Despite so many medical breakthroughs, increased life expectancy in the United States has NOT been accompanied by more years of perfect health. A 20-year-old today can expect to live one less healthy year over his or her lifespan than a 20-year-old a decade ago, even though life expectancy has grown. (Maybe we need more hands-on healing! NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these interviews).

From 1970 to 2005, the probability of a 65-year-old surviving to age 85 doubled, from about a 20% chance to a 40% chance. Many researchers presumed that the same forces allowing people to live longer, including better health behaviors and medical advances, would also delay the onset of disease and allow people to spend fewer years of their lives with debilitating illness. But new research shows that the period of life spent with serious disease or loss of functional mobility has actually INCREASED in the last few decades.

Gerontologist Eileen Crimmins says, "We have always assumed that each generation will be healthier and longer lived than the prior one. However, there is substantial evidence that we have done little to date to eliminate or delay disease while we have prevented death from diseases. At the same time, there have been substantial increases in the incidences of certain chronic diseases, specifically, diabetes.

Could some of this be do to the cold, clinical atmosphere of today’s hospitals? Researcher Eddie Lopez says, "Every hospital resident, intern and medical student who interacts with patients needs to learn to put aside their personal ‘baggage’ based on their own life experiences." It’s the same “active listening training” taught in continuing education courses for seminarians and clergy, and has nothing to do with religion.

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