Senator Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy introduced a bill yesterday that is designed to place controls over intelligence agency snooping without compromising security. The 72-page bill combines parts of proposals from other senators who have long sought to control the extended government reach that comes from provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the Patriot Act. But can it pass both Senate and House to become law? Unknowncountry sources on Capitol Hill tell us that the bill has some chance of passing the Senate, but in an amended form. There would be further softening needed to get it through the House of Representatives.
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Michael Hastings, a contributor to Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed, died on Tuesday morning in a fiery automobile accident in Los Angeles at the age of 33. The engine of the 2013 Mercedes he was driving was found a hundred feet from the burned out ruin of the car itself. When the accident took place, local residents thought a bomb had exploded. The Los Angeles Police Department immediately ruled out foul play. In a Tweet, the Wikileaks organization said, "Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him."

He is best known for his 2010 Rolling Stone profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, then commander of US Military forces in more

The FBI received so many reports of UFO sightings in the 1940s that they destroyed thousands of them, saying they contained "nothing of FBI interest," due to lack of space in their filing cabinets. This information was recently released on the FBI data base called The Vault. Besides the memo about the Roswell Incident, Hoover received another memo in 1949 about a sighting in Salt Lake more

Anthrax-making equipment found in a pond in Maryland, bioweapons buried at nearby Fort Detrick?the FBI has been on a lot of treasure hunts lately. Now Pierre Thomas and Risa Molitz reveal in an exclusive that the government is digging for 10,000 pages of documents, slides and videos that they think former Air Force intelligence officer Brian Regan, who spied for Saddam Hussein, buried in undisclosed locations in the D.C. area.

Regan was convicted in February of attempted espionage for Iraq and China. He was spared the death penalty after a jury concluded he did not provide Iraq with information about nuclear weapons, military satellites or war plans.
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