Over the past year, UFO activity has increased in intensity and complexity, and the crop circle phenomenon has become so extensive in southern England that it is beginning to cause significant cash damage to crops.

Recently, I have begun to notice stirrings among some institutions that would suggest a renewed interest in the possibility of contact. Over the past six months, a number of people with interest in UFOs have announced that “disclosure is imminent.”

So there’s some smoke. Is there any fire?

Well, this time there could be. I have always understood that, if the human situation becomes dire enough, the visitors could emerge in some irrefutable way. What this would mean to human society is the most dynamic and complex question that has ever arisen.

I think that it’s time to say as precisely as possible what is being done to us and why it is being done.

From the enigmatic appearance of UFOs to the bizarre stories of abduction to the annual mystery of the beautiful but incomprehensible crop formations, mankind has for over fifty years been compelled to face a gigantic, unanswerable question.

Exposure to such questions intensifies brain activity, especially in areas of logic. It literally makes us smarter, and may be in part a reason for the steady rise intelligence testing scores that has been observed over the same period.

The human brain is divided into three basic functional regions, the brain stem, the limbic system and the neocortex. The brain stem controls instinctual and automatic functions, the limbic system emotion and memory, and the neocortex rational thinking.

There is a fourth level of brain function that is vestigial in humans, which is the hypercortex. Unlike the neocortex, it is not limited to perception in linear time, but is able to perceive reality from outside of space-time.

Sufficient exposure to questions that cannot be ignored but also cannot be answered will induce hypercortex, and that is what will happen to us when the pressure of contact becomes impossible to bear, which will transpire almost immediately, should the visitors close the question of whether or not they are real and open the next question, which is how to react to them.

The social circumstances that will be associated with this question will be tremendously powerful and corrosive, but also extraordinarily fertile. They will change the human species in absolutely fundamental ways, either driving us collectively mad or transforming us in such a way that we can, at last, begin to understand who and what we are and how we relate to other life in the universe.

We will begin what is the greatest of all journeys for any species, which is the journey into a real relationship with the cosmos.

The pressure will cause literal, measurable changes in our brains, as it forms the associations that are the hypercortex, and we begin to see the world in an entirely new way.

What happens first is that the long dream of history implodes, and we come to see ourselves as we really are. Facts replace mythis and beliefs, and along with this the whole institutional war between beliefs ends. It is followed by a new, exploratory mind that is young, eager and yet wise, that sees itself as it truly is: able, interested and unfinished.

As the brain reconstructs itself in the face of this extraordinary challenge, it will also start to meet other challenges in a new way. Logic will sweep away our tendency to confuse belief and fact, while at the same time the event-horizon of understanding will change profoundly, and we will be able to see much more clearly the consequences and true meaning of our own actions.

Without hypercortical thought, we cannot understand our visitors, cannot apprehend the natural laws behind their science, and certainly cannot hope to understand the skills and technologies that enable them to perform, in the ordinary course of events, what appear to us now to be feats of magic.

The human species is at present trapped in the illusion that reality unfolds in linear time. It does not unfold in linear time, it displays its sequential elements in linear time. Until we can see beyond the illusion of temporal motion, we cannot see reality clearly enough to understand the really potent laws that govern it.

This is why we cannot understand crop formations, why trillions of dollars have been spent on replicating visitor technologies without nearly the results we expected when we started these programs fifty and sixty years ago, and why our visitors have remained so elusive, hiding as they do behind a screen of questions that we cannot bear and cannot answer.

The majority among us have answered these questions with folklore, ranging from the elaborate folklores about various alien species, to the folklore of secret government knowledge, to the folklore of science, that the visitors don’t exist at all.

Right now, some forward thinking religious authorities are seeking to understand what contact may mean in the context of their beliefs. I can tell you the first thing it will mean: the truth about the ancient idea of resurrection will become apparent.

Not as we are now, though. Our linear minds have addicted us to a profoundly false view of reality.

For example, man is addicted to fire. Right now, as I type this, I am using a computer–that is to say, a device that relies on electrons flowing through various constructed circuits. This is a machine, in other words, that is based on fire. We burn fuel for energy.

But there are much more potent ways of addressing energy. For example, we are surrounded by conscious energy, much of which has emerged out of human life, which is a productive source of such energy, but we cannot perceive or reliably interact with it because the aspects of its meaning that penetrate into linear time are almost impossible for us to understand, without also perceiving its wholeness.

Instead, our relationship with it is filtered through a confusion of beliefs and myths, from gods to ghosts. Our scientists, for the most part, see it as entirely fictional, and yet the development of a consistent relationship with it is essential if we are to reach the next level of evolution, which is what the visitors are trying to induce in us.

So, we will see what their next step is going to be. Are those who hope for cloture of the question of whether or not they are real about to get their wish?

This could certainly happen. If it doesn’t it probably means that we are going to be allowed to continue on in this state for some time, possibly to endure the lesson of a dieback caused by our poor planetary husbandry, or because we are such a productive source of conscious energy as we are, or a mixture of both.

It is also possible, though, that the species has enough potential to join the great choir of intelligence that is spread across the physical universes. If so, this is a signal honor of our planet and our being, because most species at our level have a very different experience. Specifically, they are allowed to remain subject to nature. They survive or do not, are blasted by random disasters, make breakthroughs, struggle and eventually join the vast majority of all species in extinction.

We live in an era of decision. Personally, I think that we have a high likelihood of developing the hypercortex and joining the cosmos. It is a process of birth–in other words, perilous, difficult, damned chancy and, in the end, absolutely terrifying.

But then everything changes. The baby who has been struggling for his very life in the birth canal is taken under the protection of parents he did not even know he had, and becomes what all babies are, or should be, which is a joyous explorer in a new reality, and the treasure of those who brought him into the world.

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