Our first expert has said the following:

The tracking miss at 1:32 bothers me. This looks poorly tracked where as the rest is very acceptable.

Not sure but I think it is a fake.

Our second expert says this:

What looks like a tracking error at 1:32 actually appears to be a shift in the shooter’s perspective. He steps to the right, which momentarily changes the relationship between the camera, the tree, the bushes, the houses, and the lights in the sky. This move is preceded by a very natural-looking jiggle of the camera.

So on the level of tracking, and of the realistic appearance of the overexposed (blooming) orbs as they are obscured by various foreground objects (which would be pretty damn laborious and time-consuming to fake, though certainly doable), I’ll give this video high marks.

To be clear, this vid COULD be real.

It COULD also have been very carefully made and then deliberately degraded to hide the seams. Some of my doubts are fueled by the following:

– A YouTube description utterly devoid of useful information.

– No audio. This would make some sense, because if a hoaxer hasn’t planned out all the "ooh" and "ahh" moments in advance, said hoaxer would then have to produce a credible soundtrack, which may or may not be within the scope of his technical repertoire. .. and which, as we’ve seen before, is extremely difficult to fake. Being a whizbang with the visuals is one thing, but creating a technically and psychologically convincing soundtrack is quite another.

– These orbs appeared in just the right spot (between the houses) to be seen by the shooter, and continue to appear in the right spot each time. They’re perfectly framed for the camera, and they conveniently change direction to remain between the houses as viewed from the shooter’s perspective.

– Said shooter seems to have had zero curiosity about these thingies once they went behind the bushes. One would think that, at least following the final orb he’d have attempted to zip around in front of those neighboring houses to see if he could catch a  further glimpse of these things.

– And finally, Cork is a big city, yet so far no independent reports have surfaced.

I went to the YouTube page of the guy who was named as the source (Natkis Ireland) and saw the unstabilized version of the video. No detailed info there, except that he says he has a better camera but claims he wasn’t able to deploy it quickly enough so he used his cellphone. He sounds like a sober chap, and his YouTube home page isn’t full of other UFO videos, though he does subscribe to an ET page that seems a little iffy to me. (http://www.youtube.com/user/1967sander).

I can find no evidence that he personally possesses the skills to have faked this video. On the other hand, a skilled confederate might have been involved.

Our third expert says:

I’m going to come down hard off the fence and cry "foul". This event, if real, would surely have drawn not only media coverage, but also other videos from different locations (how much footage was there of the meteorite?). It’s a big city, it’s not dark, they keep on coming ( a bit like a big lantern release would) and as Dan says, very conveniently emerging from the gap between the houses.

Your Out There editor’s opinion:

Two of our experts don’t rule out the possibility that these lights are unknowns. The third feels sure the video is a hoax. I think that this could have been made by releasing sky lanterns, then opening the shutter of the camera to make them appear extremely bright. However, there is no way to make a final determination with this video. Possible unknown.

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