Will the Obama administration finally usher in national health insurance? We need to bridge the health gap between the rich and the poor?but when it comes to insurance, we ALL feel poor! A new study shows us that we may not get the insurance we all hope for.

A study involving health care systems in 21 countries?and the prospects for change in response to such common pressures as rising costs and aging populations?casts doubt on this kind of major overhaul because of our history and traditions.
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Grow your own! – Surgeons in Spain have transplanted a windpipe in a patient that was created using her own stem cells. Since there is no chance of rejection, she will have no need to anti-rejection drugs.

In BBC News, Michelle Roberts quotes the patient’s surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini, as saying, “We are terribly excited by these results. She is enjoying a normal life, which for us clinicians is the most beautiful gift.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

Unknowncountry.com is growing: despite the fact that we have no advertising on other media, we have 60% more readers and listeners than we did a year ago?through word-of-mouth alone. Now if only more of you would support us, there’s a chance we might still be here tomorrow!
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…and between blacks & whites – We know that the reason blacks get sicker than whites can be partially traced to environment. So maybe we ought to improve their environments!

Scottish researchers have discovered that just a small amount of greenery?trees, bushes and flowers?planted around places where poor people live, can improve their health. Small parks dotted around inside big cities can provide the same function.
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A year ago, we posted an article about why Asians get so old and wise (their secret? Green tea!) Now we?ve discovered the secret that keeps so many Italians going strong in old age?

Researchers have discovered that drinking more than three glasses of red wine a week significantly reduces the risk of colon cancer. Dr. Joseph C. Anderson compared the drinking habits of 360 red and white wine drinkers with similar lifestyles and found that red wine dramatically reduced the risk of colon cancer by 68%, but white wine did not.
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