Having read hundreds of thousands of accounts of close encounter over a 30 year period, Anne Strieber probably has more knowledge of the details of the experience than any researcher now working in the field. Here, she brings some of these accounts to Micah Hanks to find out what new thinking is taking place about their nature and origin, and the technology that might be behind them. This is a very unusual discussion between two highly knowledgeable researchers who approach the same mystery from two different but vitally important perspectives.

Micah Hanks offers some provocative and powerful new theories, and Anne Strieber tells some very, very strange stories!
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There is a subtle, acute and very strange mind behind UFO phenomena. When its actions are observed carefully, astonishing facts about this powerful intelligence come to light. Author Micah Hanks begins our two-week series on UFOs with a discussion of how what we are seeing can tell us a great deal about the MIND of the presence behind it all. There is a great deal of thought going into UFO activities and the whole abduction phenomenon. There are hidden patterns that reveal intent and disclose meaning. The way the phenomenon presents itself answers some long-held questions, and Micah Hanks knows a great deal about those answers.read more