Only about half the meat and poultry that was recalled in the U.S. because of suspected health hazards between 1998 and 2002 was actually recovered by the manufacturers. This is especially worrisome now that Mad Cow Disease has been discovered here. Researcher Neal Hooker says, “Manufacturers should have a better success rate, but they don’t.”

New regulations went into effect between 1998 and 2000, so when Hooker examined the latest recall records, he says, “I was hoping we would see that the more hazardous cases?would be more quickly acted upon and have higher recovery rates. But the answer was no.
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Dave Louthan, who has been interviewed on Dreamland and mentioned in our newsletter several times, is an authentic hero who caught the USDA in a lie and forced them to start inspecting many more cattle for Mad Cow Disease. Now he needs our help. We’ve sent him a check. Please read his letter and consider doing the same.

“Hi, my name is Dave Louthan. I’m the killer of the mad cow. I’m also the USDA’s worst nightmare. They started lying the second that the word of a positive BSE test slipped out. I started contradicting them one minute later. I have blown their ‘based on science’ lies right out of the water.
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Scott Kilman reports in the Wall Street Journal that the USDA will not allow individual meat packers to test their own meat, because it may imply that the beef missed during random testing by the U.S. government is not safe. Consumer Susan Brownawell says, “This is ridiculous. If people want to have their beef tested, they should be able to. Isn’t this how the free market works?”
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Dave Louthan, the man who slaughtered the cow in Washington State that started the Mad Cow madness, has a chilling update for us.

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