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There is a subtle, acute and very strange mind behind UFO phenomena. When its actions are observed carefully, astonishing facts about this powerful intelligence come to light. Author Micah Hanks begins our two-week series on UFOs with a discussion of how what we are seeing can tell us a great deal about the MIND of the presence behind it all. There is a great deal of thought going into UFO activities and the whole abduction phenomenon. There are hidden patterns that reveal intent and disclose meaning. The way the phenomenon presents itself answers some long-held questions, and Micah Hanks knows a great deal about those answers.

"At the forefront of a new generation of UFOlogists, Micah Hanks is someone who isn’t afraid to tackle new paradigms, ideas and theories. The future of flying saucer seeking is in good hands!" –Nick Redfern

Listen as Whitley Strieber explores Micah’s provocative ideas with him. Dreamland at its best!


This is the first in our two-week series covering the latest in UFO research. Next week, author Robert Powell talks about the findings in the epic and definitive UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry. It is the best book ever published on just what the government does and does not know about UFOs.

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  1. I had one encounter with an
    I had one encounter with an MIB, they knew what a Sword was, but did not know what a Handgun was….It was most informative. They seem to be floating around in time and have only some basic ideas about the times they visit. I told them that I was not interested in their threats, and they could go away or not, but that I did not believe for a second that they were what they appeared to be. This was in Bridgeport CT in the 70’s, at a Railroad Tower where I worked at the time. One of the other guys who worked there, was Al Bender’s friend and associate, and this guy seemed to have MIB’s following him around. As a veteran and “pistol packer”, I did not want anything to do with these creatures, as the Military had warned us about them, and told us, that they were not “real”…….As an Aviator in the US Army, after a UFO incident, we got THE Briefing and saw the film….

    1. wow, that is interesting that
      wow, that is interesting that the military “warned” you about them! I think Anne should be interviewing you. I read Al Bender’s book. It was very strange!

  2. Listening to this interview
    Listening to this interview two thoughts come to mind. The first deals with the subject of credibility. The UFO phenomenon walks the fine line between being In-credible and becoming TOO credible. I wonder if the implants are one method of maintaining that balancing act. Could it be that Whitley’s implant was put there to fine-tune his credibility. The placing of that object, which most likely was put there by humans, was intended to add more plausibility to his reported experiences. Implants are just physical enough to be verifiable but their nature and function is unsettling to contemplate.

    I also wonder about a third group in people involved in this phenomenon. The first two groups are well-known, the Experiencers and and the Deny-ers. But there is a third group that seems to have been overlooked. I include myself in this third group.

    What about the people who have NEVER had any strange experiences at all but can’t seem to put aside our fascination with this subject. The UFO subject has been something I have struggled and ruminated over for as long as I can remember. Yet I have had no personal involvement whatsoever. At times it seems more real and plausible to me than any other subject I have studied.

    Rationally this doesn’t add up, but I never have been able to come to terms with the questions and the deep feelings I have about UFOs. There seems to be a spectrum of individuals’ ability to interact with these beings. Some are readily accessible to them and others not so much. I believe there is a program of acclimatization that when achieved will someday include us all.

    1. I’m with you, Cyan: a
      I’m with you, Cyan: a believer with no personal experience of what I believe in. Now how’s that as an illustration of faith?

      But I also believe, no, I know … that we can be aware of things on a deeper level without any conscious understanding or experience of those things. It is only when that awareness is somehow confirmed that we recognise what we know in the first place – – an Aha! moment in which we declare to ourselves – But I Knew that!

      I remember that kind of moment in my first class on quantum physics, when over the whole hour of the class, I became more and more excited because so much of what I was hearing kept clicking with me. Since very early childhood, I had felt or intuited that there were other dimensions behind what we know as reality; that our physical world is made up of tiny bits of energy (quanta) that are in continual motion; that the observer always interacts with the observed and so on. It’s the same with alien presence and UFOs.

      As a child, I sometimes had what I call visions, so I knew that there are other levels of being than what we know, so I often toyed with the idea of beings from other planets. My grandfather swore that he had seen a UFO but since he drank heavily, I took that with a grain of salt. But I remember reading Communion when it first came out, and aside from the terror that arose in me, and the intense skepticism with which I responded intellectually to it, I felt a profound sense of Yes: that this really happened. I had heard before that of a famous case of the abducted couple, which, as a true skeptic, I put down to a shared psychic event possibly triggered by a shared fearfulness, but there was something in the Communion book that was more convincing — not necessarily the speculation about what had happened but the happenings themselves.

