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New Fractal Experiments Support the Idea of Quantum Consciousness

…brain’s neurons, vibrations which interfere, ‘collapse’ and resonate across scale, control neuronal firings, generate consciousness, and connect ultimately to ‘deeper order’ ripples in spacetime geometry,” Dr. Hameroff explained in a 2015…read more

Within the Molecular Structure of COVID-19 Variants Lies the Key to Their Defeat

…while earlier variants of the coronavirus’s spike proteins bound with our cells’ ACE2 receptors decently well, the spikes’ structures were unstable, meaning that a large percentage of them would collapseread more

The Age of Superstorms is Here

…also explains how climate change and pandemics led to uncontrolled mass immigration, the collapse of the Roman Empire and the onset of a dark age that lasted a thousand years…read more

How the American Republic Worked, and Can Work Again

…prevailed. Then, in 1929, demand began to falter and there was an economic collapse. Millions of people who had been living prosperous lives now had nothing to eat. This was…read more

Pulsed Microwave Energy May Be Behind ‘Havana Syndrome’, According To National Academy of Sciences

…symptoms with directional and location-specific features that was distinctive,” and that the individual cases represented a “constellation of clinical features… unlike any disorder in the neurological or general medical literature.”…read more

Selective Secrecy: UFOs & a “Galactic Federation” of Extraterrestrials Referenced in Interview With Former Israeli General

…panic and collapse humanity… the markets will collapse, there will be nothing to eat, people will become cannibals, hospitals will be shut down, all dark passions will come out, it…read more

Chronic COVID-19 Symptoms Haunt “Long-Haulers” Who Had Previously Recovered from the Disease

…as “brain fog” by some patients, are also being reported, as well as hair loss and teeth loss. Mood disorder effects are also being reported, with a recent study having…read more

As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain

…are well-defined networks, made up of nodes (galaxies in the larger, individual neurons in the smaller) that are connected via filaments; neurons and galaxies both have a typical scale radius…read more

Arecibo Observatory’s Iconic Main Dish Is Slated for Demolition

…“currently at risk of an unexpected, uncontrolled collapse,” according to the director of NSF’s Division of Astronomical Sciences, Ralph Gaume. On August 10 one of the 3-inch-thick auxiliary cables that…read more

Earth May Be Passing Through the Debris of Ancient Supernovae

…of iron that shouldn’t even exist on Earth. Born in the fiery collapse of massive stars as they explode into supernovae, iron-60 (⁶⁰Fe) is an unstable isotope of iron that has a…read more

Are We a Designer Species that is Being Genetically Altered RIGHT NOW?

…is the first organized node of contact between mankind and other worlds, and this show is a perfect example of what that means. You can visit Bruce and Daniella on…read more

Of Course We Have to Reopen–but Let’s be Smart about It

…essentially collapse and become unable to provide basic services. Cities and towns across the country are going to lay off essential personnel. Services such as fire protection, police and health…read more

UNSG Calls for a New Green Economy as Part of the World’s Post-Pandemic Economic Restart

…oil prices continue their historic collapse: a combination of oil overproduction in the Russia-Saudi Arabia price war, a sudden plunge in demand due to the worldwide pandemic shutdown, along with…read more

COVID-19: A Possible Way Out

…long and the essentially complete collapse of the job market, this is certainly understandable. At the same time, if we open the economy incorrectly, there is going to be another…read more

Between a Very Hard Rock and a Very Bad Place

…right to fear that an unprecedented collapse of the world economy is at hand. There are so many things wrong already that it is all but unavoidable. Italy, for example,…read more

NASA Finds a New Martian Biosignature—and a Good Place for It to Hole Up In

…it be a sinkhole caused by the collapse of a cave created long ago by an ancient lava flow beneath the surface? Although it won’t be landing anywhere near Gale…read more

GMO Bacteria May Save Honey Bees From CCD

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a novel method of combating one of the suspected causes behind colony collapse disorder (CCD) that has been affecting beehives…read more

Dreaming While Wide Awake: DMT Produces Multiple—Even Contradictory—States in the Brain

…the brainwave patterns of the DMT-dosed volunteers became difficult to predict. “From those readings we found that the signal became incredibly disordered, much more difficult to predict. The amount of…read more

Dimming Supergiants and Strange Gravity Waves: Is Betelgeuse About to Explode?

collapse in on itself in the lead-up to the cosmic explosion, causing it to appear as if it were dimming from our viewpoint on Earth; this is why the star’s…read more

“Autism Cluster” Sparks Renewed Questions in the Role of Genetics in ASD

The discovery of a cluster of 12 genetically related children diagnosed with autism has renewed questions into the role DNA plays in causing autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. The children…read more

Nessie Spotted for the 14th Time This Year… This Time from Hong Kong!

…in Hong Kong,” Yeun said, referring to the long-standing public protest against new extradition measures being imposed on the former British colony by the Chinese government in Beijing. “I have…read more

Increasingly Unstable Antarctic Glaciers may be Reaching their Point of No Return

…(2.4 meters) of sea level rise–glaciers that would be under an increased threat of collapse if Thwaites itself were to slide off into the ocean. “If you have collapsed a…read more

A New Anne’s Diary!

…slow the expansion of the region, and can eventually cause the region to collapse to form galaxies and stars. So look well at the map of the microwave sky. It…read more

Researchers Reverse Time in a Quantum Computer

…concept of entropy, in which isolated systems continually fall into an increasing state of disorder, like the erosion of a mountain into smaller rocks and sand, or the scattering of…read more

Greetings from the Far Side: Chang’e 4 Starts Farming on the Moon, Sends Back Pictures

…to -190°C (-310°F). Chinese scientists still considered this a success, as being able to grow plants on the Moon is an important step in establishing a permanent colony there.…read more

A Huge Chasm has Opened Up Under Antarctica’s Most Important–and Vulnerable–Glacier

…supports a number of neighboring glaciers that would represent an additional 8 feet (2.4 meters) of sea level rise–glaciers that would be under an increased threat of collapse if Thwaites…read more

The Collapse of UFO Secrecy, Week 1 of a 4 Part Series

Collapse of UFO Secrecy, Week 1 of a 4 Part Series To download, right-click the file and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”   Next week. Dr. Scott…read more

2018 UN Climate Summit Sets Out Rules for Combating Global Warming

…Attenborough told the conference. “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon. “The world’s people…read more

The Changing Song of Antarctica’s Ice Reveals its Health to Researchers

collapse the glaciers they were supporting tend to flow rapidly into the ocean, as was the case when the Larsen B ice shelf collapsed in 2002, accelerating sea level rise. …read more

Loving the Needs of Others

…erupted in Nicaragua in 536AD led to the final collapse of the pagan religion and the disintegration of the Roman state in the western Mediterranean, and how all of this relates to…read more

Earth’s Past is Telling Us that Global Warming Might Be Much Worse than We Thought

…data from previous geological periods when Earth’s climate was 0.5°C-2°C warmer than the 19th Century’s pre-industrial average, illustrating that the consequences of runaway global warming could spell the collapse of…read more

Maurice Nicoll’s the Mark: A Journey in Esoteric Christianity

…World War I, of what was then known as shell shock, and is now understood as post-traumatic stress disorder. He was also a member of the Gurdjieff movement. In two…read more

Antarctica’s Ice is Melting Three Times Faster than Before, Putting Northern Coastlines under Increased Threat

…since 2012, up from a pre-2012 annual rate of 53 billion tonnes (58.4 billion tons). Further east, ice shelf collapse on the Antarctic Peninsula has contributed to an increase in…read more

Remembering Art

…of search through the scientific literature to see if any of the claims I remembered him making had any support. To my surprise, I found that the collapse of the…read more

Unknowncountry and Politics

…least informed enough to know that. It is no “tracking device” but rather a node in a breathtakingly sophisticated communications system. To have the use of it is a remarkable…read more

Polar Vortex Split Causes Superstorm-like Winter Havoc in Europe

…Day After Tomorrow”, the 2004 movie based on Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s 1999 book, “The Coming Global Superstorm”. Centered over northern Siberia, the node that descended into the Eastern…read more

The Star that Went Nova — Six Times!

…the core’s collapse converting lighter atomic elements into heavier ones. And in stars with sufficient mass, the collapsed core is left behind as either a neutron star or a black…read more

SpaceX’s Big [Freakin’] Rocket could carry Passengers to the Moon, Mars… and Manchester?

…multi-month trip to Mars, part of Musk’s ambition to found a colony on the Red Planet. But Musk also mused about using the BFR over shorter distances, proposing that SpaceX’s…read more

Antarctica’s Largest Ice Shelf Suffered a Texas-Sized Surface Melt Event

collapse the glaciers they were supporting tend to flow rapidly into the ocean, as was the case when the Larsen B ice shelf collapsed in 2002, accelerating sea level rise. …read more

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Away, a Black Hole was Born from a Failed Supernova

…to hypothesize that a new phenomenon had been observed, called a “failed supernova”. If N6946-BH1’s mass had indeed collapsed onto itself to form a black hole, the collapse might have…read more

A Private Paramilitary Firm was Hired to Infiltrate and Surveil DAPL Protest Groups

…to follow a post-insurgency model after its collapse.” Continuing this combat-oriented mindset, the report continues, “While we can expect to see the continued spread of the anti-DAPL diaspora … aggressive…read more

Ayahuasca, Gateway to the Inner Self…or Another World?

Every day,  more studies are published showing that psychedelic substances and plant medicine like Ayahuasca can have powerful health benefits such as the relief of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder….read more

Superstorm News: New Climate Model Suggests Atlantic Ocean Currents could Fail, Triggering a New Ice Age

…the study’s lead author. “A bias-corrected model puts the AMOC in a realistic stability regime and predicts a future AMOC collapse with prominent cooling over the northern North Atlantic and…read more

Study into the Genetics of Autism Offers New Clues, as well as More Questions

…the genetic signature we found. From there, we hope to be able to diagnose autism earlier.” One unexpected aspect of genes associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is their exceptional…read more

A Baby has been Born with DNA from Three Parents

…because the baby’s mother carries the gene for Leigh syndrome, a neurological disorder that can be fatal to the infant within a few years after birth. Two previous children born…read more

The St. Paul Island Mammoths Nearly Survived into the Bronze Age — But What Finally Drove Them into Extinction?

…end of the Pleistocene, nearly 12,000 years ago. But a number of mammoth species survived for thousands of years into the current era, including a colony of mammoths on Russia’s…read more

Donald Trump

…the personality disorder called narcissism. Such people cannot empathize with the needs of others. Among notably narcissistic leaders we find people like the Roman Emperor Nero, Henry VIII and Adolf…read more

Antarctica’s Largest Glacier Found to be ‘Fundamentally Unstable’ by New Study

…by Greenland and West Antarctica. However, a new study of the Totten Glacier in East Antarctica has shown that the world’s largest volume of ice has collapsed many times in…read more

40 Percent of Earth’s Invertebrate Pollinator Species at Risk of Extinction

While we’re well aware of the ongoing plight of honeybees that are facing colony collapse disorder, and the potential impact on crops that depend on our little apian allies for…read more

Harsh Winter Storm Hits Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

…slowly rebounding from declines seen over recent decades, he estimates that roughly 3 percent of the colony’s 50 million mariposas Monarca succumbed to the storm, the worst the region has…read more

Wild Bees are Less Abundant in Areas Where They are Needed

While there has been a great deal of attention placed on the phenomenon of colony collapse disorder, the bees that are affected by CCD are commercial honeybees, with known populations…read more

US Air Force Textbook on UFOs from 1968: Introductory Space Science- Vol II

…glow. A distinct humming sound was heard, and then the heat struck. One sentry collapsed almost immediately, the other managed to slide to shelter under the heavy cannons where his…read more

Another Climate Study Confirms It: the Superstorm Scenario is Real

…from the south to northern Europe and North America, latitudes that would otherwise be much colder without that current. If that circulation pattern were to collapse, the average global temperature…read more

NASA: “We’re Going to Colonize Mars”

…one year. It involves mission environments in higher orbits, such as in cislunar space. This would place a long-term colony in a strategic spot in the moon’s orbit, using information…read more

24 Hours After Putin Promises to ‘Deconflict’ in Syria, Russia Strikes US Backed Rebels

…two Russian bombers instead struck the positions of moderate anti-Assad forces near Holms. Russia is reacting to the collapse of its Middle East strategy by throwing support behind the tottering…read more

“Superstorm” Scenario Comes Closer as Ocean Currents Weaken

…we have the potential to stop it.” There is substantial evidence, which is detailed in “Superstorm,” that in the past the climate shift that resulted from the collapse of the…read more

Stock Markets Around the World are Crazy. Catherine Austin Fitts Explains Why

…panicking. But should they? Catherine Austin Fitts is back on Dreamland to explain to us what’s really happening. Should we prepare for a worldwide collapse? Are things going to stabilize?…read more

Largest Bird Colony on Florida Gulf Coast Disappears Overnight

Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor of, has a video news update about the unprecedented disappearance from late May to now of an entire colony of nesting birds from…read more

Famed Paleontologist to Create a Dinosaur

…particular part,” Horner says. “We are looking for what kinds of genes actually take out whole segments of tail. Our next step really is now to get ourselves a colonyread more

Bees Dying Off Faster than Thought

…2010, losses in the summer have now eclipsed losses seen over the winter months. While the phenomenon of colony collapse disorder was first noticed nearly a decade ago, recent years…read more

Does the Soul Move Between Parallel Universes After Death?

