We’re all familiar with the concept of parallel realities: universes much like our own, but impossibly out of reach when it comes to communicating with them—or at least so it would seem. A series of experiments has been scheduled to be run this summer to see if a mere handfulread more

Two new studies have provided further evidence for the existence of an as-of-yet undiscovered large planet at the edge of the Solar System, known by the astronomical community as “Planet Nine“.  Having found that the orbits of a number of trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) on the outer fringe of the Solarread more

Dark matter: all mass and no substance, this theoretical type of matter is used by physicists to explain why the universe acts as if it has five times more mass than we can see–basically if galaxies only had the mass that is represented by the visible matter in them, the strain that their rate of spin puts on them would cause them to fly apart. And this strange, invisible substance that doesn’t seem to interact at all with ordinary matter should be distributed as evenly as the rest of the matter in the universe… except that astronomers have recently found a galaxy that contains no dark matter at all, demonstrating that its theoretical presence isn’t as ubiquitous as we thought.
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