      Another thing that I felt back then, and have ever since, is something Whitley raised in this interview: that what is experienced in these encounters may be quite different to what is actually occurring. It was like with my visions: those that I had experienced as personally threatening or ominous eventually proved (to me, at least) to be partially due to a sensitivity to the energetic imprints of intense past events and those who participated in them, and often had nothing to do with me. I was just ‘seeing’ those energy imprints on space-time.

      Which leaves me thinking that part of the terror accompanying abduction and contact experiences might be due to the energy of fear that seems to be so prevalent on this planet, and the imprint of all those horror stories such a War of the Worlds. Part, of course, can be attributed to the body’s understandable and very natural recoil from the totally unrecognisable or inconvcievable.

      Of course, this answers nothing, but I wanted to share my thought that one does not have to directly experience a phenomenon to sense something genuine and meaningful in it, and it is so heartwarming to know that there a millions of others who are open to these possibilities, not gullible and willing to accept everything but comes along, but ready and able to discern the truth when it makes itself known.

      That’s why I am so grateful to be part of this community where I can read about people’s own experiences and gain new insights on the alien presence phenomenon. It’s an education in itself.

    2. Thank you Cyan_Aura for
      Thank you Cyan_Aura for bringing this up. I, too, have had much the same thoughts as yours throughout my life. I am now in my seventies and can count on both hands the number of times that I have witnessed (at a distance) strange phenomena either visually in the sky, on radar or coming out of the water (US NAVY).

      Like you, I have had no direct contact with these phenomena, yet, something compels me to be fascinated by them.

      Now, I have heard that there are millions of us “non-contactees” walking around who are, actually, “contactees” but just don’t remember such. That got me to wondering about the criteria used by the (visitors?) when choosing their (victims?)? Why is it that some remember the experience vividly (as Whitley) while others don’t (that is assuming they have, indeed, had an experience(s))? And if we un-included, so to speak, are, in fact, not chosen, then, why?

      I have come to the conclusion that mankind has not the remotest conception of the reality through which he blindly stumbles.
      The idea of the “non-locality” of matter, for example, is just one of the conundrums that baffle the most intelligent of minds.

      And thank you Whitley for airing this show.

    3. Hey Cyan_Aura — a parallel
      Hey Cyan_Aura — a parallel experience: I just moved to Prescott, AZ. About a year ago. The locals all talk about wild pigs, javelinas, wandering the streets and digging up bulbs in gardens, trampling stuff down. As I came from remotest Colorado, I thought this was a bit preposterous for my new, civilized town. But all those guys kept on talking about ’em. And then one day, broad daylight, 1 pm, I’m out walking my neighborhood, and sure enough…

  3. I think the title of the
    I think the title of the book, ‘The UFO Singularity’ is great—a phenomenon where the basic ‘laws’ of the physics do not apply. You can also take this a step further and include the’ mind and consciousness singularity’. UFOs and consciousness are inextricably entwined.

    Micah has an exceptional mind and intellectual maturity beyond his years…And I might add that I have never heard anyone so quick on his feet in answering questions and expressing himself on the fly! Wow.

  4. Cyan,
    If you view a lot what

    If you view a lot what is going on with UFOs as some kind of experiment, try thinking about how human researchers test on living things. There is usually a group that are actively part of the experiment (for instance, drugs, vaccines, or psychological research, etc.). There is also another group, known as the ‘control group’. I feel that many people, such as you, are part of that control group. You were selected to be a member of this group, just as human researchers select members of the control group for say, a new vaccine. You ARE part of the experiment, just not getting the full-blown experience. You may be being observed on your thoughts and actions on what YOU are observing and how it affects your consciousness.

    I would not be surprised if, at some point, you do become an active experiencer, depending on your own reactions and understanding of being, as you call it, the “third group”. I used to be in your group. I also have always felt ‘observed’ since I was a little kid, and not really in a paranoid way, but just aware of it. I have had strange experiences most of my life and also studied UFOs all the way back to when I was about 12 years old, but I honestly think that real contact for me began after I read ‘Communion’ way back in 1987. It kind of blew the lid off, so to speak. When I read ‘Communion’, I was of the same mind as Whitley, in that I wasn’t so sure that he was experiencing contact with the traditional aliens from another planet. I did feel a deep compassion for him, and also remember knowing that something happened to him, but not being sure exactly what it was that happened to him in that cabin up in the wilds of New York state.

    There was, however, a deep (very deep) familiarity with his experiences. You ARE part of this.

