This journal entry is going to confuse people who see good and evil in terms of black and white, and who think that I am either a “believer” that the visitors are good or a “believer” that they are bad. I am not a believer, I’m a dancer, in the sense meant in the Tarot. Those of you who have not read my book the Path may not understand what I mean, but read below. At the end of this journal entry, I have included the material from the Path about the Dancer.

The visitors are an extraordinarily complex phenomenon, no more “good” or “evil” than we are. Some aspects of the phenomenon are amazingly productive for the human spirit, and we want to encourage their participation in our lives. Others are malevolent, incompetent, insensitive or all three. From these, we want to take what we can, and otherwise minimize our exposure. Between those two extremes there lies a vast mystery whose every aspect suggests that we are as much embedded in their very much larger scale culture as raccoons or field mice are embedded in ours.

I have included the material from the Path about the Dancer (the Hanged Man), in hope that you may begin to see beyond the fixed, two-dimensional ideas of good and evil that bind the human mind and keep it in hypnosis. For those of you who understand my work, and the secrets of the transformation of energies, let’s dance.

The UFO wave that is now taking place is characterized by an upsurge in close encounter and abduction reports that are a stark reminder of the tremendous problems that are involved in the whole phenomenon. Because I am trying to do something complex and subtle in connection with the encounter experience, I am mischaracterized as a shill for evil aliens, with the result that many people don?t take advantage of what I know and what I can do to help us in this very difficult situation.

Right now, close encounters and such are rare, but the more we give up responsibility for ourselves and our world, the more common they are going to become. By not taking responsibility our own future, we throw ourselves at the mercy of whoever wants us for whatever reason.

It should be obvious to anybody who reads the Communion Letters or studies the close encounter experience at all, that this is a very, very big mistake. We are being exploited, purely and simply, in ways that we are kept from understanding. If we do not maintain ourselves in a way that enables our exploiters to keep doing what they are doing, then they are going to take over for us, and we are not going to like that. At all.

How do we take responsibility? The place to start is within ourselves. We must live with integrity, which means learning and knowing ourselves, and following the commandments of God as they have been laid down from the 42 Negative Confessions of the Egyptians to the Ten Commandments and beyond, to the sublime ethics of the gospels, the Upanishads, the sayings of the Buddha and so many other messages from high spirit. We must have the humility to pray, not from desires and needs, but out of simple love. We must fight the angry, judgmental, punitive parts of ourselves and find our compassion for others and for ourselves.

No person who lives like this is going to become a victim of the visitors. Instead, the situation for them will be turned inside out: they will become able to use contact and close encounter for growth and as a source of knowledge of self and universe. I know that this is true because I have lived it. I?m not saying that it?s easy or that it?s pleasant, but that it CAN BE DONE! And if we are to continue to live free, it must be.

Should contact envelop us, the people who live in this way will end up walking around in envelopes of freedom while the rest are so deeply enslaved that even after death, they will remain slaves. The frontiers of hell will have expanded to include this entire world. Believe me when I say that this can happen. And if we allow the greedy and foolish people who control our world now to keep on with their dirty work, it will happen.

We are running out of resources and time. The environment is already collapsing. I do not think, in fact, that we will prevail in this. Because of a lack of leadership worldwide, we are refusing to do even the few simple things needed to help our planet regain its ecological balance. So we are going to experience the full consequences of nature?s mathematics. As the environment falls apart, the old human story will repeat itself: people will start praying and then wondering why God doesn?t listen. It?s always the same?they pray that two and two be five, and then curse God and turn away from God when it doesn?t happen.

Pray not out of desire, but out of gratitude. Trust God to find what you need. A good and prayerful life will be the essential foundation of freedom in a world dominated by the visitors. This was why I was so impressed with Wayne Dyer?s Getting in the Gap. He has had the humility and insight to combine a beautiful meditation with a powerful prayer given to us from the right hand of God. There can be no more powerful antidote to the spiritual (and temporal) slavery that threatens us now.

