thoughts audio file, my mind is changing. An example of what is happening came the other day when Anne and I were at lunch with Dreamland co-host Marla Frees.

Marla asked me what was happening to me, and I replied that I seemed to have acquired a vast store of memories from the past. Not “big” memories, but the same sort of little bits and pieces we collect in our everyday lives. But for what seemed like hundreds of lives.

As I spoke, I saw one of them in my mind’s eye: a woman leaning over and lighting a candle. I described it and then said that I had no idea of any context. It was simply there, like what appears to be thousands and thousands of others.

Then the unexpected happened–and believe me, it struck me right between the eyes: the waitress arrived with a slice of cake for Marla with a lit candle on it. Unbeknownst to me, it was Marla’s birthday and Anne had gotten the waitress to do this. Anne then pointed out the connection between my “past memory” and this event.

Now, this might seem like an innocuous coincidence, but as I have learned from working with Starfire Tor, the more careful you are about noticing and documenting such experiences, the stronger they get.

This is why I am so hopeful that we will make some major strides at the Dreamland Stargate. It just feels to me that this is going to be a major experience for me, and that I’m going to come away from it with some control over what exactly is changing in my mind, and better understanding.

A number of people attending have had contact experiences, and we discovered at our old cabin that bringing people like that together could attract the attention of the visitors. Sometimes they would even show up physically, and, frankly, I would really welcome another couple of minutes with them.

If I had that, I would use it to expand on what I learned during my encounter of December 15, 2007, to make my ability movement through parallel universes and to observe the reality of the time stream stronger and more clear. (To read my journal about that experience, click here.)

There is nothing like a gathering like this to intensify energy in a lasting way, so I’m hopeful. And I know from experience that the people there, although many fewer than at our other conferences, will turn out to be exactly the right people to do this with.

If there is to be a human future, the human mind has to change. Has to. If there is such a thing as a reason to live, facilitating this in myself and others is my reason to live.

I think that we are quite incredible, but also that we have been somehow plunged into a devastatingly passive state, and blinded to our true power, our true value, and the true purpose of our lives.

I see the visitors as being a force for awakening. My adult relationship with them started out with an initiatory experience the equal of anything that was done in ancient times. I was devastated by an unforgettable shock, beaten up, raped and so completely upended that I could not possibly continue to deny their reality.

To this day, my anger and fear fester. But that’s as it should be. When somebody is as deeply asleep as I was, and the stakes are as high as they are, necessary means must be taken, even if unpleasant.

The visitors don’t care whether we like them or not. They don’t appear to have that need. But they DO care whether or not we’re awake. That is crystal clear.

Whether they show up or not on the weekend of the 16th, one thing is clear to me: there will be great energy there. The thing is going to work.

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