A four hour 2-week Dreamland extravaganza. The show is posted in full for both subscribers and non-subscribers. This is a huge program covering many topics. It is divided into two parts and all the guests appear at the times listed below.

If you are using a mobile device with 16GB or less, you may not be able to download or listen to the whole show without the stream stopping or the download freezing. If so, try downloading through an app such as Filer or go to our YouTube channel, Youtube.com/user/wstrieber and listen from there. On YouTube, the show is divided into 2 parts. Here it is presented as a single program.
Guest Start Times:

1ST HALF OF SHOW: 0:00:00

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Have you ever had an experience of mediumship? In this discussion, Whitley Strieber tells Dr. Gary Schwartz of his only experience with it, and they discuss just how it actually works, and how to tell the difference between a real experience of spirit communication and one’s imagination. In this wide-ranging conversation, they also discuss the strange buisness of Ouija Boards, and Whitley describes a remarkable psychic he once knew who used it in a unique and powerful way. But when she stopped using the Ouija Board in her special way, she ceased to be a psychic.
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Prior to the interview with Dr Gary Schwartz, Linda Moulton Howe has an update on the tremendous green fireball seen over the US southwest on the night of September 14. Then Marla Frees takes us into Dr. Gary Schwartz’s laboratory and we eplore the sacred promise. Is spirit really there? What can science tell us? Can science show that they’re really there? If so, do we matter to them?

Dr. Schwartz candidly discusses the challenges as well as the rewards of connecting with Spirit. He poses several important questions.read more