So, why am I all exercised about this? Because, during this close Mars transit, we are being given a taste of what a more extensive relationship with the visitors will be like, on their terms. If you think that this will be a pleasant way to live, think again. I?ll tell you what it will be like to live with them on their terms. It will be like being a dog with a cruel master, only worse, because when you die, you will find that your soul is STILL IN SLAVERY.

I am speaking, very simply, of the worst situation that could exist, a horror so appalling that it is beyond imagining.

If the visitors come, what is going to happen is that most people will react, after the little honeymoon of a few months or years, with appalled shock. They will realize that there is no turning back, that we cannot change this, that our laws do not apply and our forces are useless. At first, like the stink of smoke in the night, they will begin to sense that something is not right. Then they will realize that they?re in a trap. Then they will see the truth: the trap is forever.

For years, I have been silent about the lies that have been told about me, the stupid lies that I?m a CIA agent or a shill for evil aliens or a demon worshiper or a laughable nut worthy only of a few derisive jokes. But the time to be silent is passed. I am calling to anybody who can hear me: we are in a dangerous situation, and I DO have useful and effective means of saving us.

If we took responsibility for our planet, we could get rid of the dark side of the visitors altogether. Without greed and sin to feed it, this aspect of their presence would not have an interest here. But that isn?t going to happen. Evil has fed on itself here and grown strong. We are going to continue along the path to death that is mandated by the way we live now. People alive today will see the ruin of the world, and their souls will be cursed by what they see.

But YOU CAN TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF. Only a tiny, tiny number of people will hear this or understand it. It is grace that will enable you to understand. But there is another word for grace that you don?t usually hear: work. Hard work, inner and outer. The grace of God is the sweat of the brow, and it is only by this work that you have any hope of integrating your being so that you belong only to yourself and can never be made a slave, or exploited by those who seek to subvert the secret harmonies of your soul.

You can begin right now by ceasing to listen to the ?skeptics? whose siren song tells you that the danger is not real. Most of these people stand under the emblem of the lie that man has no soul. Some of their leaders engage in unholy practices like child abuse, leaders who are lionized as geniuses but who are actually nothing but hollow tools of forces to which they have delivered themselves.

And then there is the government, which, in its vastness, largely knows nothing. The few who do know something have tried in the past to treat with the visitors, in a ridiculous charade. What will happen to the mouse who tries to learn from the snake how to walk without feet? You will see, in time, what happens to the men who have tickled the tongue of the snake by trying to gain scientific advantage in this way.

And yet all of its knowledge, all of its wisdom, lies exposed and naked before a good soul. These visitors, all powerful in the realm of the senses, have only the power we give them in the realm of the spirit. Live a life of integrity, and you live beyond the borders of their land.

So, where are we? What has caused the resident CIA man, demon-lover, and rectal probe freak-o to start bellowing in this particularly hilarious manner?

Right now, there are numerous areas reporting UFO sightings, but the most extensive amount of activity being recorded is in the British Midlands and in British Columbia in Canada. The situation in British Columbia ranks as one of the most intense UFO waves ever, not just because of the number of sightings involved, but because of the existence of extraordinary daylight UFO video that ranks among the best and most indisputably authentic ever made, an extraordinary abduction case, and cases being reported to doctors by people who have had tissue samples removed without any memory of the incidents.

Investigator Brian Vike?s report of the abduction case can be read in our Insight section by clicking here and Mr. Vike?s verbal report can be listened to in our subscriber section. (Part is available on the August 30 Dreamland, also.) An analysis of the video will also be posted for our subscribers as soon as it is completed.

The reason that we anticipated a UFO wave was that close approaches of Mars have consistently over the years brought increases in UFO activity. Given that Mars is in the process of making its closest approach to earth in at least 60,000 years, it was reasonable to assume that an intense UFO wave would be the result.

