Seven months after the Malaysian airline flight 370 went missing without a trace, the mystery surrounding its disappearance is no closer to being solved.

Until now, the most widely-held belief is that some sort of incident occurred onboard, causing the plane to be placed on autopilot until it finally crashed into the Indian Ocean, but this theory has now been dismissed by the boss of Emirates Airlines, Sir Tim Clark, who has said he thinks it extremely unlikely that the plane was lost in this way.
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Some sources in the world’s media are reporting the chilling news that jihadists have stolen several commercial airliners.

With the anniversary of one of the world’s worst terrorist attacks looming on September 11th, itself involving the use of stolen airplanes, the possibility of the planes being used as part of a new and equally devastating terror attack is thought to be possible.
Eleven aircraft reportedly went missing from Tripoli International Airport, which has been closed since mid-July, as fighting broke out between militia groups. Mohamed Frikha, CEO of the Tunisian airline company Syphax, told Tunisia’s Shems FM Radio that two Airbus-A320 aircraft belonging to the Libyan company Ifriqiya were also missing from Misratah.
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If you’re flying during the holiday season, this is something you should know. And it doesn’t just apply to tourists: As more women travel for business, these differences are being noticed by both airlines and hotels. While men still outnumber women frequent fliers, it’s getting close to half and half.

Men complain that women pack too much. She likes to check her bag, while he likes to carry his on. While bags are x-rayed (and sometimes searched), whether they are checked or not, women might like the idea that in a checked bag, no TSA agent is likely to confiscate her expensive cosmetic carryons.
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