Frank Feschino returns to talk about a document from the Project Bluebook special investigations file involving a case that was identified as a hoax, but which, according to Frank’s research, is anything but. Here, he carefully takes us through exhaustive research that basically proves that the whole Braxton County Monster case not only happened, but was documented to have happened in official records that were not kept secret, but buried and neglected. Frank has reconstructed the true story from those documents. 

This interview contains some of the most compelling descriptions of UFO activity, conflict with UFOs and aliens that we have ever presented on this program.

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This week, we present the first of two special interviews with Frank Feschino. Here Frank tells us about the results of his interviews with direct witnesses to a UFO landing that took place in West Virginia during the enormous September 1952 event. You will hear his careful description of a 17 mile flight by a crippled UFO that then came to rest in a small town. The next night a couple from New York with an 18 month old baby had a terrifying and bizarre encounter near Frametown, West Virginia.
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At a time when even some UFO groups are declaring that UFOs don’t exist, we return to an event that the powers that be would prefer you forget–history’s most incredible UFO event. On September 12, 1952, shocked American citizens contacted the Pentagon, military authorities, police stations, CIA officials and the media to report UFOs passing over and landing throughout the eastern US. During 12 hours of sustained UFO activity, several objects, including some that were damaged and landed, penetrated US airspace and were attacked by US Air Force fighters.

What happened next is one of the greatest of all UFO cases. This must never, ever be forgotten. One day, the truth about this mystery WILL be made more