Dr. John Brandenburg on the horrendous and violent past of our sister planet Mars. Was Mars murdered in an atomic holocaust millions of years ago? The evidence will horrify you.

John Brandenburg and Whitley Strieber have a long association, going back to the earliest days of study of the Mars face. Listen as John tells of findings that JPL and NASA simply will not face–and explains the science that supports his startling claims.

If John is right–and the evidence is very powerful–then we don’t understand our past at all, and remain in ignorance at our peril.
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The question of whether life ever existed on Mars has inspired scientists – and songwriters – for decades. The Red Planet is currently an arid, icy desert where no sign of life remains, but was it always this way?

It is widely recognised that living entities have three basic requirements: standing water, an energy source and the five chemical elements, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorus and nitrogen. Then a very long time for the chemical soup to stew. The rover Curiosity has found evidence of all three in certain areas of Mars, namely the Gale Crater, but were these available for long enough for life to develop?
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NASA scientists have allegedly been working tirelessly for years in order to establish the possibility of finding any form of life on the planet Mars.

To date, they assert that no definitive evidence has been found, despite recent reports which suggest that the planet hosts a plentiful water source. But a recent image snapped by the Opportunity rover earlier this year has elevated the topic into a cause celebre amongst scientists in this field of research.

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The concept has provided ample inspiration for scientists, science-fiction writers, poets and musicians, but the possibility of "Life on Mars" may soon become a reality because the first manned mission from Earth to the Red Planet is allegedly just a few short years away. Mars One is a Dutch non-profit foundation assembled with the sole purpose of sending the first human visitors to Martian soil.

In April 2013, it announced its aspirations to establish the first human colony on the Red Planet by 2025. Its team comprises an impressive array of scientists, academics, and business leaders who are all combining their skills to make their vision into a reality.
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