Science has always assumed that interstellar travel is impossible, but two separate studies in Physics Review D suggest that traversable wormholes may be more than science fiction. If so, then aliens probably ARE here and may indeed have been here for a long time. If so, then the real historyread more

Kathleen McGowen is a master of legends and their meaning. You can see her work on episode three of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and here she talks about something we all need to hear more about: the fact that 2012 is an exciting and positive period of change, not the dire upheaval that is so beloved of the media and the internet.

This is a period during which people have an enhanced opportunity to awaken, and Kathleen has powerful ideas about just how to do that. She explains how to access the lost senses that the ancient world knew, understood and used.

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Kathleen McGowan is the author of the mega-bestseller The Expected One. She started a new life when she had a vision of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem. Mary said, “You must help me,” and then and there, her life was changed, and she started on one of the great spiritual journeys of modern times.

She says, “what matters is not the bloodline but the spirit line,” and goes on to explain to us exactly what that means. There follows an amazing discussion of the possible contents of the lost gospel that was written by Jesus himself in his own hand, and Kathleen’s effort to find its truth in the documents that remain.
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