Test your brain power by taking the following tests and evaluating your results against others who have tested themselves as well. Find out if you have psychic or remote viewing abilities and see if you have a chance to win the lottery.

Card Test: This test is similar to the classic ESP card test, popularized from the 1930s to 1960s by Professor J.B. Rhine. You are shown the backs of 5 cards and asked to select one of them by clicking on the card. After the click, a card is selected at random and shown to you. Because the random selection is made after your click, this is a precognition test.

Sequential Card Test: You keep guessing until you find the ?hidden? card. The target card is randomly selected when you start each trial, and it is not changed until you hit the target.

Remote Viewing Test: This test explores how well you can describe a photograph you see a few minutes in your future. The photo you?ll describe will be randomly selected from a large pool of possible pictures.

Location Test: This explores whether you can sense the ?right location? on a map.You click on a blank blue square and try to guess where the computer will randomly put a target. Lottery Test: The California Lottery has a twice weekly drawing known as SuperLotto Plus. You try to guess of what numbers will be selected in the next drawing by choosing five numbers from the range 1-47 and one ?Mega? number from 1-27 (you don?t actually win any money unless you also send in the numbers to the lottery).

To find out how the pros do it, read ?Remote Viewing Secrets? by Joe McMoneagle,click here.

To try the tests,click here.

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