…physicist Sir Roger Penrose. Called ‘orchestrated objective reduction’ (‘Orch OR’), it suggests consciousness arises from quantum vibrations in protein polymers called microtubules inside the brain’s neurons, vibrations which interfere, ‘collapse’…read more

Surviving the Cultural Near Death Experience

Climate change. Energy scarcity. Economic collapse. Bodily harm from a lifetime of dieting on synthetic foods. Given that these are only some of the dark clouds hanging over our heads,…read more

GMP: Genetically Modified People

…the gene known as HBB, which is responsible for an often-fatal blood disorder. However, their experiment was not an unmitigated success. There were unintended mutations in the embryos’ DNA resulting…read more

Researchers Suggest That Climate Change Destroyed Ancient Empires

…was a mighty military machine and the largest empire the Old World had yet seen. But then, before the century was out, it had collapsed. Why? An international study now…read more

Is Depression An Infectious Disease?

Major depressive disorder (MDD) should be re-conceptualized as an infectious disease, according to Turhan Canli, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Radiology at Stony Brook University. In a paper published…read more

Unknown Country Halloween Week: Myths and Monsters – Is There Any Truth Behind The Legends?

…scary stories, both Dracula and the Wolfman stemmed from a poor understanding of medical maladies. Porphyria, for example, is a group of disorders that affects the skin and nervous system….read more

The “War On Consciousness:” Ethical Measures or Suppression of Free Speech?

disorder websites Suicide related websites Tools to unblock websites Web forums Alcohol Smoking Esoteric material “Esoteric material” is such an indistinct term that it could be used to block almost…read more

Sugar or Sweeteners? The Hidden Enemies In Our Foods

…a patient who drinks 10 gallons of water a day and urinates 10 gallons of water a day. What is wrong with him? Could he have a behavioural disorder and…read more

9-11 and PTSD: When The Trauma Never Fades

…some are witnesses, but they share the suffering caused by an anxiety disorder known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD, which has only been a recognised medical condition for…read more

Can Sun Exposure Help Schizophrenics?

…health disorders, including Seasonal Affective Disorder, as vitamin D can affect levels of the neurotransmitter, serotonin, in the brain.Low vitamin D levels can be found across all ethnic and age…read more

The Secret Re-Engineering of the World Economy, and Why that’s a BIG Problem

Catherine Austin Fitts goes deeper, discussing the mysteries of the Vatican Bank and much more. Did you know that the whole nature of government is being re-engineered in a way that has…read more

Scientists Discover How To Manipulate Memories and Erase Fear

…stress disorder and remove the need for strong medication. The findings of the study, which was published this week in the journal Nature, suggested that feelings of fear were erased…read more

Is the CDC Covering Up a Vaccine-Autism Link?

…children appeared to have developed Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, shortly after receiving the controversial vaccine, causing serious questions to be asked…read more

Store Cupboard Ingredient Could Help To Fight Parkinson’s Disease

…for the treatment of neurological disorders. A team at Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago found that, once synthesised, the chemical enters the brain and prevents the loss of certain…read more

Vladimir Putin’s Dark Dreams

…the President, the Supreme Court and the Pentagon? Markets would collapse immediately. The dollar would become worthless overnight. Bank runs would bankrupt the nation in a matter of days. The…read more

Weekender: Timeline Jumping – A Glimpse Into the Complex World of Selective Existence

…timelines, which in turn create “time nodes”, a phenomena that occurs when two or more timelines come together and realities from one can “bleed” into another, or may be psychically…read more

Think Plagues Are Past History? Think Again… Now We Are Creating Our Own

…symptoms which include painful lymph node swellings known as “bubos”. Though modern day medicine is able to effectively treat bubonic plague with antibiotics, it is still deadly if it is…read more

Will Our Children’s Future Friends Be Robots?

…Crush and ZyroSky. They will also recruit more children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and children with motor impairments to interact with the system. Their most recent study included…read more

Science Suggests That The Universe “Shouldn’t Really Exist”

…levels until the it inevitably imploded and collapsed. But if this model is correct, then what happened to circumvent the inevitable collapse and allow the universe to remain? “We are…read more

The World Within Us: “Friendly” Intestinal Bacteria Are Crucial For Good Health

…of them produce butyrate, an acid that helps to prevent and minimize inflammation, as well as preventing metabolic disorder. Butyrate is also readily absorbed by the gut and turned into…read more

Can Brain Implants Stop School Shootings, Or Are They Causing Them?

…implantable device that could “re-train” the brains of those suffering from severe forms of mental health disorders. “Having spent part of this week down at UC Santa Barbara that pursuing…read more

Weekender: Do Our Brains Need Their Own Bill of Rights?

…from scientists and college students to business owners. Typically used products included drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, commonly prescribed for the treatment of attention-deficit-hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, to improve focus…read more

What is Causing the “Man-Eating” Holes in Indiana’s Sand Dunes?

…become unstable and collapse.” “We have seen evidence of trees that have been uncovered before as the dune moved on,” described park ranger Bruce Rowe. “But in the past they…read more

Induced After Death Communication

…post-traumatic stress disorder, but it turns out that it has an amazing ability to induce after-death communication in an organized and repeatable manner for a wide variety of people. Here,…read more

“Robot Sex” Helps Scientists To Study Evolution

The study of evolutionary patterns has received a helping hand from technology, in the form of a small colony of rampant robots. Using robotic subjects, it was possible to accelerate…read more

Monsanto Linked to Deaths of Thousands of Farmers

Farmers in developing countries are dying in their thousands from a mysterious kidney disorder, which has been termed as “Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology” (CKDu). The disease is running…read more

Weekender: The Road to Mars

…human visitors to Martian soil. In April 2013, it announced its aspirations to establish the first human colony on the Red Planet by 2025. Its team comprises an impressive array…read more

ADHD – A Disease of Modern Times?

…could double the risk of behavioral disorders in children. Post-natal diagnoses of the hyperkinetic disorder (HKD), a severe form of ADHD, were recorded, and the number of prescriptions for ADHD…read more

Superstorm, Climate Change and the Future

…the mechanism that has ensured the eventual untold misery of billions of human beings, the collapse of nations and the most profound challenge to civilization that our species has ever…read more

Weekender: Defining mental illness: Is Modern Society Less Tolerant of the “Non-Conformist”?

…and thus subject to variation and bias.” The DCP suggests that “diagnoses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorders and so on” are of…read more

The Eyes Have It: New Diagnosis tool for Mental Illness

…An innovative new tool has been invented by British scientists which, through the analysis of visual responses, can distinguish between various different types of psychotic disorder. The new device is…read more

Fukushima: A Continuing Threat?

…If so, the facility may be in danger of a total collapse, a scenario that would release a massive cloud of lethal radiation destined to arrive on North American shores….read more

Weekender: JFK: 50 Years On Will The Truth Be Revealed?

…a string of medical problems as well as for anxiety and sleep disorder. Smith believes, however, that the brain was stolen in order to further obfuscate the facts of the…read more

Mysteries of Autism Revealed

Autism is a mysterious and complex disorder, the causes of which are, as yet, unknown. A new study published recently in the journal Nature may have found clues for early…read more

This will be one of the strangest things you’ve ever seen.

…that it really is something very, very strange. Frankly, I can’t even speculate beyond saying that maybe it’s some sort of insect colony. If it’s an alien, I’d be fascinated…read more

Teen homicides on the increase – could diet be the key?

…deficiency is associated with schizophrenia, a serious brain disorder and states: “Vitamin A deficiency may lead to dopamine receptor hypo-activity and the typical symptoms of schizophrenia, such as flat affect,…read more

Unexpected Antarctic Glacial Melt Could Cause Sudden Sea Level Rise

Scientists have been concerned for many years that the collapse of a continental glacier on Greenland or the Antarctic could result in a rapid and dangerous rise in sea levels,…read more

Hums: is it time to dig deeper for an explanation?

…as it appears that only around 2% of the population in affected areas is plagued by the sounds. For the same reason, tinnitus, a hearing disorder where sufferers hear a…read more

Water Found on Mars, So Is the Planet Alive? Our Unique Take

…has living inhabitants right now would have been answered. Any colony on Mars would require water, and this latest finding means that it would be easy to obtain. The first…read more

Scientists Implant False Memories

…stress disorder. In his journal entry, Whitley Strieber points out that close encounter witnesses have already been subjected to other forms of advanced technology, such as implanted objects that defy scientific…read more

Letter from a 3rd Grade Teacher: Kids are Changing

…ability to sense dishonesty. They are often mislabeled with psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Sadly, when they are medicated, the Indigos…read more

Who Governs Human Violence? Could be the Sun

In recent decades, researchers have found significant evidence of correlations between a variety of human events conditions and solar activity. Such ancient events as the collapse of Rome, the Hundred…read more

Processed Foods Eaten in US Banned in Most Countries

…still present in many US soft drinks. Most yellow processed foods in the US contain dyes called Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 that are linked to allergies, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and…read more

World’s Oldest Known Calendar found in Scotland

…proportions. The ice age had ended with the dramatic collapse of the Laurentide Glacier, a massive fire that swept the North American continent, leaving behind a geologic feature we know…read more

We Have to Save Our Bees

Last year, half of all of California’s bees died off, and bee populations across the world continued to plummet. The research is conclusive: bee colony collapse starts when bees are…read more

Massive Worldwide Bee Decline Continues as Pesticide Companies Ramp Up the PR

collapse at this rate, many primary food sources are going to become scarce due to lack of pollination. Meanwhile, the purveyors of Neonicotinoid pesticides such as Monsanto and Bayer are…read more

US Bee Colonies Devastated, Threatening Food Supply

…serious food shortages. Colony Collapse Disorder has been implicated in the decline of the bee population, but the current losses are being caused by more than just that problem. The…read more

The Dog God and the Future of Man

…time it was a Roman colony between the first and fourth centuries AD. The reason that they were combined was that both Hermes and Anubis were involved in conducting souls…read more

Kids Not Doing Well in School? Drug ‘Em

We live in an age where more and more kids seem to have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), which makes them restless and inattentive in class. Nearly one in five…read more

Sacred Economics–How to Save Ourselves and Our World

…endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme – but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and…read more

Animals Make Their Own Medicine

…from conifer trees into their nests, preventing microbial growth in the colony. Parasite-infected monarch butterflies protect their offspring against high levels of parasite growth by laying their eggs on anti-parasitic…read more

The Religious Way to Diet

…Low says, “Our model demonstrates that obesity is in part a self-perpetuating disorder and the results further emphasize the importance of early intervention in childhood to try to prevent the…read more

Gotcha! NASA Plans to Capture an Asteroid

…finding and tracking the 1 million smaller asteroids that might only just wipe out a city, or perhaps collapse the world economy if they hit in the wrong place. “You…read more

The Kabbalah’s Remarkable Idea

…well as our species as a whole. It is as if our entire species is suffering from a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Seen as a whole person, it…read more

Mission to Mars

…We should have a colony on Mars right now–why are we still stuck on Earth? In 1998, a mysterious man that Whitley Strieber calls the Master of the Key burst…read more

Chavez Death May Mean End of Castro Regime

…a definite windfall since Russian support dried up with the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the March 6th edition of the Financial Times, William Dobson writes: “But Mr. Chávez’s…read more

We’re Not Ready

…events, and, if the grid were to collapse, life would be “unsustainable” for 70 to 90% of the American population. In other words, the United States would be killed. The…read more

Get Off It!

…commonly used flavor components are structurally similar to valproic acid,” which is used to smooth out the mood swings of people with manic-depressive disorder and related conditions. Some brand names…read more

Can We Predict Quakes Like We Can Predict the Weather?

…from walls or ceilings that might collapse or for nuclear plants and other critical facilities to be shut down safely in advance of the temblor. And if accurate predictions could…read more

Insomnia is Racial

…man might feel that a white man with the same income and education level wouldn’t.” Can millions of kids all be sick? Diagnoses of attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among children…read more

Prodigies May be Autistic

A new study of 8 child prodigies suggests a possible link between these children’s special skills and autism. Of the prodigies studied, 3 had a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder….read more

Alcohol Can Rewire Our Brains

…have long recognized a link between alcoholism and anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those who drink heavily are at increased risk for traumatic events like car accidents…read more

Habits: Good and Bad

…to treat people who suffer from disorders involving overly habitual behavior, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder or Tourette’s Syndrome. Has reading our great edge news and listening to our wonderful radio…read more

Zit Killer

…and emotional scars of severe acne.” Acne affects nearly 90% of Americans at some point in their lives, yet scientists know little about what causes the disorder and have made…read more

How Much Has Hunting Affected Whales?

