Ever since I realized that something strange had happened to me on December 26, 1985, I have held the question open of what that might have been. In Communion, I was careful to preserve this question throughout the book, and I have always stayed loyal to this question, no matter how much pressure I have been under to resolve it in one way or another.

However, I have also always believed that it is essential not to cling to questions after they have been answered, and this one has been answered. I know what happened to me on that night, and I know, if not who did it, then certainly who did not. I also know that the United States government is actively engaged in a process of debunking the truth about the situation, and the ?why? of that.

It has taken me nearly twenty years to reach these conclusions. Oddly, the change in my position has not been a slow process but a relatively quick one. Let me tell you how it came about.

In 1989, I was in anguish. I knew that something truly extraordinary was happening to me, and also that our degenerate culture was laughing it off with rectal probe jokes. I am a very private man, and on a personal, sexual level very conservative, and I found this not only humiliating but depressing. It was depressing to see that the amazingly rich and complex experience that I was having was being rejected. But I also knew that there was no historical record of anything similar. I had made a very special sort of a breakthrough that could have been a rich source of new scientific knowledge, but it was being treated as a joke.

In those days, radio and television shows, eager to be as cruel to me as possible for the entertainment of their audiences, used to try to obtain copies of my second hypnosis tape. They wanted to get a laugh out of a man describing how he had felt while being raped.

I would sometimes send them copies, if they were especially vicious in their threats of how they would treat me on the air if I didn?t, but I would remove from the copies everything about the ?rectal probe.?

Then I stopped altogether even taking calls from the media. I confined my media appearances to book tours only. But then, as I was publishing Confirmation, Parade Magazine suddenly published a false article stating that I had admitted that I had temporal lobe epilepsy and had become a celebrity supporter of the Epilepsy Foundation.

This was completely false, literally made up out of whole cloth, and I was able to force Parade to print a retraction as prominent as the original article. The editor confidentially told me that the source of the story had been Parade?s publisher. I soon discovered that he was a prominent U.S. Air Force personality, a general in the reserves, and an Air Force loyalist.

I have always believed that this story was concocted as part of a debunking effort being carried out by the Air Force. Also as part of this effort, the U.S. intimidated agents, film studios and television outlets into not doing anything with Communion, even though it was a tremendous bestseller and would obviously make a highly successful movie. As a result, no studio would touch the book, and the film was made independently on a tiny budget and was hardly distributed at all.

Finally, I quit writing about my experiences so that I wouldn?t have to go on book tours. Art Bell took me in like a orphan in a storm, giving me a frequent voice as a guest on Coast-to- Coast AM, and eventually giving me Dreamland. So I still had an ability to tell people what I was doing, but without exposing myself to the humiliation, willful ignorance and rabid lying of the general media.

Long before the publication of Confirmation, I had become unable to listen to the second hypnosis tape. In fact, I lost it. All I had were a couple of copies of the edited version. The last time I listened to the whole tape was in late 1986, to transcribe it for Communion. I all but sweated blood during that process.

Until about two weeks ago, I thought that the tape was gone forever. Then I had the experience that I described in my last journal entry, ?The Capture House.? The tape reappeared. It showed up in the drawer of my bedside table. I am too careful to claim outright that it hadn?t been there all along, because I cannot prove that, but frankly, I have looked in that drawer hundreds of times in the years it has been beside my bed, and I never saw the tape.

A few days after I found the tape, I received an e-mail from a reader of this website that proved to be of tremendous, even epochal, importance in my life. The reader theorized that I had been the victim of something called electroejaculation. This involves the insertion of a probe into the rectum, and the application of an electrical current that stimulates muscles to erect the penis and cause an ejaculation. It is used in animal husbandry and in sex clinics.

I had never heard of such a thing, but a little research quickly revealed that the machines exist and have been around for years. In listening to the tape again, it became obvious that I was describing being electroejaculated. First, I describe the insertion of the probe into my body. A moment later, I express surprise that I have suddenly gotten an erection, then react as I am aware of my ejaculation. I remember one of the creatures who were doing this to me running off with it in a little container.

The innocent confusion on that tape is eloquent. I was being subjected, back in December of 1986, to a clinical procedure that I did not even known existed until October of 2003. My description of what was happening to me is an exact description of the procedure.

To me, this has closed the door on any possibility that what happened to me that night was in any way imaginary or illusory. It was a real event, and I do not believe that it was done by people in disguise, but by nonhuman creatures of unknown origin. The reason that I am so firm about this second part is that I believe not only my own eyes, but the testimony of hundreds of thousands of people, and most especially, the recent British Columbia abduction case of ?Cynthia,? which is the best documented case of this kind in history.

Cynthia was not alone when she entered the initial phase of the encounter. She was with another witness who shared her perceptions and her experience, exactly as people do in normal life. Not only that, both women suffered physical after- effects, and the other witness experienced a mysterious burn above her coccyx that was severe enough to require medical attention. In addition, researcher Brian Vike has identified witnesses who observed unusual lights in the sky in the area where Cynthia and the other witness were having their encounter, at the time that it was taking place.