I have known from the beginning that there would be a demonstration of power, and if you read that abduction report, you will get a taste of that power. You will also be left wondering why these things are being done?

It?s not rocket science. Genetic material is being taken. But it?s not being taken because their genetic material needs replenishing. They don?t need a thing from us. They want our souls, and everything they do is directed toward that goal. Never forget it, ever. There will come a day that the least slip will mean a fall into a pit that goes down forever. Walk the path of goodness and integrity now, so that you will be able to balance on it when it becomes a wire, as it will, and be able to navigate it purely by your trust in God when it becomes a razor, as it will. (I don’t mean that they want our souls in the sense of wanting to eat them or something, but in another way entirely. Look at them as testing us. This makes them extremely dangerous. But, in the long run, also has the potential to make us strong.)

I have put a few meditations up on my website. They are practical means of gathering energy to yourself, so that you can learn and prepare, and so that you can transform the energy of encounter with the visitors from terror into rich inner power.

Understand this: those who tell you to run are really telling you to be passive. Look where we are?on a little planet buried out on the arm of a minor galaxy off somewhere in the edges of the universe. Where are we going to run to? Nepal? Connecticut?

You can?t get away from the visitors, no matter where you run. And these silly methods of warding them off that float around on the internet?it?s only more folly and lies, all of it.

This reality has to be faced, and there is only one way to escape it. Goodness is a vast continent, as yet almost entirely unexplored by mankind. Find your way to the continent of goodness, and you will live free among the damned.

I found many years ago that the best thing I could do to make my encounters useful to me was to meditate and pray? not to the visitors, but to whoever could help me the most. I did not so much as dare to identify the nature of God. I did not call on any deity at all. Alone in the dark, I presented myself without conditions, without demands. My prayer was being there.

I used it to empower myself in the face of a terrifying situation. I have always objected to those who tell us how terrible the situation is, but offer nothing but silence when asked what can be done about it.

In the larger sense, nothing can be done. But I can attest to the fact that one man lived, remained sane, and grew spiritually and emotionally despite the terror of the situation, and I can tell you exactly how that was accomplished, as I have been doing in my little meditations.

I have been asked whether I would like to see the visitors land or leave. It?s a good question, and I have a ready answer: I would like to see whatever happens be useful to us. But when I read an abduction case like the one reported in our Insight section this week, I have a hard time believing that anything about the close encounter experience can be useful.

But then I think about the irresponsibility of those who spread fear about the visitors without offering anything any value with which to face of the assault. I have been on the receiving end of that particular approach, and it?s not pleasant. I have sat trembling in the office of an abduction researcher, my mind and heart filled with the absolute horror of my experience, and been totally ignored when I asked, ?what can I do to help myself??

I guess, in one way, it was good that the answer was ?I have no idea,? because it made me decide that, if I was going to bear this, I was going to have to get out there and do it my way.

What my family and I have been through has been as bad as the experience gets. Somebody close to us has seen a child abducted, we are intimate with somebody who had been shown a baby that belonged to them and that had been taken from them, we have another intimate who has had an unexplained miscarriage and the disappearance of the little unborn one. In this couple, the husband woke up and saw these creatures on the bed about an hour before the miscarriage. You want to know about agony? That couple experienced agony unlike anything most of you can imagine, to know that a living baby of their bodies, intended by God for their loving care, had been taken instead into some other reality for unknown reasons by things that make the devil look like a sweet little puppy.

However, goodness always wins in the end. That couple faced the terror of the situation, and found God there, and chose to surrender not to the visitors, but to that which, in the end, will pluck even the spirit of their lost baby up from the depths.

I also found, when I started going out in the woods alone in the night, armed with just a flashlight, my meditation skills, and my trust in God, that something that cares about human welfare and the human soul was there for me, and willing to give a desperate man a hand.

If this contact situation that is unfolding now in British Columbia and elsewhere spreads, it?s going to be very much like the description that?s in our insight section right now. Read it carefully, and reflect that these poor suffering people are likely to be you and your friends soon. I urge you to take control of your life now. Find your integrity.

