Close encounter witness "Darrin" lives near Los Angeles and late on the night of November 8, he and his wife witnessed an extraordinary UFO event. When they later found out about the contrail, they had some thoughts about a possible connection that they share with us here. It is worth remembering that our visitors have been taking an interest in our nuclear programs, as shown by the press conference held by Robert Salas and a number of other retired Air Force personnel on September 27. Subscribers can listen to Linda Moulton Howe’s report on the conference in the Dreamland archives. Dreamland, Oct. 22.
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Jim Marrs has been interviewing experts about the contrail that rose from the sea 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles on November 8, and he is convinced that it was a missile. He has even learned the probable type of missile involved. So far, the FAA has not taken the simple step of announcing exactly which flight created the contrail. Is this because of indifference to public concerns, or is it because it would turn out that no flight was actually in the area at the time?read more

The mystery of the menacing-appearing contrail that appeared 35 miles off Los Angeles on the evening of November 8 appears to have been solved: US Airways Flight 808 was approaching the Los Angeles area at the time, on its way from Honolulu to Phoenix. The plane would have been flying with a filed flight plan because it was in Grade-A airspace and flying under instrument flight rules. Despite that the flight plan would have been readily available, neither the FAA nor the Pentagon appeared able to identify the craft, and it took civilians to research flight schedules in order to make the determination of what it probably more