Almost half of all marriages end in divorce–is there anything that can be done about this?

Researchers have come up with an incredible idea: A new kind of "love drug" that can heal wounded relationships. It will in the form an inhaler and be prescribed by a relationship counselor. You’d sniff it in the presence of your loved one and, as the chemical entered your bloodstream, it would strengthen your bond.

Such a drug would contain doses of two structurally similar hormones: oxytocin and vasopressin. Scientists know this because of the study of voles: Prairie voles tend to be monogamous while their cousins, the mountain voles, are usually not. This contrast makes them valuable subjects for research.
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Some people say marriage makes you fat, while others say it trims you down. It turns out BOTH are right.

According to a new study, both marriage and divorce can act as "weight shocks," leading people to add a few extra pounds– especially among those over age 30.

But when it comes to large weight gains, the effects of marital transitions are quite different for men than they are for women. For men, the risk of a large weight gain increased most prominently after a divorce. But for women, the risk of a large weight gain was most likely after marriage.
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