How to do that? The Master of the Key offered a simple definition of that mysterious word ?sin? that makes it all very, very clear. He said, ?sin is the denial of the right to thrive.?

In other words, sin is doing things and using the world in such a way that you prevent oneself and others from living their lives to the fullest. Every indulgence, however pleasant at the moment, whether it is of prejudice or gluttony or whatever sin, denies oneself and others the right to thrive.

Give up everything in your life that prevents yourself and others from thriving. Think carefully about what that is. CAREFULLY!

When just a few people experience abductions, it?s easy for government to ignore them and for the rest of us to laugh them off, but this time it is very intense in British Columbia, and it should be taken as a clear warning of what is could happen everywhere, and soon.

I developed my means of coping by calling on the only thing I possessed that I thought might work. Burglar alarms and guns did not. I found that out. But when I started to meditate in the face of the onslaught, things changed. Instead of bullies and oppressors, teachers began showing up. A nobody like me was treated to visits from some pretty amazing beings, who provided me with a fantastic crash course in spiritual empowerment.

The little meditations that I have been posting on this website are the result of that course. (The latest one is posted when available on my Windows Media Player on the free part of the site. The earlier ones are in the subscriber section because I can?t afford the bandwidth charges that come from all the downloads. You have to help me pay those charges or this ends. Simple enough.)

The visitors are here and they aren?t going away, and we can?t. So, what are our choices? Sit and take it, or try to make it work for us. For myself, I choose to fight for my freedom. Guns won?t work. Star wars weapons won?t work. Probably no weapon we could ever create would work, for the same reason that no weapon invented by a monkey is going to be effective against a man. The man is going to figure it out completely and immediately, no matter how big a monkey genius he?s up against. So also, the government could spend a hundred years and trillions of dollars on some weapon against them, only to find that the countermeasures are immediate and totally effective. Unfortunately, the barnyard always loses to the farmer.

I prefer to act, to stand up for myself, to find my way however I can. I will not be a victim. If I go down into whatever dark slavery awaits this world, I will do so fighting all the way, having lived a good life as a good man. No matter what happens to us then, those of us who have lived in this way will somehow come through. I rest in the holy ground of this belief, and trust in what is good in this universe to make it so.

This is the material from the Path that I referred to at the beginning of this journal:

The Hanged Man

In many of the older Tarot decks, the Hanged Man is printed in ambiguous manner. If you look at him as a Hanged Man, then the number is upside down. This is not true of the deck we are using, but it doesn?t matter, the effect of turning the card upside down is the same.

The Hanged Man becomes the Dancer, and the secret knowledge contained in this card lies in understanding the way the positive Dancer and the negative Hanged Man may come together in a greater, harmonious whole.

We are ascending higher now, and we will discuss the inner meaning of this harmony when we reach the next card, which expresses it: the card called the Sun.

But before we discuss the consequences of using this particular space ship, let?s learn first how the control panel works.

First, I would like to discuss how our lives sometimes center in one card or another along the vertical branch. A person who is in the middle of their life, fully committed, and living with passion, for example, might be centered in the Lover. As life unfolds richly around such a person, the card is a reminder: all things change.

In my case, my life was centered for some time in the Hanged Man. This happened after I published my book Communion, detailing what may have been extraterrestrial contacts, an idea that many people, for many different reasons, find threatening. I began to understand what it was to live in a state of contradiction and question. My public life became a circus, with an almost endless procession of media idiots and official and self-appointed disinformation experts creating a riot of lies around me. Meanwhile, in my private life, the enigmatic and powerful experience continued to unfold and develop. Whatever its origin, something unknown was certainly taking an interest in me. I learned a new language, the language of contact. I evolved ways of interacting with my visitors that were effective. At the same time, I continued to publish books about my experiences, in order to communicate as much as I could to those who might find this beneficial.

