As part of our ongoing new Communion Letters, we heard from “Gordon” from Texas who wrote: “This is a personal UFO story that I recently received confirmation about, from a man I’ve worked with for two years.” In the Fall of 1993, I was scheduled for an unusual overtime day, a Sunday, and, for some reason, woke up early, about 5 AM, with the Alarm set for 6. The instant I woke up, I knew there had been some type of event during the night, but, I could find no evidence of it, no bloody nose, no scratches, nothing. I got up, wandered around the house a couple of times, then heard a strange noise at the kitchen door. I looked around, and all I could see was two pairs of huge cat eyes staring frantically into the room, as our cats, Rambo and Merlyn, yowled to be let in.

This was very unusual, so I walked over and opened the door, and they shot past me with surprising speed, and never stopped until they had checked out the whole house and everyone in it. Their concern and earnest quest to make sure everyone was all right was comical.

I got dressed and left for work early. As I approached the highway, with a farm on my right, I noticed an unusually bright light shining on the other side of the road. It was an extremely bright, huge, cold blue/white light hanging in the sky. The light turned green just as I reached the intersection and I drove on under the overpass. I pulled off on the shoulder, and tried to study this blinding bright light from the car, but, there were bushes in the way, so I got out and climbed up on the car roof so I could have an unobstructed view.

I knew right then, that this was no helicopter. Light from the object, whatever it was, was reflecting off clouds that appeared to be at an altitude of about 1,000 feet. I couldn’t look at the light (or even at anything in that direction) without shielding my eyes. I stood there studying it until almost 6:45, when I suddenly focused on my hands. It dawned on me that this object was putting out some extremely powerful radiation because I could see every bone and vein, as if I were looking at a fluoroscope. I realized I had been standing there exposed to this radiation for nearly an hour, so I decided to get the heck out of there.

In all this time, not a single car or vehicle of any kind had moved any direction on the highway, despite the fact that even Sunday morning traffic light there. I arrived at work 10 minutes late and tried to explain to my boss why it was more important to observe a UFO than get to work on time; however, he’s a dedicated fundamentalist Christian who doesn’t believe in UFOs.

About 2 months ago, I walked into the office at my new job, where Sergio, a friend of mine, works. “Hey, Gordon. Haven’t you seen UFOs” he asked.

I said, “Yeah! Lots of ’em. What about it”

Apparently I was a bit gruff, because he said, “Nothin’. I’ve seen UFO’s too.”

Naturally, I was skeptical, and asked, “Really Where” He began telling me almost the exact same story I told above, from a perspective 90 degrees different to mine. He was watching it from the south, about a mile away. The two of us took turns supplying and comparing details.

He didn’t know how much searching I’d done to find someone else who’d seen it, but apparently he went through the same process trying to confirm it. Together, we confirmed each others stories, in front of about 10 witnesses who’d been laughing at both of us for years. The only time period we could tie it down to a Sunday in late September or early October of 1993.

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