As part of our new Communion Letters series, “Chip” writes: We have this electric doorbell. It works via a transmitter switch on the outside of the front door. Its normal sound when the button is pressed is supposed to be “Bong… bong.” There’s a setting you can change that makes the doorbell play a melody, but we dont have it set to that. And when someone really does ring the doorbell, it does it’s usual “bong…bong” the way it’s supposed to. But for the last month, the doorbell has been making the non- programmed melody once a day.

The first time I looked at my watch to see when it was happening, it said 3:30 pm. I was doing this so I could be waiting outside the next time it happened, to see if someone’s car alarm was setting it off, or if a neighbor has the same doorbell. I eventually discovered the sound was occurring a little bit later every day.

I decided to figure out how much later it’s happening every day, based on that initial 3:30 pm time. I discovered it happens 4 minutes later each day. It started at 3:30 pm 30 days ago, and is now occurring at 5:35 pm.

Then last night I decided to listen to some Dreamland shows that I’ve fallen behind on. First up was Russell Targ, one of the originators of remote viewing. He talked about how the best time to remote view is at 13:00 [1 pm]. Then he said this “time” occurs 4 minutes later every day, since it’s based on whether or not you (at your location) are pointing directly to the center of the galaxy.

I realized that my doorbell is playing an unprogrammed melody with brand new batteries, 4 minutes later every day, while I am pointed at the same location somewhere out in space every day. In other words, if a SETI signal were originating from a planet orbiting one certain star, and this signal could only be detected while the solar system was directly overhead because my detector is pointed straight up, I would pick up the signal about 4 minutes later each day.

Also, the locks on my 1990 Town Car have been acting screwy latelysomething else mentioned on

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As part of our new Communion Letters series, Chip writes that after listening to Russell Targ on Dreamland, he discovered his doorbell might be controlled by ETs. Then he read the articles about cars refusing to unlock on and this started happening to him too. What kind of influence are we having on our listeners?

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