New listener "Dalen Wade" originally contacted host Jeremy Vaeni with questions about the possible nature of fear in high strangeness experiences. When Jeremy asked him to be a guest on the show, he wasn’t certain that he had enough experiences to warrant it.

Recently I had a very frightening experience with the visitors. It was intentionally induced by them and led to them backing off from a relationship that has recently become very much closer and is the treasure of my life. I was bereft, but this time I was not left in the dark about why I had reacted with such fear to what they did, or what their motives were. The reason is that I have Anne on the other side, and she offered what I believe to be an insight into the situation that is of fundamental importance.

We’ve asked a lot of questions about the connection between fear and Visitor phenomena these past few weeks. This week, we’ll hear from Lee, a lifelong experiencer who confronted his fears and actually spent a night alone in the woods near Whitley’s old cabin in Upstate NY until he got what he came for: freedom from fear.

Fear triggers adrenaline, which alters our perception, slowing time and hyper-concentrating our focus. Is fear being used to open us to other dimensions where we can experience and interact with beings in these realms? That is the hypothesis of this week’s guest, Velvet. And as deeply insightful as that question is, the questions don’t end there.

The Experience will be on hiatus next week.