…their catch and therefore had an incentive to “fudge” the numbers. Some captains even kept two sets of books. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some of the real…read more

Whatever Happened to Compromise?

…Even when they adjust the model to encourage moderation, eventually the moderate population will almost always either fail to sufficiently expand or collapse altogether. Zyga quotes Marvel as saying, the…read more

The Coming Election

…empire, to its collapse a hundred years later, there is an unbroken line. After the Roman Empire fell, the west endured a thousand years of poverty, superstition and ignorance. Only…read more

When a Comet Exploded in the Air

…Canada almost 13,000 years ago might have led to the catastrophic collapse of the great ice sheets and the floods that followed, that are memorialized in myths and legends around…read more

Your Treasure May Not be Real

…Soviet scientists in the 1970s, but was left unexplored as the Soviet leadership opted for producing synthetic diamonds for industrial use. The deposit remained classified until after the Soviet collapse.”…read more

Only 4 Years Left?

One of the world’s leading ice experts has predicted the final collapse of Arctic sea ice in summer months within four years. That’s earlier than the Earth’s predicted demise in…read more

Mayans Brought About Their Own Demise

…ninth-century collapse and abandonment of the Central Maya Lowlands in the Yucatán peninsular region were the result of complex human–environment interactions.” At the same time, trade routes shifted from land…read more

Turn Memory On With the Flip of a Switch

…should express their feelings soon after so the memory isn’t “sealed over” and repressed, which could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Each year, more than 30,000 people are trained…read more

Meditation Changes the Brain

…for this area of the brain have been associated with attention deficit disorder, dementia, depression, schizophrenia and many other disorders. Tang says, “When we got the results, we all got…read more

The Danger of Arctic Melt and How to Save Our World by Whitley Strieber

collapse of the ice pack could be profound, and it could happen quickly. If this winter does not bring normal temperatures to the arctic, the ice pack’s melt will increase…read more

We’re Running Out of Fish

…of collapse.” She quotes the UN’s Richard Grainger as saying, “I think probably we’re using stronger language now because we have been saying a lot of the same things very…read more

A Shocking Truth about Missing People

…missing–and when the process resumed, children were no longer disappearing, from then on, it was adults. At once point Whitley asks the question, “is somebody building a colony somewhere?” And…read more

Obama Descended from America’s First Slave

…to John Punch, an African who is the first documented slave in the colony of Virginia. Yahoo quotes genealogist Joseph Shumway as saying, “Two of the most historically significant…read more

If the World Ends, What Then?

…are three primary scenarios that people often express concern about: changes in the sun; the collapse of earth’s magnetic field; and climate change. Should one of these factors lead to…read more

Why Olympic Athletes are Positive Thinkers

…of major depressive disorder. Meanwhile, Researchers who have worked with teenagers at risk for serious mental illness for the past decade are now studying the effectiveness of Omega 3 fatty…read more

Mom: Don’t Smoke–It Can Make Your Kids Deaf

…misdiagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Why is it so darned hard to quit? When researchers exposed a test group and a control group of smokers to an emotional…read more

What’s Killing the Bees

…so. Other research shows that honey bees “self-medicate” when their colony is infected with a harmful fungus, bringing in increased amounts of antifungal plant resins to ward off the pathogen…read more

Why Veterans are Killing Themselves

…stress disorder (PTSD), he committed suicide, because he realized that his brain had been physically changed by chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). There has been a mysterious rash of suicides among…read more

Fukushima: What’s REALLY Going On

…in an extremely precarious condition. The badly damaged Reactor 4 building currently has a seismicity standard rating of zero, meaning that even a minor earthquake could cause it to collapse….read more

What Caused the Legend of Noah’s Ark?

…the past hundred thousand years. If it were to happen again, civilization would collapse, and many believe that a past civilization, smaller than ours but well developed, did indeed collapseread more

Ants May Help Us Understand ETs

…York Times, Sindya N. Bhanoo reports that when one ant in a colony has an infection, the others don’t avoid their sick comrade. Instead, they approach the infected ant and…read more

Why You Need to Find Your Roots

…was no convincing scientific evidence to support the idea that food coloring additives cause Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. And while the testimony from other experts did not change her mind,…read more

Is Autism an Advantage in the Modern World?

…confers a perceptual edge, allowing people with the disorder to process more information in a short amount of time. While scientists have long assumed that autistics are more vulnerable to…read more

Here Comes Trouble!

…and relations to the brain’s dopamine system, they linked this trait with problems like attention deficit disorder, compulsive spending and gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse and criminal behavior. Now, though, after…read more

Confrontation with Iran: the Hidden Dangers

…a nuclear weapon was detonated in near space above the US west coast, it could potentially destroy all exposed electronics in the western third of the country, causing the collapseread more

You Can Become Addicted to the Internet

Internet addiction disorder (IAD) may be associated with abnormal white matter in the brain. The teen years are the time when many people become addicted to drugs–what about internet use?…read more

How Bees Become Zombies

…quotes biologist Andrew Core as saying, “They kept stretching (their legs) out and then falling over. It really painted a picture of something like a zombie.” Colony Collapse Disorder may…read more

The Goldwater UFO Files and the Mystery of the Cover-Up

…and this other consiciousness, is going to collapse. I believe that, after a long, slow period of change, it is apt to happen quite suddenly. Whether that will happen in…read more

Arctic Changes Could Halt Gulf Stream

…the Younger Dryas came from the collapse of Lake Agassiz, which was glacial meltwater held back by a massive ice dam. There is probably at least as much fresh water…read more

Bees Function Like a Brain

…that just might happen soon. Colony Collapse Disorder may be killing off the bees, but what’s killing US off is NEGLECT! Don’t take us for granted, or we may not…read more

When Stars Explode

When stars explode they become brilliant supernova for a short time, then they may undergo a sudden gravitational collapse into a neutron star or black hole, Astronomers are trying to…read more

The Future Will be Stranger Than Today

…let us witness a superposition, but instead “collapse” into the reality we’re familiar with as soon as we observe them. Using ultra-precise instruments known as matter wave interferometers, Weinberg and…read more

What’s Wrong With These People?

disorder may have made “Monk” a funny TV show, but it’s scary for other drivers. Legislation prohibiting mobile phone usage while driving has generally failed, and researchers are trying to…read more

The White House Says We’re Alone. So What’s Going On?

…and, like it or not, its resolution, when it comes, will restate the meaning of man in the uiniverse, and inevitably lead to the collapse of the forces that now…read more

Depression: You Can Have a Relapse (Just like an Addict)

…a lot of debate about whether or not depression is truly a disorder, as most clinicians and the majority of the psychiatric establishment believe, or whether it’s an evolved adaptation…read more

How to Fix the Economy: an Ignored Solution

…the problem isn’t ours alone. Europe is on the brink of fiscal collapse. The Chinese stock market is teetering, and the Middle East continues to suffer political and economic chaos….read more

Smoking Pot is Good for Soldiers

disorder (PTSD)-like symptoms in rats, it might do the same for humans, and since PTSD is one of the major problems that our soldiers come home with, making smoking pot…read more

How to Remember (and Forget)

…was still present once cortisol levels had returned to normal.” The research offers hope to people, like returning soldiers, who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But if you want…read more

Excellent docu about the collapse of Bldg. 7. Until the truth of 911 is known, we are not a free people.

To watch the documentary, click here….read more

Why an NFL Player Killed Himself but Saved his Brain

…side of his head, a difficulty spelling simple words, and blurred eyesight, all of which led to the collapse of his business, the breakup of his marriage, and an accumulation…read more

Depression Can Be GOOD for You

Sadness, apathy, preoccupation–these traits come to mind when people think about depression, the world’s most frequently diagnosed mental disorder. Yet there’s new evidence that depression has a positive side-effect: Depressed…read more

How Soup is Causing a Needless Slaughter

…much, the population will collapse, and it is extremely unlikely that it will be replenished from immigration of sharks from another region.” At one time, these animals were common in…read more

Beleaguered Bees Practice Self-Defense

We’re still losing our bees–to the mysterious plague known as CCD or colony collapse disorder AND to pesticides. We not only need bees to pollinate our crops, we need BATS…read more

Area 51 Book Anonymous Source Exposed

…be afflicted with a genetic disorder, are actually from the Roswell site, as originally claimed? If so, then they are not human figures because they have five discreet fingers and…read more

Are Criminals Born, Not Made?

…antisocial personality disorder–and their brain scans usually show a smaller-than-average middle frontal lobe, which is the area of that produces remorse and guilt. In, Clara Moskowitz quotes criminologist Adrian…read more

Criminals: We Can Spot ‘Em

…with the stress associated with disorder or chaos. When they tested this by handing out questionnaires to people in either dirty or neat neighborhoods, they found that messy, crumbling poor…read more

Egyptair takes Israel off its route map. Now the truth begins to emerge.

…What will be next? In all likelihood, the fall of Bahrain, then of Saudi Arabia. And we are vulnerable. Our country, and all of our allies, will collapse without mideastern…read more

A Reality Check from Tokyo

…the door to say they are delaying construction work until mid-April. (My immediate thought was that maybe they were waiting for the building next to it to collapse….but that is…read more

Time for Beetlejuice to Explode

collapse and explode (go super-nova). While that was happening, there would be no night sky on Earth and our planet will be showered with gamma rays and other particles. In…read more

History is repeating itself: 2010 was 1936. Trouble ahead.

Between 1936 and 1937, stock prices doubled. Between 2010 and 2011, stock prices doubled. In 1937, the government decided to slash the deficit. The depression returned and stocks collapsed. In…read more

A First for Mankind

…Almost 80% of the women had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression or both, which suggests that that how a person reacts to trauma can influence adult weight. Is it too…read more

Abduction and Psychology: A Professional Speaks Out

…deals with altered states and non-ordinary states. She is also a practitioner of EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which is a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Whitley Strieber begins…read more

Rain Making

…complicated– probably not one single explanation can account for the collapse of the Mayan civilization.” So how does Abu Dhabi plan to solve this problem? They have erected huge fields…read more

Why the Sahara Became a Desert

…Sahara’ came about quite suddenly around 5,500 years ago. Thus, a very slow change in the orbit (led) to an abrupt collapse in that ecosystem. The Earth had its closest…read more

A Blow to the Head

…these manmade monsters? Psychopathy is a personality disorder that finds expression in extreme anti-social behavior and intentional harm to others, including a lack of compassion and empathy. An existing explanation…read more

Superstorms, Climate Change and the Future

…human CO2 emissions might cause the atmosphere to warm so much that the collapse into a much colder regime will not happen this time. However, over the next half century human…read more

When Beetlejuice Explodes

…saying, “This old star is running out of fuel in its center. This fuel keeps Betelgeuse shining and supported. When this fuel runs out the star will literally collapse in…read more

If Contact Occurs: the Return to the Long Home

…a more true manner, as a series of projects or explorations, and, in some cases, as addictive behavior. Contact will unfold, in all likelihood, in the context of the collapseread more

Bees Still Dying Too

…5 years (subscribers can still listen to Linda Howe’s report on Colony Collapse Disorder). In, Wynne Parry quotes researcher Jeffrey Lozier as saying, “What we wanted to do is…read more

Soldier Stress

Noncombatant military personnel do not engage in direct combat with the enemy during war, but they still face trauma that elevates their risk for developing combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)….read more

Predictions for 2011

…middle east, as food prices there rose dramatically. So far, this has resulted in the collapse of the Tunsian government, and it is possible that similar unrest could spread to…read more

To fix our country, we need to break our addiction to changing the world, not break the American people.

…the government, in the end, will make a profit on the deal. Not to mention that the collapse of the two companies would have led to over a million job…read more

Bee Death Conspiracy

In 2008, the USDA ordered a report on the impact of massive bee deaths on agriculture and the causes of colony collapse disorder (CCD), but some of the results of…read more

Another Superstorm Prediction Comes True

The Master of the Key mentioned that the collapse of an ice dam in the Laurentian sea and subsequent cooling due to winds blowing from the arctic led to the…read more

What to Avoid at Parties

…and a change in the brains of the offspring. Researchers say this could be a possible cause for behavioral problems such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) seen in children whose…read more

Season of Birth

…that people born in winter months have a higher risk of a number of neurological disorders including seasonal affective disorder (winter depression), bipolar depression and schizophrenia. Biologist Douglas McMahon says,…read more

World Weather WAY Out of Whack

…the methane, which does not persist for a long time like carbon dioxide, dissipated. This resulted in a cataclysmic collapse of the climate and the advent of colder weather than…read more

Monkey Jump

Scientists have recently discovered a virus that killed a third of a monkey colony in a US laboratory AND jumped from the animals to a scientist, mimicking the way that…read more

Mysterious Bird Deaths

…crows in Alaska are affected by the deformity called “avian keratin disorder.” It’s a mystery to us why more of the people who claim to love this website so much…read more

Old Bees Have Bad Memories Too

Bees are disappearing due to colony collapse disorder (CCD), but the ones that are still flying are great navigators, able to wend their way home through complex landscapes after visits…read more

Is Another Banking Crisis Coming?

