If you went blind, you?d still be able to unconsciously make your way across a cluttered room without bumping into anything. You’ve experienced this kind of blindsight if you’ve ever reflexively reached for a ball suddenly thrown at you. It?s made possible by a primitive visual pathway that controls behavior without conscious vision.

In Discover magazine, Eric Haseltine has created a way you can discover your blindsight. Click on the link below to see a picture of a group of coins. When you open your hand as if you were about to pick up one of the silver dollars, you automatically open your fingers wider than when you had reach for one of the dimes.
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Black and white words on a page, as well as the sounds of words or numbers being spoken, turn into colors in the mind of a middle-aged man. ?Two? is blue and ?traffic? is both blue and brown. He has synesthesia ? an altered state of perception in which printed words and numbers seem to burst with color, flavors take on shapes and the spoken language turns into a mental rainbow. For people with synesthesia, a printed page is never black and white ? it?s red, orange, blue, beige, pink and green.

?This is an alternate perception,? says Thomas Palmeri, a Vanderbilt University psychologist. ?He is normal ? a highly successful, intelligent man ? and he suffers no problems from this unique wiring of the brain.?
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See if you can figure out how this was done–it’s a mystery to us. click here.

Here’s another mystery–how did they do it? To see for yourself,click here.

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Test your brain power by taking the following tests and evaluating your results against others who have tested themselves as well. Find out if you have psychic or remote viewing abilities and see if you have a chance to win the lottery.

Card Test: This test is similar to the classic ESP card test, popularized from the 1930s to 1960s by Professor J.B. Rhine. You are shown the backs of 5 cards and asked to select one of them by clicking on the card. After the click, a card is selected at random and shown to you. Because the random selection is made after your click, this is a precognition test.
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