More and more, I’m being asked the question, why don’t the visitors intervene in one or another catastrophe? Most recently, the question has taken on much greater intensity: why don’t they help us clean up the BP spill?

These are fair questions, and they have clear answers. First, the visitors do not have a relationship with the human species, except on an individual basis. The US and British governments, working in concert, have, time and again, presented a hostile face to them by sending up armed aircraft at every opportunity, and in some cases actually firing weapons at them.

The visitors react to this exactly as anthropologists might react to hostile displays by primitive tribesmen. They stand off, continuing to show themselves and waiting for the shooting to stop.

The US government knows that they will not interact with us more openly as long as we keep up this display. By simply putting up a few jets, it can continue to conceal the fact that its initial hostility toward the visitors was the greatest single mistake in human history.

I have discussed elsewhere the dangers of sudden disclosure, but the closer we get to some sort of fundamental environmental breakdown, the more urgent it becomes that the US and British governments change their stance so that some sort of more open contact can begin.

We are a very long way from coherent and useful dialog with the visitors. Indeed, just who we might have contact with is an open question. I very much doubt that we’ll get much useful help from the bizarre creatures described by Alan Lamers as haunting the island of Sulawesi, or the ones that Jacques Vallee described as attacking villagers in isolated parts of Brazil. Nor, one would assume, from any creatures who have been doing bizarre human mutilations–if, indeed, that has even happened. (There is a smattering of evidence, but nothing concrete.)

However, the ones that I interacted with for 11 years could almost certainly offer a rich and useful relationship, and they probably would be very much able to help us with things like the oil spill.

They communicated publicly about themselves two times. The first was in 2001 at Chilbolton in England, where they created an intricate answer to the 1974 Arecibo radiotelescope transmission. Their response was placed in a field near the Chilbolton Radio Telescope, and revealed a good deal of information about themselves, including their population, the structure of a solar system with which they are associating themselves, and something about their DNA and chemical composition.

Then, the next year came the Crabwood Formation, which contained a message in simple ASCII code, to this effect: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit closing.”

Of course, both formations were condemned as hoaxes, but the fact remains that the exceptionally intricate weaving of the crops involved makes that unlikely, in my opinion.

It’s worth taking a brief look at the Crabwood message, which is quite revealing. Let’s take first, “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.”

I believe this to be a message to our governments, who have spent many years struggling with technologies that they cannot fathom, and perhaps cannot be fathomed and are not meant to be fathomed.

Has somebody made promises to them that, if the secret of their presence is kept, the government will be rewarded with valuable technology? And then given them false technology that can never be understood, because it actually doesn’t make sense?

Meanwhile, this same malign presence has gone about its business among us in deepest secrecy, while at the same time keeping those who might help us away, and, what is worse, actually being assisted by a government that has been the victim of a subtle and fantastic deception?

But the message does not end there. It goes on to say, “Much pain but still time.” The pain is clear enough. However, the phrase “but still time” is a worrisome one. It means that there may be enough time, or might have been in 2002, but that it is limited. And certainly, we could easily reach a point where social disintegration is too profound for encounter with the visitors to matter.

After that comes the most complex and arresting part of the message: “There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit closing.”

There are three revelations here. First, that somebody has a definition of good that means not being deceptive–a definition that we can quite easily understand, and implies a moral ground similar in some recognizable respects to our own.

They “oppose” deception. Does this mean that they actively fight against it, or that they argue against it, perhaps in some sort of council, or that there is a war of some sort being fought, perhaps even over us?

The next statement, “Conduit closing,” would seem to answer the question, at least in part. They are not present. They are doing this from a distance using some sort of conduit that was only temporarily open.

I certainly had the impression, when I was with them, that it was a struggle for them to be here. They were very uneasy and very hasty. They never lingered long.

Was this because they had penetrated into somebody else’s territory and feared being caught here?

I don’t know, but I think it’s reasonably clear from all that has transpired, and from the way these two messages were transmitted to us, that something very complex is happening, and useful injection of ourselves into what would appear to be a very tense dialog will be extraordinarily challenging.

Put simply, it seems that there is more than one species here, or perhaps simply different social groups or even permutations of the same species, with opposing agendas.

Certainly, if we could get to another planet that was home to an intelligent but less advanced species, we would appear as a very complex and contradictory phenomenon, and quite possibly as a number of different species.

It could also be that the seemingly fearsome aspects of what contact we’ve had so far are no more than an uninformed creature’s frightened reaction to altruistic actions, much the same as a cat or dog fearing the veterinarian because they only feel the pain he causes them, and do not understand, and cannot understand, the good he is doing.

From my own experience of the visitors, I would say that they do have a lot to offer, at least the ones I had the most contact with. Some of them seemed quite inadequate, and others sinister and even dangerous. But there was certainly good present also, just as the Crabwood message suggests.

If we are going to begin to understand them, we have to start by no longer shaking our spears at them, that much is quite clear. However, I really do despair of ever having a government that will act in a useful and intelligent way toward them.

Former White House Chief of Staff and Obama campaigner John Podesta said, “I think it’s time to open the books. We ought to do it because it’s right, we ought to do it because the American people can handle the truth, and we ought to do it because it’s the law.”

So far, no president has felt himself powerful enough or desperate enough to do it. And I don’t think that a president can be powerful enough to oppose the forces that stand against beginning a public dialog with the visitors, especially because I don’t think that all of them want their presence to be publicly known, and apparently the ones who want that secrecy are more powerful than those who don’t. Otherwise, the ones who want open dialogue and truth-telling would be here. They would not be contacting us only briefly and in an eccentric manner through a “conduit” that had to be immediately closed.

It could be, though, that some president will come along soon who is so desperate that he decides to risk the ire of the opposition and reveal at least that UFOs are real, and put a stop to all the denial, the ignorance willful and otherwise, and the brainless, egotistical snickering.

Then what will happen? The most complex relationship mankind has ever known, as a species, as a group of nations and cultures, as races and tribes and as individuals will begin. But it won’t develop quickly and it won’t be easy.

Most people will expect, if there is ever official public admission at least that UFOs are unknown objects, and a publicly stated policy of no longer responding to them with hostile displays, that the visitors will immediately show up in numbers.

Indeed, this has been a long-standing fear of government insiders, I believe. However, it won’t happen that way. What will happen first is essentially nothing. Things will stay as they are.

Two things might change that. First, if we manage large, collective attempts at communication. If, for example, ten thousand people come together and collectively display a mental desire for them to appear, and there is already a public guarantee by the authorities that they will not be presented with any military display, then something might happen, and a new kind of relationship might begin to develop.

What it is going to take, basically, is for government to stand aside and for ordinary people of good will to begin to try to make contact. That would be a beginning.

But it will be slow and hard and perilous, because you can be sure that the ones who do not have our best interests at heart, and who, at least at present, appear to hold the upper hand, will not be passive.

But, as I have said before, this is a very complex situation. The same visitor that appears dangerous one day might prove to be one’s best friend the next. I lived such experiences for many years.

Once one president or another decides to chose honesty over caution and the process begins, it is going to take a long time to go from there to things like practical scientific exchange.

The sad truth is that, unless the current president has the courage to start the process pretty much within the next couple of years, the government might have waited too long.

When the Crabwood formation appeared, there was indeed “still time.”

A beautiful future is waiting for us, of danger, certainly, but also of adventure and unimaginable new richness.

It’s waiting for us, but it cannot wait forever, and neither can we. Very clearly, time is running out.

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