…have the illusion of capital. When the last banking crisis erupted, the Bush Administration at first hesitated to support failing banks. The result was the collapse of Lehman Brothers and…read more

How Pesticides Affect the Classroom

…been linked to one of the major scary problems in today’s classrooms: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Exposure to organophosphate pesticides before birth can increase susceptibility to attention disorders, meaning…read more

The Wonder of Western Civilization

…and others that Jesus propounded at the beginning of our journey. Assuming that the world does not collapse around our ears for one reason or another, western civilization is about…read more

Earth’s Atmosphere Collapsed

Due to low sunspot activity – The Earth’s atmosphere has collapsed. New discoveries show that it rises and falls in tandem with the Sun’s cycle, and the sunspot cycle has…read more

The Birds & the Bees

…granted. Meanwhile, there is some good news on the bee front. To prevent CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), plant flowers: Beautiful wildflowers might someday be planted in “bee pastures,” floral havens…read more

Thoughts on the Ninth Anniversary of 911

…angry and frightened. If it destroys Washington, the next attack will in an instant do more damage to the western world than the collapse of the Roman Empire, which took…read more

Finicky Eaters

…people of worms). In BBC News, Jane O’Brien quotes eating disorder specialist Nancy Zucker as saying, “There are people with definite biological vulnerabilities, influenced by experiences that have shaped them….read more

Moon May Save Us AGAIN

…establish a colony on Mars. But a team of UK scientists has discovered that a tiny magnet, no wider than your thumb, can deflect the charged particles in the solar…read more

Fish Eaters

…“Shortages of food and fresh drinking water, combined with poor leadership, nearly destroyed the colony during its first decade.” In another early American Colony called Roanoke, the colonists didn’t die…read more

Bees: What’s the Latest Buzz?

Are they still disappearing? – Scientists thought they had the mystery of the declining number of bees solved, but other researchers don’t agree with them: They think Colony Collapse Disorderread more

Oil Spill: What About the Birds?

UPDATE: Worst bird colony devestation found – When it comes to the oil spill, we think we know what’s happening to the birds, but since they can’t tell us, we…read more

Human Testing

…can provide no direct benefit.” Pesticides are certainly a problem in the classroom: Attention Deficit Disorder is a major cause of children not succeeding in school, and it’s been discovered…read more

If We Survive

…industry have caused incredible, worldwide catastrophes, the worst financial collapse in history, which may be essentially unrecoverable except on a generational basis. This has all happened for the same reason:…read more

The Sun, Earthquakes and the Soul

First, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the collapse of the RAF Bentwaters coverup, with 2 fantastic interviews. Then, David Sereda is not only a scientist but also a meditator, and…read more

Oil Spill Realities

…executive order to continue offshore drilling brings all of us closer to the brink ofsocial collapse due to severe environmental decline, which has occurred many times throughout history.” Offshore drilling…read more

How to Find Your Way Around

…rare genetic disorder cannot use one of the very basic systems of navigation that is present in humans as early as 18 months and shared across a wide range of…read more


…lies Marsili, which is Europe’s biggest underwater volcano. Geologists have recently discovered that its walls are weakening and could collapse at any moment, sending thousands of tons of magma into…read more

The Matrix is Real and You can Escape

…the fact that love pushes away disorder in life, and actually gives us power. Tom says, “reality is information,” echoing some of the most recent discoveries in physics that suggest…read more

The Danger of Disclosure

…quite comfortably. So we CAN achieve contact, but if there was to be an attempt at mass interaction now, it would certainly cause the collapse of the human mind. Just…read more

Spring Fever

…fall and winter, and we think that that’s affected mostly by decreased sunlight hours.” Winter depression, sometimes diagnosed as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is most likely to affect young women…read more

911 Broke Our Hearts

In more ways than one – The World Trade Center (WTC) collapse on 911 has caused potentially dangerous heart problems in responders on-site. Researcher Lori Croft says that her study…read more

Bees Tricked!

…(or a sexy flower) and gone home and done a bee dance, the entire colony explodes from the hive and all aim for the same location. This means that if…read more

Are Insects Superorganisms?

…together to determine the survival and growth of a colony. Now researchers have discovered that insect colonies follow some of the same biological NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

ET Life

…meaning that if astronauts set up a colony there, they would have plenty of water (but they’ll have to boil it first, since But other compounds, such as hydrocarbons, are…read more

What to do During an Earthquake

…It is the most common shape, you will see, in a collapsed building. TIPS FOR EARTHQUAKE SAFETY 1) Almost everyone who simply ‘ducks and covers’ when buildings collapse ARE CRUSHED…read more

Why the Dollar May Collapse

…actually a form of organized theft that could cause the value of the dollar to collapse. Don’t miss this one, and if you love Whitley’s journals, support this site: Subscribe…read more

History’s Greatest Crime and the Ruin of America

…world’s reserve currency, and the country would have survived its collapse easily enough. Now we are a vast and overextended empire, and we are absolutely reliant on the viability of…read more

Blacks Get Different Diseases

…inherited disorder that affects red blood cells and is most common in African-American males, is believed to have evolved in some populations as a protection against malaria. “This study raises…read more

Airport Scanners & Lead: Reason to Panic?

…of the mysterious malady known as ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which is a combination of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity that leads to accidental injuries, school failure, substance abuse, antisocial behavior…read more

Autism: Still a Mystery

…confers a high risk of the person who has it developing a compulsive disorder, may be linked to both human autism and dogs. Researchers are now discovering that autism is…read more

Replacement Bees?

…and colony collapse disorder have struck these farmers too. Worldwide, there are over 200 species of bumble bees, some of whom are known to pollinate red clover. It’s not known…read more

Shroud of Turin is Real

…reconstructed it. Frale says that the use of three languages is consistent with a community of Greek-speaking Jews in a Roman colony. The letters are barely visible and would have…read more

Coral: Going, Going, GONE?

…been severely degraded by bleaching. In New Scientist, Shanta Barley quotes economist Pavan Sukhdev as saying, “The entire ecosystem is on the point of collapse. Unless negotiators in Copenhagen (at…read more

WTC7 Collapse PLUS Linda Howe

…close-up UFO observation. Then Whitley Strieber brings us up to date with David Ray Griffin on the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7. Building 7 collapsed even though it…read more

Strieber’s Polygraph Test results

…continuing assertion that he was not suffering from either a physical or mental disorder at the time of the experiences, nor was he merely lying about them. The test results…read more

Will the Earth Recover?

…lot of things have to die, and a lot of those things are going to be people.” Society could collapse, sending us back to a simple, even prehistoric, lifestyle. But…read more

Are Creative People Crazy?

…processes, including development and strengthening communication between neurons. However, a variant of this gene is associated with a greater risk of developing mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.In…read more

The Financial Crisis: Not Over Yet

…than the collapse that, in fact, took place. There are now two more types of mortgage that are in trouble, and together they are liable to ignite another major fire…read more

Health Care

…bad. All of that said, we need a healthcare system that is more open to the problems of close encounter witnesses. I have had post-traumatic stress disorder for years, but…read more

Something ELSE That May be Killing Bees

…eggs. The affected bee colony collapsed with 10 days. The website reports that researcher Sainuddin Pattazhy predicts that If towers and cell phones increase much more, honey bees might…read more

Ants More Rational

…challenging decisions. Researcher Stephen Pratt says, “This paradoxical outcome is based on apparent constraint: most individual ants know of only a single option, and the colony’s collective choice self-organizes from…read more

An Invisible Cloak for Buildings

…shows) need protection too, or else we will crumble and collapse, and no longer be here for you the next time you fire up your computer. The only way to…read more

In the Clutches of the Fallen

…a point of no return. Our species is going to experience the total collapse of its planetary environment. There isn’t any question anymore about whether or not this will happen….read more

The Curry Cure

…of them saw regression to some degree of their chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The majority of individuals who entered the study with enlarged lymph nodes saw a 50% or greater decline…read more

Austism: The Latest

…at significantly almost twice as likely to develop an autism spectrum disorder, especially if they NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

A New World, if We can Take It

…we enjoy now, will take thousands of years, and may even require a whole new cycle of collapse to complete itself. So, a great deal rides on whether or not…read more

Shocking New 911 Evidence

collapse of the two towers was not a likely result of impact by aircraft have long contended that they appeared to implode, as if they had been destroyed by controlled…read more

Major Ice Shelf Collapsing

…not cause sea levels to rise. Nevertheless, its collapse is further evidence that increasing temperatures at the poles, predicted by global warming models, are affecting ice packs in increasingly dramatic…read more

Party Drug as Cure

We’ve written about marijuana medicine?now it turns out that the party drug known as Ectasy may be a useful treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is a major problem…read more

The Real Reason for the Crash and How to Fix It

…it isn’t even the most important part of the story. When you hear pundits talking about the credit crunch, the financial crisis, the banking crisis and the stock market collapse,…read more

Are Things REALLY as Bad

collapse that resulted in thirteen deaths and nearly 150 injuries was only the most infamous recent large-scale bridge disaster.” There have been 1,500 partial or total bridge collapses between 1966…read more

‘Virtual’ UFO Disclosure Already Here

…the most remarkable and valuable one ever taken by the human species. Right now, as our environment and our economy both collapse around our ears, we urgently need major innovation…read more

Troops May be Deployed to Quell Civil Unrest in US

…that could be provoked by “unforeseen economic collapse” or “loss of functioning political and legal order.” Art credit: Maybe we don’t need to be afraid of anything? not even…read more

Tooth Truth

…Bassiouny is a sort of “tooth detective.” He discovered a patient whose teeth had eroded from stomach acids not caused by an eating disorder. Instead this woman had a bad…read more

Going to Vegas for the holidays?

…may shape the course of one’s life in extremely important ways, including increasing the risk for major depressive disorder and perhaps suicide.” Our advice? None of us (at least most…read more

Egypt Lasted 3,000 Years. What about US?

…and economic collapse we are seeing today. Robert Bauval’s website is Go to Egypt with William Henry and gain the energy for yourself! William’s website is NOTE: This…read more

The Coming Depression

…woman and child in America is at stake in what is, in fact, the worst economic crisis this country has faced in its history. The collapse of the automobile industry…read more

Gene Clash

…bipolar disorder and depression. In short: autism and schizophrenia represent opposite ends of a spectrum that includes most, if not all, psychiatric and developmental brain disorders.” According to Carey, it…read more

Feeling SAD?

…some, the effect can be devastating. Researcher David Baron says, “As the days get shorter and shorter, Seasonal affective disorder presents at this time of year. Less daylight can be…read more

Autism Somehow Connected to Rain

…Waldman says, “While many autism experts believe that the disorder is triggered by the combination of an environmental trigger and a genetic predisposition?previous literature provides few clues concerning what the…read more

The Economic Situation is Far Worse than Expected. But Why?

…ended. This has happened because value everywhere has sunk to new lows. The oil countries and oil companies are taking a phenomenal hit due to the collapse in oil prices….read more

Coping with Financial Woes: Some Smart Advice

…economy in crisis, its normal and expected for people to feel even more stressed, said Susan Heffelfinger, PhD, a psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders in the Menninger Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Treatment…read more

A Nation Ill Served by Talk Radio

…their own listeners. The bailout was an outrage, but it was a necessary outrage. If it had not been done there would have been a total financial collapse, and we…read more

An Avalanche of Prophecy

…place. This change is reflected in things like the collapse in the price of marble and the abandonment of quarries. What had happened was that nobody needed new marble. They…read more

The Abyss This Time

…be paid–as, incidentally, happened during the collapse of the Roman Empire, beginning in the 430s, when the central government ceased to be able to coin money with any precious metal…read more

A Time of Extraordinary Peril

Is the current economic collapse actually a terrorist attack? Whitley Strieber saw it coming but now he thinks it has to do with MORE than just finances. In his latest…read more

A Time of Extraordinary Peril

…declared “that ‘the American empire’ is nearing collapse and should end its military involvement in other countries.” At the same time, as reported in the Newsletter and on,…read more

Ancient Trees…in Coal Mines?

…the roots coming down; and adjacent to those tree stumps you see all the litter.”The fascinating thing we’ve discovered is that the rainforests dramatically collapse approximately coincident with the greenhouse…read more

Your Brain on Zen

…Zen practice of “thinking about not thinking” could help free the mind of distractions, meaning that Zen meditation could help treat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety…read more

Northern Climates Warming Fast

Birds react by moving north – There is a colossal ice shelf collapse going on in our close neighbor Canada. Farther away, Greenland’s glaciers are not doing well. That’s not…read more

Ominous New Climate Information

…would collapse. The world would be plunged into a deep and abiding depression, would suffer vast population decline, and civilization as we know it now would simply unravel. How likely…read more

Russia and the West: A Danger Returns.

