The object pictured here was photographed by a witness from his back yard on October 3 in rural Kansas. We note that it’s in what is obviously a busy flight path. There is a video allegedly from an airliner over Seattle that we are less sure of because there is no distinguishing background in the video, no outline of the plane window, no interior shot, etc. However, we’re including it here because it was shot at about the same time and the object has a similar appearance. Photo courtesy MUFON.

MUFON has completed its investigation and concluded that the object picture above is probably a leaf. Here is their report:

The photo analysis from two separate sources confirm that all objects in this digital photo are natural identifiable objects.  The irregular triangle shaped object has been determined to be either a leaf or a bird in flight. 

The investigation was conducted by the Chief Investigator of the Kansas Chapter of MUFON, S. D. Seba.  The full investigation findings/report has been posted to the MUFON CMS.  On behalf of the Kansas Chapter of MUFON I would like to thank you for your article published on the Unknown Country website and for the comments left by your readers.  We sincerely appreciate any and all attention to UFO reports that spark public interest.
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