  5. It’s guests like this,
    It’s guests like this, brilliant speculators, wonderers, curious seekers, willing thinkers, that help us evolve ourselves. Notice there were very few definitive declarations or answers about what the UFO phenomena is all about in these interviews because that would shut down the creative process of intellectual/ conceptual growth. As we allow these experiences then look for their origins and meanings we shape our reality. That is the gift of mystery for those of us who follow our curiosity. I do love to follow the scent of a good mystery and interviews like this are quite exciting. Great guest.

  6. @Lisa A: Lisa, they did not
    @Lisa A: Lisa, they did not warn everyone, just those who actually saw or experienced some encounter. They made me take a 7 year oath not to discuss this, and that was in 1968, so I feel free to mention this….I think that now, the military has a good idea what is going on, and there is no chance they are going to tell the rest of us…….As for Bender, his pal, with whom I worked, was still traumatized in 1974 from whatever took place in the mid 50’s with the MIB…He never told me the whole story, but he did tell me that his friend Al, seemed to attract this sort of thing, and transmit the the experience to others..

  7. @Lisa A: Lisa, they did not
    @Lisa A: Lisa, they did not warn everyone, just those who actually saw or experienced some encounter. They made me take a 7 year oath not to discuss this, and that was in 1968, so I feel free to mention this….I think that now, the military has a good idea what is going on, and there is no chance they are going to tell the rest of us…….As for Bender, his pal, with whom I worked, was still traumatized in 1974 from whatever took place in the mid 50’s with the MIB…He never told me the whole story, but he did tell me that his friend Al, seemed to attract this sort of thing, and transmit the the experience to others..

  8. It’s authors like this that
    It’s authors like this that give me hope. I would go so far as to even suggest he suspend some of his current more conventional ideas he expressed about the nature of physics towards the beginning to help expand ourselves even further, explore the works of Victor Schauberger and Walter Russel with the thoroughness you put into everything else and come back soon for another interview on those subjects…and we’ll all just totally kick some serious paradigm-shifting ass.

    Also VERY grateful Stephen Hawking was “called out” a bit in this interview. I’m no physicist…I can barely even spel it…but when I’ve read some parts of his works I was sorely disappointed at his hugely closed (oxymoron?) mind. Very disappointed. No one calls him on it because of who he is; it’s considered an absolute no-no to speak up about him and say “you perpetuate ideas that are clearly a part of the ‘program’ in place, with a bias that in turn minimizes the quality of the rest of your work.” I’d go so far as to suggest he aids an agenda. We need to put aside what we can appreciate about him and his accomplishments but call him out on some of the absolutely ridiculous viewpoints he has expressed as an alleged scholar (how/why is a closed mind EVER tolerated in academia? Are we brainWASHING, or brainEXPANDING?!?)

    It’s time to put that crap behind (pun?) and move forward. There are so many closed minds, such hate and ignorance building up on this planet now that some loudmouths need to step up and throw some rusted wrenches into the outdated machine. The endless and obvious bull shit has to stop. Never stop asking questions, always challenge authority, listen, learn, move forward or friggin LEAVE. The middle ages are long past and the thickness of stagnation is suffocating, pissing us all off.

    (Stepped off soapbox)

  9. this blows-just got a
    this blows-just got a subscription and am now realising the sound quality on the subscriber downloads are generally shit&they’re chock a block with ads! please correct this

  10. interesting to think about
    interesting to think about the idea that “red & green” are generally lights used on all boats and aircraft… (also buoys) yet majority of pilots/ship captains are men and while colorblindness is rare (and ONLY in men), it’s usually a red/green phenom and so why not use diff color navigation lights? Hm.

  11. Whitley (FYI, I just renewed
    Whitley (FYI, I just renewed for the umpteenth time 🙂 ) – Excellent program(s) – I wonder though, as humans we seem to be stuck in this flow of linear time…. but what if time is not linear – and if it isn’t linear how does it behave? When you have had your time jumps, were they jumps or “rents or tears” in a fabric as it were??? We look at a clock and see its hands moving… in a linear fashion….. but what are we seeing? is that a passing of linear time? This is like looking into a kaleidoscope, as is the entire phenomena – I was terrified by the visitors many years ago…… but again… was it many years ago??. I just have no answers in my own mind……. but we must never ever stop trying. Peace…..

  12. I guess the strongest feeling
    I guess the strongest feeling I get about this is that we humans have a lot more invested in this than we admit to ourselves. As addicted to this phenomenon (and it certainly feels like an addiction) as I find myself I am also convinced the Visitors are also addicted for their part.

