The discovery of a cluster of 12 genetically related children diagnosed with autism has renewed questions into the role DNA plays in causing autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. The children in question are all related through a common sperm donor that provided reproductive material to numerous sperm banks, resulting inread more

For decades, misbehaving students in our culture could expect to be sent to detention, a form of punishment that is meant to discipline the unruly child: a practice that sometimes works, and sometimes does not. But one elementary school in Maryland saw that a form of negative punishment might not necessarily be the best approach to correcting negative behavior in young children, and instead sends its pint-sized perpetrators to a special meditation class instead.
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Past studies have shown "college is the great equalizer" in the labor market, dampening social class differences. But the same can’t be said for the marriage market: Social and cultural factors, not just income, are central to marriage more