Artificial intelligence developer DeepMind has produced an AI program that can best any human — and any game-playing program, for that matter — in a number of classic board games. This new AI, called AlphaZero, is based on an earlier program called AlphaGo, the AI that defeated Go champion Lee Sedol in 2016, but is now proficient in the games of chess, Go, and shogi. But unlike its Go-dominating predecessor, of which required extensive programming to achieve its successes, AlphaZero wasn’t programmed in its mastery of the three classic games; instead, it taught itself.
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Card players, plan ahead: A new study of online poker seems shows that the more hands players win, the less money they’re likely to collect. If this doesn’t seem to make sense, keep reading.

Sociologist Kyle Siler, who analyzed 27 million online poker hands, says the reason is that the multiple wins are usually for small stakes, and the more you play, the more likely you will eventually lose due to an occasional big loss. quotes Siler is quoted as saying that his discovery “coincides with observations in behavioral economics that people overweigh their frequent small gains vis-

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