Last week, Anne and I attended the Summer Lectures in Devizes as speakers, and also had one of the premiere experiences of our lives. She discusses her part of it in her recent diary, and I will talk about my part of it a little here, but will describe a lot further what happened in an audio that I’ll place in our subscriber section next week. Also, if all goes well, I will post for subscribers a video of a walking meditation I did in this formation in the Alton Barnes East Field.

I will never forget what happened to me in that formation, nor will I forget what went on a few nights later when we were staying with Graham and Santha Hancock in Bath. On that night, Anne was awakened around 3:30AM by a sound like rain pouring on the roof. Only there was no rain. At the same time, 10:30 PM in upstate New York, four friends were watching no fewer than ten UFOs rising up from a lake and crossing the sky.

The sound did not wake me, but as soon as I heard Anne describe it the next morning, I remembered how it had sounded when a UFO would stop directly over our cabin back in the 1980s. There would be a noise exactly like a sudden downpour, but there would be no rain.

On the same night, there were UFO reports in Bath.

So, what happened? What was the significance of the UFOs? What happened in the crop formation?

Very frankly, a lot has changed in me. I came to some sort of turning point in life. In that formation, I saw something that I will never forget but cannot fully explain. It led to more of this ‘seeing’ and a profound sort of abandonment of who I was before.

In a sense, I am now standing outside my former life. Or, not standing, moving beyond it. I suppose that it’s a little like this when you die. The past goes slipping away, and what you are left with is the love that made you real in the first place.

I also walked the circle at Avebury, and there experienced the richest physical sensation that I have ever known. As I moved along the ancient path around the stones, the sensation of my body became more and more vibrantly detailed. From long experience with meditation, I knew exactly what was happening to me, the kind of energy that was affecting my nervous system.

Also, I know what Avebury was about. It was about the body–not only a place of healing, but also a place where the body could absorb the kind of energies necessary to step beyond space and beyond time.

In any case, I will go into this in much greater detail verbally in the material that I will post in our subscriber section on August 21.

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