…Powers did battle with the Russian Empire, which then collapsed in the October Revolution of 1917. As a result of this collapse, Russia’s buffer states, which it had acquired to…read more

ADHD May be Racial

…to be more at risk for attention-deficit disorder, which causes problems in school?could this be linked to their ancestors? Science Daily reports that a tendency to exhibit for attention deficit…read more

Ice Definitely on Mars

…bright material was salt. Salt can’t do that.” But is it WATER ice??the kind that can support life (either Martian or human, should we eventually set up a colony there)….read more

Before the Beginning

…that systems move over time from order to disorder. Lintott quotes Carroll as saying, “Every time you break an egg or spill a glass of water you’re learning about the…read more

Is the Oil Shortage a Media Myth?

Oil prices have risen drastically, leading to a potential collapse in our economy. But an oil industry spokesman says the oil shortage is a myth. If so, it’s working well…read more

Gas Prices Explode as the Dollar Falls–so Why is This Happening?

…for the outcome, which will be as follows: first, if the price of oil doesn’t decline relatively dramatically and quite soon, the American economic infrastructure is going to collapse. Energy…read more

Microbe Madness

…That’s the good news. The bad news: housework is good for your mental health! In Scientific American, Melinda Wenner writes: “The strongest evidence pertains to schizophrenia, but autism, bipolar disorderread more

Are You the Oldest, a Twin?or a Kissing Cousin?

…findings suggest that there are small, subtle differences?Those differences may point the way to better understanding of genetic diseases when we study [cases] where one twin has a disorder and…read more

Would It be as Bad Here?

…felt over a wide area. Also, despite the fact that China DOES have building codes in order to withstand earthquakes, many of the buildings that collapsed were not built up…read more

China Quake Kills Thousands

…building collapsed in the area, 55 miles from the provincial capital of Chengdu. China’s president, Hu Jintau, called for immediate and massive assistance, and 5,000 troops were being rushed to…read more

Severe Weather Death Toll Now 22 in 3 States

…has caused the effective collapse of farming inmuch of Australia, and the cyclone that has probablydestroyed much of the Burmese rice crop, and world foodshortages are likely to become critical…read more

Heavy Metal Pollution Creates Autism

…whether autism is more common among families with other psychiatric disorders. Establishing an association between autism and other psychiatric disorders might enable future investigators to better focus on genetic and…read more

Biofuels Causing Bees to Disappear?

disorder (CCD), a condition where adult worker bees abandon a seemingly healthy hive. This is a mysterious disappearance of honey bee colonies in the United States due to colony collapseread more

Butterfly Goodbye

…could ruin one of North America’s most celebrated natural wonders?the mysterious 3,000-mile migration of the monarch butterfly. According to ecologist Chip Taylor, the astonishing migration may collapse rapidly without urgent…read more

What’s Behind the Current Economic Collapse?

What’s really behind the coming economic collapse? Some houses are now worth less than their copper pipes, which are being stolen from empty, foreclosed properties. But there are economists who…read more

The Worst Killer

…There has been a threefold increase in new cases of self reported post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms among combat-exposed military personnel since 2001, raising concerns about the health impact of military…read more

Huge Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses

…and now a huge ice shelf has unexpectedly collapsed in Antarctica. The Wilkins Ice Shelf was expected by scientists to last at least another 15 years, so the collapse of…read more

Autism IS Caused by Vaccines–in Some Cases

…as girls. This finding may partly explain why.” The 3:1 gender ratio between boys and girls also applies to attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities and language disorders. But some scientists…read more

Big Changes Coming to the Movies

…seem to be unstable. If you try to travel through one, it would collapse into a black hole, which kind of sucks.” Art credit: Big changes are coming in…read more

Is a Weather Catastrophe Coming?

…food shortages. The current stopped 8,000 years ago because an ice dam inCanada collapsed, causing an ancient lake to dump a hundredthousand cubic kilometers of fresh water into the NorthAtlantic….read more

Stress Causes Asthma?in our Soldiers

For the first time, a study has linked asthma in adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study of male twins who were veterans of the Vietnam War suggests that…read more

If You’re Feeling SAD Lately…

Disorder (SAD). What can you do about this? Dr. Angelos Halaris says, “This condition, characterized by depression, exhaustion and lack of interest in people and regular activities, interferes with a…read more

Sexual Predators Have Abnormal Brains

…saying, “The findings provide clues to the complexity of this disorder, and this deficit may predispose individuals who are vulnerable to pedophilia to seek other forms of stimulation.” Other evidence…read more

Green Tea Medicine

…of HIV-associated dementia, also known as AIDS dementia complex. HIV-associated dementia, a debilitating cognitive, emotional, and physical disorder, affects 22% of HIV-infected adults and more than half of HIV-infected children….read more

Nostradamus & the Coming Bush Bombing of Iran by John Hogue

collapse of the Third Reich in the Battle of the Bulge in 1945.The quatrain is indexed 5 Q45. The Germans capitulated on 8 May to the Allied forces. May is…read more


…England as a penal colony (featuring exile instead of jail for criminals), this means that my ancestors, besides being poor peasants, were ALSO thieves! Yes, while Whitley is descended from…read more

August 18–a Day that Will Live in…What?

…the US currency would collapse and gold prices would soar. It would be likely that all three branches of the US government, not to mention the military high command, would…read more

Bee Situation?OK in US for NOW

…idea of whether or not colony collapse disorder is a problem. Beekeepers are able to restock lost populations by importing bees and purchasing domestic colonies from unaffected suppliers, but if…read more

New Twist on Bee Emergency

…It’s not only bees that are having an emergency? is having one too! We may have our OWN version of “colony collapse disorder” if we don’t get your support, so…read more

Wild Weather

…observed weakening Gulf Stream flow could be responsible for the collapse of summer in the UK, but so far no scientific comment has emerged on this. Salvano Briceno, director of…read more

Controversial Plan to Soak Up CO2 in Ocean

…which is the same percentage of decline that is occurring in rainforests. George says the rainforests are in “an absolute cataclysmic state of collapse.” Help may be on the way…read more

Chat with a Psychic

…to Marla and she will reply to you directly. Q: I was given Communion years ago from my husband’s co-worker who had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. I remember…read more

Saving the Bees

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) escalated in November 2006 and seems to have spread to 27 states and Brazil, Canada and many parts of Europe. Scientists and beekeepers are trying to…read more

Organic Bee Keepers Not Losing Their Bees

…Americans, and no one in the organic beekeeping world, including commercial beekeepers, is reporting colony collapse on this list. The problem with the big commercial guys is that they put…read more

Russia Accuses US of Moon Plot

…quotes Russian researcher Erik Galimov as saying that NASA?s goal of setting up a colony on the moon by 2024 would “enable the US to establish its control of the…read more

As the Administration Collapses, is Another Terror Attack Coming?

…by making political presentations to federal employees prior to the 2006 elections, it could lead to a White House meltdown on a scale not seen since the collapse of the…read more

The Elephant is Stampeding in the Living Room–UPDATE

Whitley’s Insight about The Coming Economic Collapse has received so many hits, that Whitley has updated it with information about investment strategies for the near future. “The elephant in the…read more

Another Species Has the Problem Solved

…scouts to find it. Other species keep most of their ants back home, so they can defend the colony. This species is better at keeping the food they find. Surprisingly,…read more

2012 and the End of the Age

…entire planet, and they were fearsome. 3,100 B. C. was Year in the Mayan Calendar. At that time, also, the rising civilization in Sumer collapsed. It was nothing like…read more

The 911 Script and the Age of Terror

I must admit that I have been deeply shocked by a story that appeared today on my website, to the effect that the BBC reported the collapse of WTC Building…read more

BBC Announced 9/11 Building 7 Collapse Before It Happened

Video of a BBC News broadcast from the World Trade Centerarea on 9/11 has surfaced revealing that the BBC reportedthe collapse of Building 7 approximately 23 minutes beforeit actually went…read more

Bee Emergency Stranger Than We Thought

…left to live.” A mysterious ailment called Colony Collapse Disorder is causing agricultural honeybees nationwide to abandon their hives and disappear. It’s a kind of mass suicide in the bee…read more

Mysterious Ice Blocks Continue to Fall From the Sky

…the TV shattering and glass, then I looked up and saw the hole in the ceiling and I was afraid the whole ceiling was going to collapse.” They quote Ed…read more

Superstorms, Aliens and the Bomb

…context of environmental collapse. As that is happening now, they could emerge now. However, what happens may be very different. Let me tell you why. I got the impression that…read more

Did William Mann Meet the Master of the Key?

William Mann’s uncle was Grand Master of the Templars in Canada, who trace their presence there to the colony established by John Sinclair on Newfoundland two hundred years before Columbus…read more

Sea Levels May Rise Suddenly

Scientists have determined that the Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctic could collapse without warning in a matter of days, causing a disastrous worldwide sea level rise of sixteen feet….read more

Fear Can Make You Fat

…areas characterized by crime, disorder and neglect. Epidemiologist Thomas Glass says, “There is almost a twofold higher chance that you?re going to be obese if you live in the worst…read more

More Movie Science

…the point that many of these ladies resemble present day models, in that we may suspect they have an eating disorder. The Academy for Eating Disorders has called for a…read more

Polluted Kids

disorder and cerebral palsy. Jeremy Laurance writes in the Independent that “chemical pollution may have harmed the brains of millions of children around the world in what scientists are calling…read more

The Terror Conspiracy

Did you know that one of the brokerage houses that profited from the collapse of airline stocks immediately after 911 had been chaired by A.B. Krongard, who was executive director…read more

911 Five Years On: War and Illusions of War

…not appear valid to me, any more than does the notion that Building 7 collapsed due to pressures from below. It collapsed because of a controlled demolition, probably activated because…read more

Nazi Round Table

collapse of Chile’s Nazi enclave, Colonia Dignidad, and the arrest of its leader for child molestation, and the role that former Nazis play in the world today. Then Linda Howe…read more

Who’s Dying in the Current Heat Wave?

…rates, more fear of crime, visible signs of disorder such as graffiti ? did not show as strong a link to heat wave mortality as did the condition and type…read more

The End of Man?

…completely collapse. Climatological studies show conclusively that this will lead to profound drought across the whole of the northern hemisphere. Our world, as we know it now, will be in…read more

Lies About 911 Exposed in Europe

Kim Bredesen writes in the July 1st Norwegian edition of the French newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique that the 911 twin towers collapse may have been a case of controlled demolition,…read more

Dollar on the Edge

collapses, the US economy is going to suffer acatastrophic blow that could double gas prices and sendinflation soaring beyond anything Americans have ever known. The weaker the dollar becomes, the…read more

What’s the REAL Iraq? MORE UPDATES

…as Baghdad and Iraq, aside from the three Kurdish provinces, become the stalking ground for death squads and assassins, it is impossible to report the collapse of security without being…read more

Indonesia Quake Catastrophe

…in the area–unreinforcedconcrete–is notoriously susceptible to earthquake damageand extremely dangerous when heavy concrete ceilings collapse. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

911?The Questions That Won’t Go Away

There is more and more evidence that the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 was NOT due to an jet crashing into it?that it was a controlled demolition. Dreamland…read more

The Sun Saved Us?But Now It’s Our Turn

…the West may want to take credit for cleaning up these pollutants, which are dangerous to our health, the credit really goes to the Soviet Union. After its collapse, many…read more

Because of the Children…

…will happen. The questions are these: will it mean human extinction, a massive human dieback, or something more palatable? As things stand right now, a dieback with associated economic collapseread more

Was 911 a Hoax?

collapse of the Roman republic and the transformation of Weimar Germany into the Nazi dictatorship, it is one of the great subversions of an institutional republic. Other media are just…read more

Major Permafrost Thaw

…warming has thawed large sections of permafrost in central Alaska, causing soil to collapse as the ice within it melts. The results include buckled highways, destabilized houses, and forests filled…read more

Communion Twenty Years On

…happen to me next. This experience has left me with a disease called post-traumatic stress disorder. The last time I awakened with my heart practically slamming out of my chest,…read more

The Faith-Based Science of Susan Clancy by Budd Hopkins

…stress disorder. He would employ as a model a similar test used years before, in which a group of Vietnam veterans tape recorded their traumatic war experiences and then, at…read more

Hamsters Get SAD Too

Newswise – SAD, seasonal affective disorder, is depression that somepeople feel as the days get shorter and darker. A new studysuggests that hamsters may suffer from symptoms of anxietyand depression…read more

Alan Botkin: IADC

…with post traumatic stress disorder. Learn about IADC and see if you can contact those you love. Then Linda Howe reports on a previously little-known UFO crash and BURIAL in…read more

This Week’s Dreamland: How to Contact the Dead

…helping war veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. Learn about IADC and see if you can contact those you love who have passed away. Psychologist Alan Botkin was working with…read more

Cigarette Smoke Makes You Fat

…exposure to cigarette smoke raises the risk among teens of getting metabolic syndrome, a disorder associated with excess belly fat that increases the chances of heart disease, stroke and diabetes….read more

Mission to Venus Will Help Defeat Global Warming

We want to go to Mars to look for life and to perhaps establish a colony there, but why would anyone want to travel to hot, gaseous Venus? Astronomers think…read more

2012: Is It True?

