In a letter to House and Senate leaders today, President Bush stated that the US would deploy ground forces in connection with the war on terrorism. He added, in an interview after the letter was sent, “Whether or not we are going to put troops on the ground (in Afghanistan), I’m not going to tell you.”

British Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon was somewhat more forthcoming. “As far as any ground operations are concerned, clearly we are preparing plans to allow us to look at that as an option,” he said on Tuesday.
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President George W. Bush made another agonizing decision today. The Taliban said that the eight Christian aid workers who have been held as hostages would be freed if the US ceased to threaten their government with military action.

Mr. Bush made the decision to leave the eight to their fate by repeating the the US would not negotiate with the Taliban. He abandoned these people to possible martyrdom, on behalf of the greater good.

The Eight must be feeling terribly alone right now. They entered Afghanistan out of Christian love, and now may have to give their lives for their beliefs. It is to be hoped that they have the prayers of all of the people of God in their trial.

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President Bush has announced that air strikes have begun against targets in Afghanistan. Explosions are being heard in Kabul, Kandahar and Jalalabad, and appear to be concentrating on Taliban and al-Qa’ida installations, and communications and power systems.

The electricity was off in most of the country until approximately 10:00PM Sunday Afghan time, when electricity returned in some areas of Kabul.

It is believed that both US and British forces are involved. Military sources are saying that we are ‘going downtown,’ slang for a heavy attack. (Ed. Note: If 40-50 aircraft are all that are in use, the attack is not all that heavy, but rather involves very precise targeting.)
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Diplomatic moves are being made to unite various tribal forces opposed to the Taliban in an effort to topple the regime before any US ground action against Osama bin Laden is undertaken. US air strikes are expected to support efforts by Afghan forces to topple the Taliban.

The Northern Alliance is calling Afghan tribal groups to a Loya Jirga, a rare Afghan national assembly that is convened when important decisions are to be made. It is not expected that the Northern Alliance, which is only slightly less repressive than the Taliban, will form a new national government.
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