Scientists have discovered the first known material that is capable of remembering previous external stimuli—the first known memory material—despite not having an apparent mechanism that would be able to store any information. The discovery could be used as an alternative to silicon for use in powerful data processing and storageread more

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Hypnosis. What is it doing? What is it not doing? What else is it like? These questions are but a few, for certified hypnosis practitioner James Hazlerig, in this episode host Jeremy Vaeni names as one of his favorites.

Throughout human history, many unfortunate individuals have fallen victim to crippling phobias, from natural fears such as arachnophobia, to fears acquired from traumatic events, leading to PTSD. These conditions can take sometimes years, even lifetimes to cure, and some individuals never truly overcome their phobias. However, a new therapy that re-writes the memories associated with these fears can cure an individual of their phobia — in roughly two minutes.
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It seems that it’s not just physical traits that are inheritable. Now scientists are finding evidence that learned behaviors and even phobias can be passed down through the generations via chemical changes in the DNA.
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