The order to form the United States Space Force has been passed by the US Congress, and was signed into law by President Trump on December 20. Officially called “United States Space Force”, this organization will operate as a new service branch of the United States Armed Forces, along withread more

The United States Air Force’s experimental X-37B unmanned spaceplane returned to Earth on May 7, 2017, after a record-breaking 718-day stay in orbit: However, little is publicly known about the craft’s secret mission.

Initially created by NASA in 1999, the Boeing-built X-37 was transferred to DARPA in 2004, of whom placed the project under its current classified status. The USAF announced that they would develop their own X-37 in 2006, now designated X-37B; originally intended to be launched by NASA’s Space Shuttle Orbiter, it is now launched on the tip of an Atlas V rocket.
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