• Mysterious Powers: Todd Michael
    October 15, 2004
    First, Todd Michael has discovered the most wonderful thing about Christ’s miracle of the loaves and fishes. He shows how it conceals a message about how to live life in such a way that we can create miracles of our own. He and Anne take a joyous journey together, deep into the inner meaning of ...continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Echo Bodine
    September 24, 2004
    Echo Bodine is one of our most popular guests. She talks to Anne Strieber about her latest book, Hands that Heal. She tells a wise and wonderful story about how we all have healing powers that we do not believe in and do not use, and shows us how to verify them and make good ...continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Kathleen McConnell
    September 11, 2004
    You think you’ve heard it all when it comes to ghost stories? You haven’t, not by a long shot. Kathleen McConnell tells you one of the most unusual and special ghost stories this week on Mysterious Powers. A TOTAL DEPARTURE from any ghost story you have ever heard. continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Simon Buxton
    August 20, 2004
    One very mysterious Mysterious Powers! Anne has discovered a type of ancient magic that’s been almost totally hidden until now. She interviews Simon Buxton, author of “The Shamanic Way of the Bee.” That’s right, the bee! It turns out that bee magic has been a part of secret tradition around the world for thousands of ...continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Patricia Telesco
    August 6, 2004
    This week on Mysterious Powers, Anne Strieber talks to “white witch” Patricia Telesco, who tells how to gain control of our lives by understanding what the future is likely to bring, using ordinary objects we have around the house as a means of opening the conscious mind to what the unconscious already knows. PLUS, our ...continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Sonia Choquette
    July 23, 2004
    Spiritual teacher and psychic Sonia Choquette tells us just how to awaken our intuition. How many times have you kicked yourself and said, ‘I should’ve followed my intuition.’ Well, if you’re like Anne Strieber, plenty of times. Now she interviews Sonia Choquette about her experiences learning about how people who DO trust their intuition ...continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Dr. John Demartini
    July 9, 2004
    Dr. John Demartini has a really, really different take on the relationship between spiritual enlightenment and material wealth. He will tell us how to literally dissolve the conflict between material success and spiritual success, and show the profound way that they are related to each other. continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Peter Lorie
    June 18, 2004
    Peter Lorie says that we’re approaching an extraordinary crisis, that every human being alive in 2009 will have to make a momentous choice, one that will lead either to the return of the messiah or another round of war and horror. continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Randall Sullivan
    June 4, 2004
    Anne Strieber interviews author and Rolling Stone contributing editor Randall Sullivan, who takes us on a journey into the wonderful world of religious apparitions and miracle investigations. Do they really happen? What does a hard-nosed modern reporter with a strong secular bias have to say? continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Carnie Wilson
    May 14, 2004
    Anne Strieber interviews Carnie Wilson about her book I’m Still Hungry. In dropping from over 300 pounds to 125, Carnie repaired her body by healing the pain in her soul. continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Dr. Judith Orloff
    April 30, 2004
    Dr. Judith Orloff has created a powerful guide to positive energy. Learn how to bring it into your life and change your life experience from negative to positive. Listen as Anne brings her own wonderful positive energy and voice to this life-affirming interview. 10 extraordinary prescriptions for transforming fatigue, stress and fear into vibrance, strength ...continued
  • Mysterious Powers: Raymon Grace
    April 16, 2004
    Raymon Grace has discovered phenomenal new powers in dowsing. Learn what they are and how to use them.A whole new energy is on offer to people who tap the earth’s spirit in this way. He has learned to heal, he has learned to change events at a distance, to affect the future and the past, ...continued