…the collapse of the world’s then extensive glaciation and the beginning of the interglacial in which we have spent our entire recorded history. There is all sort of evidence, commented…read more

Natural Born Liars?Can We Tell Who They Are?

…people the edge they need to become perfect liars. Pathological liars used to be called sociopaths, but they’re now considered to have antisocial personality disorder, which usually stems from childhood…read more

Tough Winter Coming: Your Brain Will Shrink

…in humans such as seasonal affective disorder or SAD, where people become depressed due to shorter days with less sunlight. There are special light bulbs and lamps that help this…read more

ADHD Kids Just Need Sleep

…And 15% had Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD), a relatively uncommon disorder among children. Both these problems can be a result of obesity, and a large number of US children…read more

How New Orleans is Like Iraq by Steve Hammons

…arrogance or part of some strange and covert agenda that these events have unfolded this way Is there some value in creating this kind of disorder and disruption that we…read more

New Thoughts

…Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio. My memories of this are vague, but whatever was going on, it led to the stress-induced collapse of my immune system in the…read more

Can Four Million Kids All be Sick?

ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) is being diagnosed in so many children, that over four million children in the US are now officially classified as having it. The highest rates of…read more

A New Orleans Resident Says There’s Something Strange…

…Venice, when in fact they were standing in mere inches of water. None of the wall to wall coverage explored the simultaneous and suspicious levee breaches, pump failures and collapseread more

Lack of National Guard Units Slows New Orleans Recovery–Thousands May be Dead

collapse of this levee, 80% of the city became flooded with water up to 20 feet deep. Art credit: Become informed: find out WHY this is happening. STAY informed:…read more

The Lesson of the Storms

…since the economic disintegration that accompanied the collapse of the Roman imperial government in Western Europe and North Africa back in the fifth century. It isn’t all the fault of…read more

Secret Nazi Colony Finally Broken Up

…was suspected of keeping the 300 remaining residents in the camp against their will. An American reporter who investigated the colony was never seen again. One American who visited this…read more

A New World–If We Can Take It

…our true situation to imperil their captivity of us, it would be time to nudge our civilization into collapse and our world into chaos once again. In all likelihood, there…read more

Authors Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx On 2012

collapse of the marine food chain off the Pacific Northwest. Is it going to fix itself, or is it a sign of bigger trouble to come? NOTE: This show summary,…read more

Devastating Mental Illness Linked to Mom’s Diet

…predisposes people to getting it. The link was discovered because people born during a famine in China had an increased risk of the disorder. An earlier study found twice the…read more

What is 2012 REALLY all about?

…Mayan and Egyptian prophecies, and he lays it all out for us in this stunner of a show. Then Linda reports on that troubling collapse of the marine food chain…read more

A Nation in Peril?

…of hope and freedom when the Roman republic collapsed, or how much more with the collapse of the empire, but certainly we are as we are today, mired in this…read more

The Mercury-Autism Connection by RFK, Jr.

…increase in autism and a host of other neurological disorders among children. “I was actually stunned by what I saw,” Verstraeten told those assembled at Simpsonwood, citing the staggering number…read more

Future Bleak for Some Parts of the World

Newswise – About 20% of all nations in the world face a serious risk ofcivil war or governmental collapse, and a half dozen of themare at high risk of future…read more

The 911 Commission Report: a 571 Page Lie by David Ray Griffin

…not have collapsed first (26). 8. The omission of the fact that WTC 7 (which was not hit by an airplane and which had only small, localized fires) also collapsed—an…read more

Alleged Nazi Villain Captured

…never beenseen again, after visiting the colony run by ex-Nazis.One of these is Boris Weisfeiler, a U.S. math professor whovanished in 1985 while hiking in the area. The rumor is…read more

Sun Goes Wild–Again!

collapse and blackouts.Transformers may be damaged, and spacecraft and satellitesmay experience surface charging that could cause orientationproblems and onboard voltage overloads. Low-frequency radionavigation and satellite uplink/downlink are likely to beaffected,…read more

Are Crows Exploding Toads?

…aform of self-defence. But when their livers are taken awayand their stomachs are punctured, their blood vesselsexplode, their lungs collapse and the other organs comeout,” Mutschmann said. “Crows are intelligent…read more

Lost Colony of the Templars

Steven Sora has made a major discovery about the long-hidden path of the Knights Templar to America. Join him on the highest of adventures–to an ancient Templar ruin right here…read more

Why Did the World Trade Towers Collapse?

collapse. Inaddition, the collapse of Tower 7, which wasindistinguishable from a planned demolition, must beaddressed by engineers. This has not yet happened.” Subscribers: Youcan still listen to Whitley’s provocativeinterview about…read more

Earthquake Update by Will Hart

…witnessing the collapse of the tectonic plates in the Indian Ocean region. Let me assure you that several hundred above 4.5 (at least 100 above 5.0 tremors) are not just…read more

Master Astrologier Mahala on the Galactic Energy Burst

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

New Energies for a New Time: Astrological Analysis by Mahala

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

Autism Caused by Pollution

…from autistic and normal children.However, she says it could be a consequence, rather than acause, of the disorder. Since autism is a relatively new phenomenon, researchershave long known that it…read more

Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us

…surged from 400 million USdollars in 1980 to 1.1 billion US dollars in 1994. Abuse ofprisoners and violence occur frequently in US jails andprisons, which are under disorderly management. The…read more

Asian Tsunami Could Strike Again

…region since1492, six of which caused loss of life. The final death tollfrom December?s quake numbers over 300,000 people. Steven Sora has made an amazing discovery: TheKnightsTemplar established a colonyread more

India Blasts Linked to Seismic Activity

…Sora has made an amazing discovery: TheKnightsTemplar established a colony in America a century beforethe voyage of Columbus, and its memory spawned a secretsociety of profound influence in the development…read more

Predictions 2005: Year of the Death Wish

…a dieback of the trapped colony. However, ideas do not feel organic. The people who believed the Nazi eternal ice theories thought themselves sane enough. So, also, Rapture believers I…read more

Debunking 911 Conspiracies

…the Air Force failed to adequately respond tothe crisis, and numerous other claims, including the claimthat Building 7 was insufficiently damaged to collapse onits own, and must have been intentionally…read more

Deciphering 2012 by Will Hart

…numerous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the Afghan war occurred during the previous sunspot peak. The first Iraq war, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo happened…read more

Mahala’s Back with New Predictions

…and everyone knows about the war in Iraq. Now the north node is in Aries, and the south node Libra. Aries is ruled by mars which will bring fire events…read more

Unforgettably Powerful Account of Tsunami Survival by Paul Landgraver

…wave than a flood. From on high I can see the water hit buildings, then rise, then watch the buildings collapse into piles of concrete and rebar. I swim to…read more

Volcano May Cause Atlantic Tidal Waves

…large part of its flank,which extends into the ocean, will collapse. It could happenin a year or a thousand years, but the problem is that noeffort is being made to…read more

Towers Engineer Disputes Collapse Story

The official story is that the Twin Towers collapsed as aresult of damage done by the two aircraft that struck them.However, that may not be the whole story. Mike Pecoraro…read more

Why China is Watching Day After Tomorrow

…melting glaciers. And when glaciers melt, they leavedeserts behind, where the ice once was. Researcher Yao Tandong says, “Within 20 to 30 years, we willsee the collapse of many of…read more

911 Dogs are OK?But What About People?

During the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11,2001, up to 400,000 New Yorkers breathed in air from thetoxic cloud caused by the buildings collapse. A U.S.government study…read more

Loud Music Hurts Your Lungs

If you love loud music, watch out: it can cause your lungsto collapse. Doctors have discovered several cases where fans of loudmusic had their lungs collapse. One man was listening…read more

Did Mozart Have Tourette’s?

disorder called Tourette’s syndrome. British composer James McConnel, who also has Tourette’s,has made a film called “What Made Mozart Tic?” McConnelsays, “He wrote some absolutely disgusting letters andalthough people in…read more


A giant 62-mile-long colony of ants from Argentina hasinvaded Melbourne, Australia. In their native country, theyform smaller groups, but in Australia, they’ve merged intoone huge super colony, killing off native…read more

Big Wave Coming

…thousand years, theCumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma willcollapse, sending a 300 foot high tsunami across theAtlantic. The collapse began when the volcano erupted in 1949….read more

Why Don’t We Worry About the Weather?

…CO2 in theatmosphere. News organizations in the U.S. didn’t pick thisup, so scientists next talked about the collapse of the WestAntarctic ice sheet. So scientists tried talking about thebreakdown of…read more

Attacking America Through Oil

…target the oil industry and scare people?and in particular foreigners?into leaving the country. They believe that if this happens, the Saudi economy will collapse and the Saudi government will be…read more

Computer Viruses Spread by OCD

About 3.3 million Americans have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and John C. Dvorak of PC Magazine thinks they’re the ones spreading most of the computer viruses. He says, “With millions…read more

Near Death Experiencers Less Tense

…traumatic events from developing post traumatic stress disorder. He says, “We don’t know yet whether these were pre-existing characteristics that caused the NDE or whether they are the result of…read more

We Need to Be on Guard & Not Just Against Terrorists

…there were a sudden shift of tectonic plates that caused skyscrapers to collapse all around the Pacific Rim, hundreds of thousands of people would die within minutes?Yet if much less…read more

Big Quake Scare for West Coast?on TV

…ash and gas suddenly shot 20 miles into the sky, and the volcano began to collapse. He says, ”Then a hurricane of gas and ash whooshed down the sides of…read more

Ice Sheet Melt Will Drown Coastal Cities

…Atlantic less salty, triggering a collapse of the Gulf Stream which would cool the climate over Greenland, as well as northern Europe and, perhaps trigger a new ice age, which…read more

Major Childhood Epidemic Linked to TV

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) affects between 3 and 5% of U.S. children, who have to be given medications to help them calm down so they can function in school. Scientists…read more

The Coming Oil Shortage

…speed up the collapse Yes, but not necessarily for “evil” reasons. From the government’s perspective, a fast collapse may be better than a slow one. Why A slow crash may…read more

Pentagon Says Weather Wars in Our Future

…Stream current] becomes wobbly on its way to collapse. A particularly severe storm causes the ocean to break through levees in the Netherlands, making coastal cities such as the Hague…read more

History’s Greatest Disaster Has Begun

…sudden climate change scenario described in the Coming Global Superstorm and many other places is the collapse of the system of currents that equalizes heat and cold over the surface…read more

What our Dreams Tell Us

…actually set off heart attacks, migraine and asthma attacks. In South East Asia there is a rare disorder where men die mysteriously in their sleep, called Pok-Kuri, which may be…read more

Evidence Past Climate Change Happened in Hours

…the deaths possibly of billions, and the collapse of civilizations. Scientists are urgently seeking answers in the ice fields of the Peruvian highlands. NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

The Harmonic Concordance and November’s Astrological Excitement

…the moons node on top of the Popes Sun. Sometimes this aspect will cause a person to leave this world. Being that the Pope is quite sick it may be…read more

Can You be Scared to Death?

…to be scared to death. A genetic disorder that affects the heart’s rhythm, long QT syndrome, can cause the heart to go into spasms following physical exercise, intense emotion, or…read more

A Personal Breakthrough: A Huge Question Answered

…a little of the dignity of a few of its people, and perhaps a few lives, in return for not causing the collapse of civilization or worse, the total destruction…read more

It’s Ignobel

…by three Scottish doctors about “The Collapse of Toilets in Glasgow.” After three patients in six months showed up in their emergency room with injuries they got while sitting on…read more

September 11th and The Bush Administration: Compelling Evidence for Complicity by Walter E. Davis, PhD

collapsed because of burning jet fuel rather than demolition. There are also serious questions regarding the collapse of the building known as WTC7. It is also noteworthy that ownership of…read more

Tsunami in our Future

…great distances at high speeds. As soon as Cumbre Vieja collapses, a huge dome of water will move underwater, producing a “wave train” pattern of crests and troughs. This tsunami…read more

Melting Alps Becoming Morgue

Global warming is causing the Alps, which are made of rocks held together by permafrost, to collapse. The 5,000-year-old corpse called “Oetzi” was found there in 1991. Now melting ice…read more

Yellowstone Restless?Eruption Overdue

…Huge areas of the U.S. would be destroyed, thousands of people would die, and the U.S. economy could collapse. Climatologists now know that the earlier supervolcano shot so much ash…read more

Fish?a Natural Prozac

…[it] so it has to get it from our diet.” Researchers now want to know if it’s also useful in treating schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and violent behavior. Maybe we have…read more

Was Blackout Due to Nuke Plant Sabotage?