Even if I did not have thousands of other abduction cases to point to, I would have to be very thick-headed indeed to continue to entertain the idea that there was anything imaginary or false about this. It is real experience. It involves abduction by creatures that do not walk the streets here on earth, and it is concerned with the taking of tissue and/or sexual material from the victims.

Not only that, the United States government is engaged in a ferocious coverup of this activity. I say ferocious because I believe that a lot of the debunking that goes on is carefully designed by professional sociologists. What was done to me in Parade Magazine showed sophistication and skill, and did immense damage to me. If I could ever obtain proof, I would certainly sue the United States, although I have no doubt that they would claim that it had been done legally, in the name of national security.

And they would be quite right to make this claim. The Air Force doesn?t have a vendetta against me. It is evidently charged with controlling public acceptance of the UFO phenomenon, and is simply carrying out orders.

But why? Why not warn us that somebody might enter our bedrooms in the night and steal our most precious contents from us? Why not attempt to protect us instead of seek to make it easier for them to do this?

The conclusion is inescapable that the government is making sure that the public remains passive and thus vulnerable. The U.S. government is proactively assisting the creatures that are attacking us. If there was general public knowledge, people would take steps to protect themselves. Ways and means could and would be found. If this was not true, if we were indeed helpless, then there would be no reason for the secrecy. The creatures would simply come and do their will in an open and obvious way and that would be that.

Government secrecy is a weapon. It is being used against us. When the Air Force debunks and lies about UFOs and close encounters, it is attacking the American people with a powerful and brutal weapon. When the CIA lies and says it knows nothing about this, it is striking a blow against the country it is supposed to serve.

They aren?t doing this out of hatred of the American people or the people of the world. They are doing it out of fear that, if they don?t do it, we will suffer even worse consequences.

What might they be? What danger would be great enough to turn a government against its own people?indeed, its own species and its world? My uncle, Col. E. M. Strieber, told me that he was aware of the arrival of materials from the Roswell crash at Wright Field in the summer of 1947. He also told me that he?d understood that the secrecy initially came from concern that they might represent a new type of Soviet craft, but later that there was a threat, if the secret of the presence of these intruders was not kept, to destroy the earth in an instant.

General Arthur Exon, who was for many years my uncle?s commanding officer, told me that he had been a member for the Air Force of a committee that studied this situation for many years, and indeed, as late as 1988, was still attending meetings at Wright-Patterson. He said that his belief was that the secrecy was for a more positive reason, which was that we would be culturally destroyed if we were exposed to much higher visitor knowledge, much as primitive civilizations have been destroyed on earth when exposed to scientifically advanced cultures.

As I have written in these columns before, I also believe that there is another possible reason for the secrecy, which is that official admission of the reality of the visitors might be a sort of trigger that enables them to come swarming into our world?to actually make our world part of theirs.

Certainly, in dealing with an unknown as toxic as this one is on so many different levels, any government would be extremely cautious. If it found that it had to give up a little of the dignity of a few of its people, and perhaps a few lives, in return for not causing the collapse of civilization or worse, the total destruction of the planet, then there is no question that it would decide to sacrifice the lives.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where the truth about these various dangers lies. I can only tell you this: the visitors are entirely real and they are here taking sexual material and tissues from human beings. I am sorry that it has taken me so many years to feel that I can make this statement unequivocally, but I am not given to asserting things that I don?t think I can back up. I can back this up. The evidence is sufficient.

In addition, the U.S. government is actively covering up the activities of whoever is doing this, denying that they exist and seeking to destroy the reputations and credibility of anybody who makes an efficient effort to convince the public otherwise. I think that the operation that was carried out against me in the pages of Parade magazine is sufficient evidence of this. But that is really such a small part of the overall picture, it hardly even qualifies as an iceberg tip. The evidence of coverup and official lying is literally vast. It has been addressed elsewhere by many others, and, except insofar as it concerns my own personal experience of it, is not the subject of this journal entry.

So, what is to be done? Should people continue to press for official disclosure, even suspecting that the consequences could be extremely dire?

This is a powerful and important question, but it is one that I am not yet prepared to answer. I do not have enough evidence, but I do have some building ideas that I intend to work on. Chief among them is a need, that strikes me as quite urgent, to understand what the motives of our visitors might be. Why are they taking this material from us?

If we make that our next key question, then I think that we will also, inevitably, gain knowledge of whether or not the coverup is a valid means of protecting mankind, or another lie in a tissue of lies that is designed not to protect us, but to make us vulnerable to somebody who needs us a good deal more than we need them.

Subscribers to Unknowncountry.com can listen to my second hypnosis session in the subscriber section of this website. It can also be stolen from there and spread widely, and passwords to this section can be given away, as is being done, in order to reduce our income from the website and thus our ability to keep it going.

But, if you do this, please reflect on the importance of what you are doing. You are helping the visitors and the government to accomplish a task they must very much want to accomplish, which is to see my voice silenced. Do you really want to help the rapists of mankind?

In my next journal entry, I will get into the question of why they don?t simply kill people like me and Budd Hopkins and the others who are presenting credible and believable evidence to the public. We are oppressed by the masters of the lie and their minions, no doubt of it, but there is good out there, too, as we shall see, and it comes from a very surprising direction.

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