NASA’s Curiosity rover has found that the oxygen levels in the air in the Mars’s Gale Crater change along with the seasons on the Red Planet, rising in the spring and summer and falling during the winter. This follows Curiosity’s discovery that Martian methane also fluctuates with the seasons, andread more

Researchers with NASA’s Operation IceBridge aerial polar ice survey have discovered the presence of large meltwater pools and raging rivers across the surface of a number of Greenland’s major glaciers, a “concerning” development due to the early melt of Arctic ice in the season. Typically, this level of ice meltread more

A combination of a series of three storm systems and a blast of Arctic air are prompting forecasts of an extended cold snap across the US, with temperatures in some parts of the north-central states expected to dip as low as 30ºF below normal. The regions expected to be affected include the Upper Midwest, Great lakes, Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and New England.

Mashable’s Andrew Freedman describes the February-like conditions that are visiting the continent as yet another consequence of the polar vortex pushing Arctic air in a southeasterly direction. 12 inches of snow is forecast for higher elevations in West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland, with Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston possibly seeing lighter snowfall on Saturday.
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