…caught trying to plant an explosive at a nuclear power plant in Florida, an action that would likely have led to a similar collapse in another part of the power…read more

The Alps are Collapsing

Scientists think global warming will melt the Alps over the next twenty years, causing the mountains to collapse into piles of rubble. The mountain range is made up of rocks,…read more

UFO Capital of the Northeast

…nearby artist’s colony of Woodstock. But in our experience, the visitors mostly come to “ordinary” people, for some reason. (Note: The Communion Letters will start being shipped next week!) NOTE:…read more

CA Crop Circles: It’s Not Over Yet

…with local farmers and entomologists, but it seems clear. “There is a second formation which did show node changes?a smaller and simpler one [which showed] both elongated nodes and expulsion…read more

Dyslexia Caused by Teaching Method

…adult readers rarely sound out words. While this has been going on, the reading disorder called dyslexia has been increasing in children across the U.S. Bonnie Rothman Morris writes in…read more

CA Crop Circle Adds to Scientific Mystery, by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the “knuckles” along the stem) and “expulsion cavities” — holes literally blown open at the nodes — caused by the heating…read more

Stella Awards?Real & Fake

…of Rolling Fork, Miss., read there was a class action suit against the drug Propulsid, which her doctor had prescribed to her for a digestive disorder. Despite admitting that “I…read more

Hurricanes Coming Earlier Than Ever Before

…to cause a collapse of the Atlantic Ocean?s thermohaline sinks. This fact is discussed in detail in my book. The failure of the Atlantic Ocean?s thermohaline sinks will bring on…read more

Tourists Vanish, Leaving Mystery Message

…Roanoke Colony, where everyone vanished, leaving behind only the cryptic message “croatan” carved on a tree. Hendrik Dek, of the Dutch Government, says, “We have confirmation that Dutchman Arjen Hilbers…read more

Space Travel Through Black Holes

…by the collapse of a star, won’t work, because they have tidal forces that “can overwhelm the resistance of our bodies to stresses if the mass of the black hole…read more

Wild Parakeets in San Francisco

…Bittner near a colony of red-headed parakeets, that have been living in Telegraph Hill since the 1990s. They were imported from Ecuador and Peru and either were released or escaped….read more

Why We’re at War

…The Atlantic Monthly magazine, former CIA agent Robert Baer says that the government of Saudi Arabia is about to collapse, and terrorists are ready to take over. Since we rely…read more

President’s Secret Life Revealed

…of brain science,” the President said on his way to Camp David this morning. Some of the president?s most well-received efforts are “Anterior Cingulate Cortex Dysfunction in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Revealed…read more

Latest Info: Saddam Survived

…French colony. Mauritania is now an Islamic republic that has good relations with Iraq. It’s amazing what fanatic dictators can survive. To learn more,click here and here. NOTE: This news…read more

Mystery Flu Spreading Worldwide

…last century. In No Such Thing as Doomsday, Philip Hoag writes, “Historical research suggests that heightened sunspot cycles directly correlate with periods of extreme weather, war, epidemics and social disorder.”…read more

Too Many Vitamins are Bad for You

“Unless you are suffering from a severe deficiency, if you have a disease or disorder that is causing you to be nutrient-deficient, the most you are going to need is…read more

Evidence of Extra Dimensions

…don’t. Physicist Sean Carroll says, “There is the tantalizing possibility that a complete change of perspective makes all of the problems collapse at once.” A complete change of perspective can…read more

Special Soldiers Have Different Brains

Special Forces soldiers have neurological differences that make them less likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder than the average soldier. A study of soldiers based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina,…read more

Science Still in the Dark About Abductees

…have post-traumatic stress disorder, you don’t react that way,” McNally says. “The heart-rate responses and sweating responses were at least as great in the alien abductees when they heard their…read more

Our Healthcare is Failing

According to Dr. Floyd Bloom, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the U.S. healthcare system is “in imminent danger of collapse,” despite the fact that…read more

Top Cryptozoology News of 2002

…of a small colony of giant but apparently soft-shelled turtles. According to local media reports, a turtle also appeared in the lake on February 16. The Giant Turtles of Hoan…read more

The Coming War

…beloved in Iraq. He’s feared and hated– despised, would be the most accurate word. And the moment the terror is removed, his whole state apparatus will collapse. There will be…read more

Space Mysteries to Solve in 2003

…solar system did not develop from rocky cores, but collapsed from large gas and dust clouds. And he thinks this happened in another part of space, where there?s enough UV…read more

Toxic Metals Getting into our Food

…the food chain. Cadmium can cause kidney damage, anemia and a painful bone disorder known as “itai itai,” which means “ouch ouch” in Japanese. Hundreds of people living near Tokyo…read more

Unique and Lethal Pollution From 911

A year after the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, scientists and physicians in New York City are still trying to figure out what tens of thousands…read more

Our Universe Will Collapse From Old Age

…billions of years in the future. Right now, a mysterious “dark energy” is pushing the universe apart, but when this force loses its power, the cosmos will collapse. In 1998,…read more

Even Anxiety is Genetic

…one member who had been diagnosed with panic disorder and found common genetic changes on chromosome 9. “Anxiety?that was one I was a little bit skeptical of in the beginning,”…read more

Walking a Tightrope

…to such a degree that its only a matter of time before something beneath us collapses. Regarding such a collapse, you can be assured that the fall will be very…read more

Insight: We’re Walking a Tightrope

…social collapse, mass death, or even extinction. Like the rest of the animal kingdom, we hominids have courted and faced disaster throughout our existence. Periodically we have increased our numbers,…read more

Nazis Still Experimenting on Humans

…detained by Augusto Pinochet’s soldiers, because he was suspected of being a Russian or Jewish spy, and taken to the mysterious German colony Colonia Dignidad. The documents show that the…read more

Just Ignore It

…of wholeness and safety,” Ginzburg says. The patients took standardized tests for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which has symptoms such as distress, trauma flashbacks, difficulty carrying out everyday tasks, insomnia,…read more

Kids on Ritalin Have Smaller Brains

…Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are 3% to 4% smaller than those of other children. Are their smaller brains the cause of ADHD?or the result of Ritalin and other medications? Scientists…read more

The Mystery of Pine Gap

…to terms with them before total exposure occurred which could only result in the collapse of civilised social order. Thirdly, as what was being observed represented an advanced science of…read more

Art Bell Tut Reincarnation?

…this was used to reconstruct his image. For comparison photos of Bell and Tut, click on full story. There?s evidence that Tut had a rare genetic disorder of the spine….read more

True Origin of Crop Circles Baffles Scientists by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the knuckles along the stem) and expulsion cavities holes literally blown open at the nodes caused by the heating of internal…read more

Protecting Tall Buildings from Terrorists

…in the twin towers and in a nearby high-rise that also collapsed. The structural steel was softened to the point of collapse by intense blazes that were fed and spread…read more

Bad Behavior Good for Parkinson’s

…disease and there was a 60% lower risk of the disorder among smokers. In general, each additional cup of coffee lowered the likelihood of having Parkinson’s by 10%, although the…read more

Will Russians Reveal Data on UFOs?

The following story is the latest in a continuing series of “Pravda” stories about UFOs: The collapse of the Chernobyl nuclear plant on April 26, 1986 sent dangerous levels of…read more

Heavy Rains Make Volcanoes Erupt

The most dangerous type of volcanic eruption can be set off by heavy rain, meaning that watching the weather could save lives. This type of eruption is a “dome collapse,”…read more

Jerusalem Wall May Ignite Major War

…site of the ancient temple. Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert says, “There are serious grounds for the apprehension that it could collapse. In my view, we have reached the moment of…read more

Geeks Have Autistic Children

There’s a huge increase in autism cases in Europe and theU.S., especially in Silicon Valley, California, where asmany as one in 150 children have some form of the disorder.Now scientists…read more

A Scientist Talks About UFOs

…around to collapse the wave function. My credibility filter is a function of several parameters such as my own knowledge of physical laws, state of technology and history of its…read more

What Turns Men into Monsters?

…manipulating anddeceiving others. Some people think they make up themajority of criminals, from burglars to rapists and murderers. Martin P. Kafka of McLean Hospital thinks attention-deficithyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may have…read more

CEOs Still Living High

…cashed in $734 million worth ofstock before the collapse. Kevin Phillips, author of ?Wealth and Democracy,? sayswealthy CEOs live like they?re above the law. He says,?[CEOs are] basically saying, ?Hey,…read more

Hindu Temple Heals Mental Illness

A six-week stay at a Hindu temple in India has produced thesame healing in patients with severe psychiatric disordersas a month-long course of standard drugs. A team led byRamanathan Raguram…read more

Iraq Smuggling Nukes in Aid to Syria

The London Times reports that Iraq is smuggling nuclear arms parts on aid flights that are carrying relief supplies to Syria from Baghdad, after a Syrian dam collapse killed 20…read more

Lost Inca City Found

…and George Erikson, click here. See news story ?Machu Picchu About to Collapse?, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Cleanliness is Next To Godliness

A strict religious upbringing may cause obsessive-compulsive disorder. This was discovered by Claudio Sica at the University of Parma in Italy who surveyed devout Catholics and found they were more…read more

Are Creative People Crazy?

…called bipolar disorder, may exist due to the same genes. Bipolar disorder causes people to have extreme mood swings from happiness to despair. Some of these people self-medicate with drugs…read more

Supernova Wipeout

…out of fuel and then collapse under their own weight. As the atoms in the star are squeezed together, they rebound outwards, blowing off energy in a dazzling and dangerous…read more

Why Do Diets Fail?

…information about food.? Trying to make their results easier to measure, they gave their volunteers Ritalin (methylphenidate), which is given to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It can amplify…read more

Mysteries of Jupiter

…to the wormhole, which causes it to collapse into a black hole, an area with a gravitational pull so strong that not even light can escape. But there’s a way…read more

Deaths in a Weather War

…A recent study from Peace Initiatives points out that Pakistan is “fast turning into a water scarce country and runs the risk of a collapse of its agricultural production in…read more

Mystery School Deaths

A Pennsylvania school district is trying to figure out whether the deaths of six students since December are connected. 13-year-old student Jessica Batdorf collapsed April 22 while walking to her…read more

Earth Impact Inevitable

…in Earth’s geological record,” he says. Supermassive stars, those with a mass substantially greater than our Sun, are scattered throughout the galaxy. When they collapse at the end of their…read more

Glacier Collapse Not Due to Global Warming?

The collapse of a giant glacier 10 times the size of Manhattan near Antarctica last week is a natural occurrence and has not been induced by global warming, according to…read more

Antarctic Penguins Starving to Death

…and to 25 per cent of all emperor penguins. Many of them have abandoned attempts to breed this year because of food shortages. A colony of 1,200 emperors at Cape…read more

Attack of the Killer Mold

disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” The spores have been around for a long time, they just need moisture in order to grow and become dangerous. A small leak or…read more

The God Prize

…stars wouldn’t shine or the universe would collapse. “It’s as if the universe has a bunch of knobs,” and you can’t twiddle them without disaster striking.? Fine-tuning is often given…read more

EPA Cover Up of WTC Toxins

…something in the air from the collapse of the towers is making them sick. U.S. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, whose district includes the site, said at a public meeting he called…read more

The Science of Deceit by Burton Goldberg

…the bad news: Paul had a rare disorder called Brugada Syndrome. Without having a pacemaker/defibrillator inserted, he was told, his heart could suddenly stop and he could drop dead at…read more

Ice Shelf Collapse May Cause Antarctica Starvation

As parts of Antarctica are fall into the sea, new satellite data shows that these dramatic changes are affecting the growth of small organisms important to the local food chain….read more

Dyslexia Breath Test

…conditions such as dyslexia and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder can be treated with a simple nutritional supplement. Richardson says, ?Certain key fatty acids found in fish oil and evening primrose are…read more

Can?t Sleep? You?re Not Alone

…from insomnia. Only 27 percent of them were aware of their condition and a high level of the respondents were unclear about the symptoms of the disorder. Forty-nine percent thought…read more

It’s Official: They’re Taking Over

…this. “It may be that certain ant colonies will bud off, form satellites and remain connected with one main colony,” he says. In addition to the supercolony of ants, the…read more

Fat? There?s Good News & Bad

…slim on TV, but end up looking thinner than average in real life. The media has been criticized for reinforcing eating disorder problems in women who want to look like…read more

Men & Women Have Different Depression

…recurrent, early-onset major depressive disorder (RE-MDD) and 50 men and 50 women with no history of the disorder. RE-MDD has a strong hereditary component and affects about three per cent…read more

Ireland Shrinking, London Sinking

…hiking trails because of a growing risk of collapse. Cooper says, ?The growing demands on the coast mean that urgent action is needed.? To learn more,click here. Two parts of…read more

Southern Cites Becoming More Polluted

Uncontrolled growth and lack of access to technology are driving the cities of the southern half of the Earth to the verge of environmental collapse. At the recent conference of…read more

Are Your Fillings Killing You?

…bed. Doctors suggested drugs for acne and psychological disorders, but MacArthur?s dentist had the solution. He removed nine metal fillings and replaced them with plastic substitutes, and soon she was…read more

Shut Up!

…?That?s causally linked to all sorts of other bad things, like schools not working as well,? Putnam says. ?Lots of things are connected to this collapse of social connectedness.? You…read more

No Plane in 9/11 Pentagon Crash?

