About the psychic who found the car crash girl, Judy writes: This is an amazing story. Our family got to watch the initial report of this story on FOX – Q13 TV live. Then last night, we were listening to KVI radio when Sha Noor, (the woman who had found the injured girl) called KVI, because they were giving out erroneous information. She was interviewed on the spot by the KVI talk show host and got to give a much longer and more in depth account. It is interesting for what is being left out of the news accounts as much as what is being reported. Laura, the young lady who was injured, was a church attendee, although we have yet to hear it reported what church she actually attended. The church had already had a number of prayer vigils for Laura. In fact, the woman reporter who gave the TV report live on Q-13, was on the spot at the church where people had been praying. The people had been feeling discouraged, but their prayer vigil had turned into a celebration when it was reported that Laura had been found alive. The people had taken approx. 12″ x 1″ pieces of colored paper. They had written prayers and/or blessings on the pieces of paper and glued them together into a long chain to be delivered to Laura in the hospital. In the interview we saw on Q-13, Sha Noor said that she has had two very vivid dreams. In the first one she had seen the EXACT LOCATION of where the car had gone off the road and she knew exactly where it was. She knew exactly where to go to search. The second dream she said was weird (Sha’s words). In this dream she had been told to “keep going. Keep going.” In the radio report my family heard on KVI radio last evening, Sha Noor said she had formerly attended a church in California. She has had dreams (i.e.: prophetic or other dreams from God) like these before. She had gone to her pastor and he told her she “was getting dreams from the devil!” Sha had been very hurt. This negative report almost caused her to not act on the dreams, but she did go and took her teenaged daughter, who was a friend of the missing girl. The embankment was a very steep wooded slope with trees and black berry vines. Her daughter had urged her a number of times to “keep going” when she wanted to quit. Because Laura had not been wearing a seat belt, she had been thrown into the back seat of the car. This may have helped save her life. The car was approximately 200 feet down the slope. If it had not hit a certain tree, the police said it could have traveled another 200 feet further down the slope. Laura was alive and conscious when they found her. They had a cell phone and let her call her mom before they even called 911!

What an awesome story this is. I am watching the “spins” and distortions from the media: what is being reported, what is being distorted and what is not reported or discarded. I personally have received multiple promises from the Lord that He was going to do amazing” things in these end times. This could very well be the beginning, as this story, from beginning to end, is amazing and truly miraculous. Laura still needs prayers due to dehydration, the blood clot in her brain and multiple fractures. She is in serious condition.

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