On May 23, 2010, as it was hurtling toward the boundary between our solar system and interstellar space, the Voyager 2 space probe, having traveled 10 billion miles (16 billion kilometers) over 33 years, suffered a strange malfunction.

Or, at least it seemed to be a malfunction at first. Voyager 2’s flight data system, responsible for formatting the probe’s data so that it can be sent back to Earth, started transmitting back data in a language the scientists couldn’t recognize. According to NASA planetary scientist Kevin Baines, it was “just about 10 billion miles away from the Earth and all of the sudden it starts sending data in the language we don’t understand.

"It can be called as an alien language.”
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Pioneer 10, a space probe launched in 1972 that took the first close-up pictures of Jupiter before leaving our solar system in 1983, is being pulled back to the sun by an unknown force. The nature of this force baffles scientists and could cause them to rewrite the laws of physics.

Dr. Philip Laing, of the Aerospace Corporation of California, a member of the team that is tracking the craft, says, ?We have examined every mechanism and theory we can think of and so far nothing works. If the effect is real, it will have a big impact on cosmology and spacecraft navigation.?
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