I was truly a hanged man: hoisted on a gallows of unanswerable questions. I could not answer the public?s questions about what was happening to me because I wasn?t sure. I could not answer my own questions about my life, or why this had happened to me.

P. L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, was also a great adept and teacher, and in the years before my contact experience, we had corresponded a good deal. She had said to me, ?you must lie in the lap of the goddess.? But what did that mean? She explained: ?To be unsure.?

And that is the first message of the Hanged Man: the path does not offer answers. It is not comfortable. The essence of the effort rests in insecurity, in never being certain of where you stand.

The reason is simple: we are on a path of ascension. Answers carry weight, and we need to be light and free. Questions are our freedom.

But, have a care. Turn the card over. You will see, then, a dancer, his hair flying, one ankle tethered to the earth. He is nearly, but not quite, free. He dances between the questions and the answers, freed by his questions, tethered not by his answers?he is beyond faith, belief, ideology?he?s left all those weighty things far below, in his parallel card, that, if embraced, mean inner Death.

No, he?s free of the illusions of life. So what?s this tether, then?

He is tethered by the very unknowing that has freed him, and it is toward a resolution of this conundrum that he dances.

How does he free himself from his fatal paradox? If he can?t resolve it, then he is condemned to rise no farther. His Death will reach up from below and claim him. He will fall into the death of belief, resolving his questions by fitting them into some ideology or other. Maybe he will decide that capitalism or communism have the answers, or shamanism or Catholicism or Hinduism. Who knows how he will fall, or exactly which death might claim him?

He must learn to live between the winds of life, dancing back and forth between question and answer, gathering knowledge as he goes.

Carlos Castenada used to say that Don Juan saw the truth out of the corners of his eyes. He saw the real world that?s all around us, that we filter out so that our souls will not be exposed to absolute truth, and will thus continue to be able to make free choices.

Incidentally, the fear of resolving this conundrum among souls that are coping with important imperfections is very great, because doing so prematurely for them is like dying while still alive: they fear that the light of truth will shine too brightly on their weaknesses, ending the freedom of choice that is essential to their ability to change.

This is why opposition to the very idea of contact with ?higher? beings is so fierce, and why true masters are so at peril in this world. When that door opens, the burning light of truth will shine through it, and we will suddenly begin to see clearly?for those who are hiding, too clearly.

At the same time, if we don?t gain that clarity of vision as a species, we are going to stay on the path to extinction that we have been traveling since the beginning of the population explosion in the eighteenth century.

So, in a sense, all of mankind is now the Hanged Man. Our needful souls cannot free themselves without remaining in question. But if we stay in question, we risk extinction.

When the Hanged Man understands this problem, the card turns upside down (or rightside up) and he becomes the Dancer. But that?s only understanding the problem, not solving it.

We cannot look to the higher cards for a way out. That?s the meaning of the Hanged Man?s noose that has become the Dancer?s tether. He is tied to the lower cards. It is in them that he must seek for his resolution.

His parallel card on the descending branch is Death. Not a very hopeful sort of a card, but clear enough, as this is indeed the consequence of getting hanged.

On the right-hand branch, Death?s parallel card is the Wheel of Fortune, or life. On the left-hand branch, the Hanged Man?s parallel card is Force.

The resolution of the conundrum is immediately clear: it isn?t a matter of finding or rejecting answers, or even of opening the door to some grand truth that some parts of each of us cannot bear to face.

It?s a matter of using our inner strength to neutralize the devouring lion of life?our hungers, our desires, our dreams?and stepping off the wheel altogether.

This is what those who fear facing truths that are too revealing cannot understand. The fear is in life. When we ascend above it, we leave it behind.

Then the Dancer?s tether falls away, and truly, this new-made adept ascends at once into the fields of the sky, and the blazing kingdom that lies within?a kingdom that you know very well. It?s other name is Ordinary Heart, and the light that fills it is called Ordinary Truth.

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