…exist show no debris from the plane. He also asks why the facade of the Pentagon did not immediately collapse from the shock of the impact and questions the fate…read more

TV Causes Violent Behavior

…link between watching television and behaving violently was clear even after the researchers accounted for other factors such as childhood neglect, low family income, or a psychiatric disorder during adolescence….read more

Sea Levels Rose 200 Feet in Past–It May Happen Again

A massive and unusually abrupt rise in the sea level that occurred about 14,200 years ago was caused by the partial collapse of ice sheets in Antarctica, a new study…read more

Want Wings and a Tail?

…pandemic of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), a condition which causes victims to feel their bodies are imperfect and must be corrected, often with surgery. The best-known manifestations of BDD are…read more

Prozac Danger Discovered

…approved in the U.S. in 1987 and is widely used for the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and bulimia. The researchers were investigating how the brain communicates with the immune…read more

Most of Antarctica May Soon Disappear

…of the Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica was ?a wakeup call to expect more collapses,? he says and believes that such collapses have ?a dramatic effect on global climate?…read more

Huge Piece of Antarctica Floats Away

…in the region, but the speed with which the Larsen B has gone has shocked them. ?We knew what was left would collapse eventually, but the speed of it is…read more

This Time Fusion Works

…rapidly expanded and then collapsed. The bubble collapse causes a momentary shock wave that creates high pressures, high temperatures and a flash of light. This fusion announcement comes in sharp…read more

Shadow Government in Operation

…Washington, would be to prevent the collapse of essential government functions. ?We take this issue extraordinarily seriously, and are committed to doing as thorough a job as possible to ensure…read more

Religious Fanatics and the Ruin of the World

…that her religion was responsible, in some significant part, for her collapse into madness. The only answer they will allow is that she answered the call of the devil, and…read more

Keep Your Eye on the Sky

…in the New World. Such astronomical events were considered ominous, and at the time it was seen as a prediction of the collapse of the Aztec and Inca empires. The…read more

Food?More Dangerous Than Ever

collapse but the grape will come out looking completely normal. Other forms of pasteurization using heat or irradiation cause foods to lose flavor and nutritional value, and consumers are wary…read more

A Hotter Future for Us?While Europe Freezes

…the Earth warmer could have the opposite effect on much of Europe by slowing or shutting down the warm ocean circulation patterns on which it depends. The collapse of the…read more

Strange New Fish?Or None At All

collapse by 2010. ?We?ll all be eating jellyfish sandwiches,? says Reg Watson, a fisheries scientist at the University of British Columbia. Putting new ocean-wide management plans into place is the…read more

Love & Marriage in a Space Colony

…then the colony itself that?s being pulled by the sail would be just a tiny little speck compared with this enormous sail. It would glide serenely through space, lit up…read more

Millions of Monarchs Die

…can be found in the western United States. Dr. Brower estimates that 74% of one major colony and 80% of another have been killed off. The butterflies now wintering in…read more

Penguins Getting Hot

…Sea more than 2,000 miles away. But now the Ross area is warming up as well. Researchers for the U.S. National Science Foundation say that one colony of adelies at…read more

We?re Englulfed in Pesticides

…Disease, a disorder that turns movement into a battle between the brain and the nerves. The first connection was made in the early 1980s, when young people illegally taking an…read more

Thicker Ice May Prevent Ocean Rise

…undergoing the same transition from shrinking to growing that appears to have occurred on a neighboring stream 150 years ago. This means there?s less possibility of the feared massive collapseread more

New AIDS Vaccine Fails

…positive. Of the 58 animals tested, only one had SIVcpz, a healthy 23-year-old male in the Goodall colony in Tanzania. Primate carriers of HIV to not become sick from AIDS…read more

Animal Virus May Cause Human Mental Illness

…suspected, which may interfere with neurotransmitter activities leading to psychiatric disorders.? There is a variety of evidence from several research groups to support his theory. For example, antibodies to the…read more

Cattle Mutilations on Dreamland Dec. 12

…about 10 or 15 miles west of Conrad. In October, members of the New Miami Colony, 18 miles west of Conrad, discovered two mutilated cows at the same time, about…read more

Afghanistan Buddhas To Be Rebuilt

…the yet-to-open Museum of Antiquities. Uzbekistan?s digs have attracted global attention, especially since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union opened them to foreign researchers. French-led teams excavate the Kara-tepa…read more

Coastlines After Ice Collapse

Scientists think there is just a one in 20 chance that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) will collapse in the next 200 years. The WAIS is crucial to future…read more

Autism No Longer Rare

The U.K. Medical Research Council feels that a massive and coordinated research effort to identify the causes of autism is urgently needed and believes that autism and related disorders are…read more

Monarchs May Be Saved

…to know the population?s size,? Garcia says. ?But in the Sierra Chincua sanctuary, for example, last year there was one colony and this year the reports we have show three…read more

Possible Bioweapons in Afghanistan

…to the collapse of major organs, eventually causing its victim to die of internal bleeding. The disease is highly infectious and can be transmitted through contact with infected individuals. The…read more

Jim Marrs: It’s All About Oil

…did the South Tower collapse first when it was not as extensively damaged as the North Tower which burned for almost an hour and a half before collapsing? Why did…read more

The Death of James Forrestal

…psychological collapse, did Symington take it upon himself to have a secret conversation with Forrestal that left him utterly incoherent This goes beyond mere conventional political maneuvering: what did Symington…read more

Meteor May Have Destroyed Middle Eastern Civilizations

Scientists have discovered the first evidence that a devastating meteor impact in the Middle East might have triggered the mysterious collapse of civilizations there more than 4,000 years ago. Studies…read more

Do You Have the Body for Alzheimers?

…found to be at five times the risk of developing the disorder as those without a copy. Dr. Borenstein Graves says people with both risk factors are 14 times more…read more

Bin Laden’s Objective

…prospect indeed. Osama bin Laden is a folk hero throughout a turbulent and truculent Moslem world, while the regimes that are our allies are despised, corrupt, and ready to collapse….read more

Whitley’s Journal: Trouble at the Front

…Moslem regimes that are in danger of collapse. To read the Journal entry, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Chilbolton History and Crop Formations by Lucy Pringle

…in either formation; they were bent at the base. In the `Face` I found a stalk with a blown node. Researchers Charles and Frances Mallett, visited the formation after it…read more

Ebola-Like Outbreak in Afghanistan

…the frontier into Pakistan. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) has symptoms that are similar to Ebola. Both viruses damage arteries, veins and other blood vessels and lead to the eventual collapseread more

Taliban Support May be Fading in Afghanistan

…the country are urging Arab fighters from abroad to leave the country. In spite of what appears to be a spreading collapse of the Taliban authority, the Afghani, the national…read more

New York Subways May Flood

collapses, which could destabilize small or older buildings nearby. Several buildings near the remains of the World Trade Center have already collapsed or have sustained such severe damage that they…read more

Lower Manhattan Smoke Not Believed Dangerous

…for airborne exposure in office buildings. However, although three dust samples collected Tuesday at the World Trade Center collapse site showed low levels of asbestos, a fourth showed a high…read more

WTC Fire Visible From Space

Smoke from the collapse of the World Trade Center could be seen by astronauts aboard the International Space Station Tuesday from 240 miles above Earth. U.S. Astronaut Frank Culbertson, along…read more


…of the World Trade Center collapsed. Thirty three minutes later, the North Tower collapsed. It is believed that there have been serious casualties among emergency personnel who were inside and…read more


…At 10 AM this morning, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. Thirty three minutes later, the North Tower collapsed. It is believed that there have been serious…read more


…on the day. American financial markets were closed, and may remain closed for some days due to the destruction of substantial record keeping and computer infrastructure in the collapse of…read more


…AM this morning, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. Thirty three minutes later, the North Tower collapsed. A large area of lower Manhattan continues to be choked…read more

Do Mysterious Fish Deaths Explain Shark Attacks?

…The collapse of ocean food chains would be the most serious environmental event in history. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Video Buffs Alleged to Damage Silbury Hill

…again alive. Between their two visits there was a major collapse, which they joked about in the video of their December visit,? he says. Footage of their adventure is part…read more

Undersea Landslide Could be US, Europe Threat

…The energy released by the collapse would be equal to the electricity consumption of the entire United States in half a year. Waves as high as 330 feet would race…read more

Mount Rainier Could Erupt

…and pushing out the shoreline by several miles. The scar from this collapse is a horseshoe-shaped crater, about 1.25 miles wide. Since the collapse, lava flows and avalanches of hot…read more

U.S. May End With a Bang

…broad crater-like basins created when volcanoes explode andtheir characteristic cones collapse – that formed in regular progressionover the past 2 million years. The near-clockwork timing of eruptionsthere – 2 million…read more

What Caused 6th Century Catastrophe…and Could it Happen Again?

…invaders to the north. China?s southern empire broke into three savagely warring parts. In India, the powerful Gupta dynasty fell into ruin and in Central America, the Mayan population collapsed….read more

Sudden Climate Change Wrecked Egyptian Old Kingdom

Over Four thousand two hundred years ago, the first great civilization in Egypt collapsed. The pharaohs of the Egyptian Old Kingdom built the pyramids at Giza, one of the greatest…read more

Booms Rock Tennessee, Bizarre Radio Station Explosion

…Tennessee Emergency Management official, Cecil Whaley, Jr. Possible theories include a sonic boom from a passing aircraft or the collapse of an underground cave. Monday’s explosion has been attributed to…read more

Machu Picchu About to Collapse

In the wake of news about the 7.9 scale earthquake in Peru, a new disaster for the country has been revealed: the ancient city of Machu Picchu is about to…read more

Phobias? They’re In Your Genes

disorder. Not everybody that had the mutation developed the disorder-40 percent of the people in the family group that had the duplication had panic disorder.” NOTE: This news story, previously…read more

Plague Found in Prairie Dog Colony at Texas Campground

Pathogens from the same plague that wiped out 30 percent of the world’s population in the 14th century have been found near Lake Meredith in Texas. One out of six…read more

The Mystery of Pine Gap, America’s Most Secret Base

…total exposure occurred which could only result in the collapse of civilised social order. Thirdly as what was being observed represented an advanced science of very high order technical advantages…read more

Ancient Inca City May Be Destroyed

…west slope would collapse first, making the east slope and its ridge unstable. Then the second slope would follow. Landslides are common in the area and the land on which…read more

Hunters Beware: Mad Cow Strikes Deer & Elk

…spinal column, lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen and bone marrow. Drastic measures were taken when CWD turned up in Montana. Elk on game farms were killed and their bodies wereincinerated. Deer…read more

By Searching For Life on Mars, We May Destroy It

…unstable for conventional drills. Holes bored the usual way are likely to collapse. “The soil is a mixture of sand, dust and rocks cemented together with salt minerals,” says John…read more

Ice Sheets Close to Devastating Meltdown

…about 25 square miles a year, according to astudy released by coastal geologist Shea Penland, of the University of NewOrleans. “We’ve living on the verge of a coastal collapse,” she…read more

Immortal Skin Cells Discovered

…experiment on the aging of human skin, when shefirst noticed the group of seemingly immortal cells, in the midst of a colony of dead cells. Most skin cells die within…read more

US Weapons Said to Endanger Our Own Soldiers

…that contact with these weapons gave them cancer and neurological and kidney disorders, part of the “Gulf War Syndrome.” Civilians, many of them children, have reported becoming ill after handling…read more

Popo May Contain Huge Lava Mass

…areas at serious risk. A foot or more of ash might fall on Mexico City, clogging roads, causing roofs to collapse and damaging power lines. Worse, it would clog water…read more

California Blackouts–What’s Going On?

…verge of collapse. “People are in a heap of trouble,” said S. David Freeman, of the LA Department of Water and Power. “This shouldn?t happen this time of year.” Hours…read more

My Vote For President

disorders, and I think that those disorders are profound, and that they are very dangerous to our country. Let me tell you why I think this. First, George Bush. After…read more

US East Coast Tidal Wave Threat

…the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands is unstable and could collapse during an eruption. A collapse would result in a 130-foot tsunami striking the US east coast and…read more

Cropcircle Update: Silbury Hill

…was, in fact, the collapse of a vertical shaft dug in 1776 by the Duke of Northumberland. The heavy rain, he said, has caused the damage. There seems to be…read more

Major Change Coming?

…to create accurately predictive models of our biosphere if we are going to be able to tell when our activities threaten collapse of the biosphere, and only immensely more powerful…read more

DNA Supercomputer On The Way

…to create accurately predictive models of our biosphere if we are going to be able to tell when our activities threaten collapse of the biosphere, and only immensely more powerful…read more

General Entry

…individual who had an extremely unusual genetic disorder. This would explain why even the debunkers have been so circumspect about it. It is illegal in, I believe, every state in…read more

General Entry

…who expect the problem to be a very short-term one, and not to result in the collapse of the whole system. What should we do? Keep five days worth of…read more

Encounter of June 6, 1998 PT II

…encounter was with what appeared to be a human being, and that he told me that we had crossed the line with the environment and it was going to collapse….read more

What I Believe

…the more likely it becomes that the currents will get less powerful. Should the Gulf Stream collapse south, the British Isles will experience a severe change in climate and could…read more