I’m worried about the chemtrails issue. There is an element of hysteria appearing in some of the letters and stories I am seeing about this, and I think that we need to be very clear about what is and isn’t known for certain.

Nobody is sure that chemtrails are even a real thing. That must not be forgotten.

There are three levels of evidence. The first is the strange contrails themselves. The second is the fact that Edward Teller, who is a very powerful scientist, has suggested that hazing the upper atmosphere would be a ‘quick fix’ for global warming.

The third area is what is worrying me. That is the documentary evidence. It is very poor, and more is being made of it than should be. The most powerful pieces of evidence to emerge thus far are both audiotapes of people we are being told are air traffic control officials making admissions that the spraying is happening. In neither case is there any independent verification that these people are who they claim to be on the tapes.

The most recent tape was announced in a press release from Will Thomas that was headlined FAA CONFIRMS AIR FORCE TANKERS CONDUCTING WEATHER MODIFICATION OVER U.S. AND CANADA. But the reality is that an anonymous individual, on an audiotape, has claimed to be an air traffic controller who has been told about the spraying. This is not a confirmation. In fact, it is an anonymous statement. Compelling, scary, but not confirmation.

I think that practically everybody who reads this will know why I am worried. I am thinking of the time of the passage of Comet Hale-Bopp, when hysteria built over the nature of the object following the comet, until people killed themselves. The hideous irony is that, months later, astronomers quietly confirmed that Hale-Bopp did have a companion. But there was never any credible evidence that it was a spacecraft. If they had simply said at the time that it had a companion, but that this was simply a chunk of the comet itself, there would have been no hysteria.

Instead, the official world remained silent or actually denied the existence of this object, which led to all kinds of conspiracy theories and, in the end, to the waste of human life.

The idea of chemtrails is fertile ground for dangerous hysterical reactions. This is because they are said to cause respiratory distress, which can also be brought on by psychosomatic causes. People who are in no way at risk could end up suffering serious asthmatic events because of fear about this.

As before, there is total official silence. I am getting stories all the time from people who are seeing extraordinary production of contrails overhead. Some of these are professionally qualified observers, pilots, in other words, who cannot explain what they are seeing.

However, it is also true that temperatures aloft are going crazy. For two months this past winter, we were in a stratalert condition over the northern hemisphere, meaning that the stratosphere was much warmer than it should be. Meanwhile, temperatures in the layer above it were far lower than normal.

Would this lead to very large and persistent, but essentially normal, contrails? I don’t know and I can’t find anybody who does. But it is worth remembering that there could be an alternative explanation.

I had word from a trusted source that some retired military personnel of his aquaintance had sampled chemtrails from a private jet and found that they were made of aluminum power and barium, both substances that would provide the haze needed to block sunlight. But further checking has led me to feel concerned as concerned about this story as I do about the anonymous source reports. An editor’s note saying that this could not be confirmed has been added to the story today. It already contained a statement that we regretted that we could not identify our source. The story may be true. But we lack confirmation, and that must be made clear.

What I have done about all this is to drop it into the lap of a very competent and honest professional reporter who is entirely neutral about the subject. This person has as fine a record of investigative reporting as exists in this country, and I think that, if there is any truth in the stories, he is going to find it, if he agrees to take the problem on.

Until there is documentary evidence and named witnesses–in other words, proof–I will not be running any more major chemtrails stories on unknowncountry.com. We will keep up with the field, of course, but the stories will not be heavily emphasized.

If proof ever comes in the form of an identified official making a public statement or documentary evidence coming to hand, I will trumet that loud and clear, using every resource at my command.

Understand, it isn’t that I think there is anything wrong with what has been done so far. Many of the researchers have made extremely compelling cases.

If we are really dealing with a secret military operation, the level of information available is probably about what is to be expected.

But we need more. If this is happening, for example, there are people in the US congress who know about it. NOAA personnel must know about it. EPA personnel must know. Not to mention large numbers of people in the companies serving the operation with its supplies and logistics.

There is, in other words, a lot of footwork that can be done on a practical level to break this story, if there is a story. Will Thomas and Cliff Carnicom and the others who work on it have done a wonderful job, and are doing a wonderful job. We need hard evidence, though. I sense that public uneasiness is building. I know that some people are getting very upset, because some of those people are my friends.

We must move forward in an atmosphere of calm determination, to take the careful steps that need to be taken if the existence of this program is to be proven once and for all. And if it turns out not to exist, then we need to know that, too.

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