    Then why don’t they just manifest? Well, I am convinced it is because it is dangerous for them to do so –for them and us. Hasn’t Whitley said he felt a great deal of fear coming from the Visitors at times? If we are entering a new level of awareness as a planet, are we/they ready?

    Maybe they don’t want to play the part of UFOnauts abducting people for genetic experiments any more than we relish the idea of being yanked out of bed at night and put on an examining table in some space ship. Perhaps that’s the best scenario that can be played out given the abilities of the players. In this world of archetypes, metaphors become actualized and there are incompatibilities at work; both parties are talking past each other so to speak. When we as a species interface with these new potentialities extreme care must be taken.

    To me this explains the bizarre and ludicrous behavior of governments. They realize they can’t defeat it, (such a concept doesn’t even apply here) and they can’t make it go away (it’s a part of us!). I think it’s like a kid who is sat down in the cockpit of a fighter jet. Such awesome power and possibilities but how to survive the learning curve?

  13. I am another who is probably
    I am another who is probably a low-level or control contactee.

    I have no sightings, no missing time, no obvious screen memories. What I do have, shared with Cyan_Aura and others, is a fascination with the UFO phenonmenon going back decades, to at least my teens. The publication of Communion (and this website) have intensified that interest.

    I have, in addition, a long history of intriguing dreams. Recurring lucid dreams of flying past the stars, in my astral body. Sometimes, but not always, with the definite sense of heading for a destination, and sometimes, but not always, with the awareness of being in the presence of other entities/consciousnesses. I never see them, however, or communicate with them. I’ve also had many dreams — normal dreams, not lucid ones — of seeing UFOs in the sky. In some of these dreams I am frightened, though never to the point of panic; in others, I feel instead an intense curiosity; in yet others, a sense of exultant expectation. Only once (a few weeks or months before Whitley had a strikingly similar dream, recounted in his Journal entry of January 17, 2013), has a UFO landed in one of my dreams.

    I was standing in a large field, along with with many other people, none of whom I knew. UFOs were in the sky, being pursued by terrestrial aircraft. Many people were frightened. I was not. Then, in the “irrational” manner of dreams, most of the people disappeared, as did the military aircraft. A smallish UFO landed. Several human-looking beings exited the craft. I don’t remember details of their appearance, such as dress, sex or racial characteristics. Without trepidation or hesitation, I and the handful of people I was with approached the visitors. Very unlike my retiring real-life behavior, but within the dream, it all seemed very natural. I shook hands with one of the visitor. That is all I remember of the dream.

    And once, following an intense meditation asking for contact, I dreamed, or experienced in the hypnagogic state, someone standing by my bedside and holding my hand.

    All quite mundane, compared to the intense experiences of so many on this site.

    I’m in Whitley’s meditation group, btw, and have experienced from those attempts at contact nothing beyond the routine relaxation which typically accompanies meditation.

    In any case, I suspect I’ve been contacted in the dream state. That may well be the case for others with no
    conscious memories of contact.

  14. I’ve always been interested
    I’ve always been interested in psychics and science fiction.
    Up until the internet, I didn’t realize the scoop of UFO’s and their relevance.
    Now I do.

    Personally I’ve been remote viewed by a grey and a reptilian.

    Not pleasant experiences.
    And I can remote view UFO’s as well. Accidentally. I mean I don’t intentionally go looking (any more) for them. So…we do live in a very active universe.

    But we don’t actually need to know about these other beings. I feel that is why we usually remain unconscious to their existences.

    We are here to evolve ourselves. That is my priority.

    To each their own.

  15. I’ve been hearing lately that
    I’ve been hearing lately that researchers believe that parts of our minds are actually dreaming all the time. Even while we are awake. When we relax and begin to fall asleep possibly we are de-tuning our awareness from this reality and begin to perceive other kinds.

    I know personally that for me the hypnogogic state is very active and becoming more so with time. One thing I’ve noticed is the frenetic activity that becomes apparent. Whatever is going on in my subconscious is happening at great speed and I definitely have the feeling that time is running out. There are others there, (I have to believe they are parts of my own mind for sanity’s sake) but their activity is extremely busy and highly mission oriented. Almost like they see me as a distraction to their purpose. Once I had the impression while half asleep that someone had come into my room and was searching for something. It sounded like they were trashing the place! Racing around nonstop ransacking everything. I tried to speak but I couldn’t make out what they were saying but definitely they were too busy to talk.

    I never could get into meditation, but if anyone has any ideas about how to explore this hypnogogic state I would love to hear them!

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