It’s illegal to litter by throwing your trash out the car window, but it turns out that astronauts do it all the time. In fact, they throw their DIRTY UNDERPANTS out the window (they actually pack them into a used Progress capsule to be incinerated in the atmosphere).

We know that aliens stink, but it turns out that astronauts do too (despite the fact that they’re issued special, "stink free" underwear), because they wear the same underpants for days, since they had no way to wash them–but now they do, because NASA has commissioned a company to build a prototype low-power, low-water washing machine that would allow residents of the International Space Station to do their laundry. Since access to water is limited in space, the washer would use a mix of vapor, air, and microwaves to do the job.

Most of us who have gone camping and had this "dirty underwear" experience, and the ISS is a vastly more sophisticated version of this. On the PopSci website, Clay Dillow reminds us that, "There’s simply no good way to stay clean in space."

The contactees that Anne Strieber has interviewed for our subscribers have come home clean (from wherever they went), but somewhat discombobulated. If you want to hear these 22 FASCINATING tales, subscribe today!

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