Brad Abrahams is a documentary filmmaker and commercial director from Canada, currently based in the USA. We discuss his documentary LOVE AND SAUCERS, the powerful story of  David Huggins, an unassuming 72 year-old who claims to have had a lifetime of encounters with otherworldly beings. At the heart of hisread more

The end of the UFO coverup is the beginning of the next phase of the phenomenon. Initially, there will be resistance to even mentioning the close encounter phenomenon, but gradually this will move to the center of the human colloquy about this unknown presence that is among us. I say "unknown" not "alien" because that is the essential truth of the matter. It is an unknown presence, not a definite alien presence.
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I recently had a late-night experience that had an unusual enough texture to be worth reporting as possibly not a dream, at least not in the ordinary meaning of that word.

I cannot say that it felt entirely physical, but it was unusual enough, and intense enough, for me to wake up the next morning thinking it might have been a contact experience.

It was the third such experience in recent months and, if it was real, then it could be important.
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