Thirty years ago, having your own mobile phone or computer was a rarity, and was considered to be the ultimate in technological sophistication. Now it is far more rare to find an individual who does not possess some form of hi-tech device, and even our "silver-surfing" grandparents are techno-savvy.

So in these technologically advanced times, where does the technophile go for their next techno-fix?

It seems that when you have exhausted all of the technology that the earth can offer, you look to the skies: a small team of techys in Mountain View, California, has made history by running a crowdfunded mission to take control of an old NASA more

It’s illegal to litter by throwing your trash out the car window, but it turns out that astronauts do it all the time. In fact, they throw their DIRTY UNDERPANTS out the window (they actually pack them into a used Progress capsule to be incinerated in the atmosphere).
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There’s so much trash out there in space that it’s getting in the way of astronaut operations. The solution? ZAP it! The US military currently tracks about 20,000 items of space junk in low-Earth orbit, most of which are discarded pieces of spacecraft or debris from collisions of satellites. The Earth could even end up with a permanent junk belt that could make space too dangerous to fly in. In, Lisa Grossman quotes NASA engineer Creon Levit as saying, "There’s not a lot of argument that this is going to screw us if we don’t do something. Right now it’s at the tipping point, and it just keeps getting worse." read more