• Dr. Brian O’Leary Discusses the Mars Face and Tells of His Experience at the Strieber Cabin
    November 24, 2011
    In this vintage Dreamland from 2001, Dr. Brian O’Leary, who conducted the only analysis of the Face on Mars that was published in a scientific journal tells the story of what he and his colleague Dr. Mark Carlotto discovered. He also recounts his own experience at the Strieber cabin.  continued
  • Ruins, Caves and Tunnels
    November 10, 2011
    An absolutely terrific show from 2001 entitled Ruins, Caves and Tunnels. On it, David Hatcher Childress describes actually walking mysterious tunnels under the Andes, Konstantinos and two witnesses describe the results of an internet seance. Linda Moulton Howe reports on ancient copper mines in Michigan that might have been used by ...continued