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Fracking Now Associated With Widespread Human Hormone Disruption

Fracking, the process of injecting numerous chemicals and millions of gallons of water deep underground under high pressure to fracture hard rock and release trapped natural gas and oil, is a very controversial method of energy extraction which has been associated with many negative side effects. In the United States, it has been found to cause earthquakes, water contamination and a myriad number of health issues.
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By Royal Appointment? Queen’s Speech Sanctions Fracking on Private Land in U.K.

Fracking, the increasingly controversial method of extracting gas from underground reserves, is now getting a boost from a change in trespassing laws in the United Kingdom.

The 2014 Queen’s Speech has announced today that an infrastructure and competitiveness bill will change trespassing laws, allowing shale gas exploration firms to drill on private land without the owner’s permission.
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Scientific Study Confirms Fracking Causes Earthquakes–But Should We Stop?

Geologists have confirmed that the controversial process of fracturing rock to release trapped oil and gas reserves, otherwise known as ‘fracking’, can cause earthquakes. The rock is fractured using highly pressurized ‘injections’ of water, sand and other materials which creates fissures in the rock enabling the extraction of the gas and oil deposits. Chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid are also used to dissolve shale rock.
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